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Doing his acrobatics alone Anna Hazare has met Sonia Gandhi to press inclusion of PMO under the ambit of Lokpal. Assuming Sonia blessed the wish – than?
Getting the Lokpal Bill passed in Parliament will be further Herculean task and the Bill will lie buried there. There will be all party meetings, walkouts and adjournments till the session will be over. Assuming further Anna got his own draft passed and promulgated as Act – then, thereafter?
Today  in the set up of our democracy, Congress Supremo Sonia has persons of her choice as President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, a Yuvaraj in waiting, Chief Ministers, Chief Election Commissioner, and various other key functionaries to hold posts including a tainted Chief Vigilance Commissioner. Same way, can’t she have a Lokpal also of her choice, then what will an Anna obliged by Sonia ji would do? Who will  bell the cat to question her diktat?
Well, we are still optimist to assume further and one of the four stalwarts in Anna’s drafting committee is appointed as Lokpal to reconcile Anna. The Lokpal will have to rely upon the existing set up of investigating agencies like police, CBI, ED, and perhaps some new outfits to be assembled in hurry. Surely, such setups will not turn super honest and super efficient and they will continue to function as they have been groomed. How will they get culprits convicted through the existing judicial set up?
Assuming this hurdle is also jumped across. Due to inadequacy of punishment and provisions for confiscation of black money abroad will let the crafty offenders go Scott free; unless convicts undergo speedy trials with onus of proving their innocence. There should be no lessor punishment than declaring their black money as public property and death to the accused.
This is exactly what Swami Ram Dev has been demanding as the first step through an ordinance that could have been issued on 4 th June 2011. Anna is merely fooling himself with partial demand that in course of time the Government will meet to show its own serious concerns on the burning issue. This will divert the main issue raised by Swami Ram Dev.
Public knows that nothing will happen as long as we are seeking self prosecution of UPA Government by sitting in hunger strikes. UPA Government has already sent a clear message on the night of 4 th June. Anna Hazare may sit on hunger strike on 16 August 2011 to the dooms day!
BJP the opposition party now come forward to declare on the floor of Parliament that they will hang the culprits of 4 June atrocities and custodians of black money publicly at Ram Lila Ground if People of India voted them to power with requisite majority. The Election result will then act as a referendum to put their promise into practice.  It will tell the world all over that in democracy the real power of government really resides in the mandate of people.
Having given this open warning the opposition should get down to prepare for general elections and forming public opinion to vote for total eradication of corruption and corrupt elements. Now only courage and unity of opposition and public will end corruption and not Anna Hazare’s out dated techniques of fasts.
Lokpal Bill alone will not end Corruption and Black Money!
Chand K Sharma

Comments on: "Lokpal Bill alone will not end Corruption and Black Money!" (1)

  1. I like your blog.I agree with you that Lokpal will not end corruption. Corruption will only end when power is transferred to the people completely. Please read my post on transferring power to the people and tell me what you think will you?

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