About Hinduism and India

How long BJP and RSS will remain apologetic?

In India if one converted Hindus to Christians or Muslims, he remains secular, but if advised Hindus to remain Hindus he is called communal and RSS activist! If one kept his mouth in Manmohan Singh’s way, he is open minded and statesman but if one protested against burning of Hindus he is terrorist of worst colour – saffron colour that till now is regarded as sacred by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and pious people.

BJP happens to be the main opposition party in India, and it is ruling a larger chunk of people in states as compared to Congress – the ruling outfit. However regardless of respecting public sentiment, even worthless politicians of the likes laloos, paswans and mulayams lay conditions to segregate BJP if any other political conglomeration was to be formed for sharing the fruits of power.

So much so that Anna Hazare, claiming to fight corruption with the blessing from government tries to distance from ” communal forces” like BJP and RSS.

Utter surprise comes when BJP and RSS leaders lump this political isolation and start explaining their innocence. Do they need a certificate from Congress, some sections of foreign Media,, Rama Magsaysay recepients of Civil Society to show their patriotism.

High time that BJP and RSS should stop offering explanations and assert that they are committed to Hindu ideals in the national interest of the country. Those who want to part company may do so if they are uncomfortable to accept truth. If supporting Hindu cause is sin that also should speak out from the lips of BJP and RSS leaders than keeping their rank and file confused all the time.

Chand K Sharma

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