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Dear Friends,

We all know that we as Hindus are passing through a challenging phase due to propaganda of missionaries, and terrorism of mercenaries. Over and above due to loss of state patronage Hindus are being driven to a corner even within India.

Of all the religions, Hinduism is the simplest, yet least understood. To many of us, the perceptions about Hinduism resemble the experience of six blind men who came in contact with the elephant and gave diverse accounts.

Present day youth identifies Hinduism with the rituals performed by priests on occasions like marriage and funerals. Casual tourists photograph vagabonds and beggars in the guise of Sadhus to project them as representatives and propagators of Hinduism. The youth compare their apparent status with Christian missionaries who are well-trained, well paid and are specifically inducted to propagate evangelization with political aim. Our culture is being presented in distorted form. English media, controlled by convent educated editorial staff in particular are motivated to misrepresent everything that symbolizes with Hindu sentiments. We are often called as snake charmer, superstitious, pagans and chauvinist.

Hindu Youth is over occupied to offer any defense. They are placed in competitive environment to safeguard their settlements in life. Having been thoroughly brainwashed they cannot look at their past even if it is presented to them clearly in a modern light. They find an escape route in secularism or in segments of Hindu sects carved out of the mother religion.

I intend to share series of my write-up ‘Splashes from Hindu Maha Sagar’ as humble attempt to project spirit of Hindu religion in brief. It is neither aimed to preach Hinduism, nor to recount our history. It is just a walk along the ocean of Hinduism to get a feel of splashes. Much lies at the depth. It is not possible to explore the entire ocean. The more inquisitive may explore some areas, some may enjoy its majestic vastness, and a few may kick dust only and walk away.

These series (about 72) have already been put up on certain web sites and have drawn good response that has encouraged me to expand their circulation. Encouraged and actively helped by a well-wisher Shri Neeraj Jain, now I am posting the series on this blog for that I would like to thank him from the core of my heart. The series have been revised and improved by me in Hindi also, that will also be put on this blog shortly.

Splashes write ups explain the subject matter as given below:

01-05 Development of Hindu Thought

06-09 Depiction of Abstract through Imagery

10-17  Description of Hindu Scriptures

18-21  Making of A Hindu Individual

22-25 Formation of Hindu Society

26-29  Hindu Festivals and Traditions

30-38 Contributions in the Field of Science

39- 45 Cultural Heritage and Pastimes

46-51 Concept of Hindu Nationality and Warfare

52-57 Global Contribution towards Knowledge

58-63 Destruction of Hindu Heritage

64 -72 Hinduism in Contemporary Setting

Your feed back and suggestions are most welcome.

Chand K Sharma

Revised version of Splashes From Hindu Mahasagar is now being posted in Hindi on the blog site:-

http://hindumahasagar.worldpress.com (हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ कल्कि करें)

This has been linked with Twitter and facebook also.

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It is very satisfying for me to add that at present the number of viewers on Splashes from Hindu Mahasagar in English has crossed over to thirteen thousands, and that on Hindumahasagar in Hindi over One lakh.   We do have now a truly Nationalist Government in India trying to restore our culture. ( April 04, 2015)


Comments on: "Introduction to Splashes from Hindu Maha Sagar" (7)

  1. G S S Murthy said:



    I chanced to read your article on Hindu rituals which has appeared in “USBrahmins” Digest 1540 and I liked it very much.

    I find that it is one of the series of articles you have published on the web and I regret that I have not read and been benefited by the earlier articles. I shall be grateful to you if you could take the trouble of sending the full set as an attachment to an Email to me.

    You are welcome to see my websites

    Many thanks and regards
    GSS Murthy

    • Dear Shri Gurumurthy ji,

      Thanks for your appreciation. I saw your both the websites and liked the work that is being done.

      The series are daily coming at US Brahmins, DelHindu, andmedia_monitor5@yahoo.com. You may log on to any one of these and get the previous files as well.

      I intend posting them on other web sites also shortly, and shall let you know the first posting. In the meantime you may get the current article that I sall be mailing to you as cc.

      With regards,

  2. Dear Sharmaji,
    Many thanks. I shall look up the web sites.
    G S S Murthy

  3. Dear Sir

    Request you to kindly mail a copy of all articles please

    Rayara Seveyalli

    Tulasi Sreedhara
    Managing Trustee

    WEBSITE: http://www.tulasimata.org email: info@tulasimata.org

    • Dear Friends,

      It is very satisfying to me to know that my write up has generated inquisitiveness. At least some of you have scanned through pages of the texts and discovered for yourself some relevant information available there.

      My write ups are nothing more than a mere stroll on the ocean’s beach, where you can experience few splashes of knowledge here and there. Even if you dive at some places yourself and go deeper, you may not always be successful to bring out submerged treasures from the ocean. It is impossible to know the entire ocean even in superficial form.

      For under standing Vedas, a thorough knowledge of Sanskrit is required with reference to Panini’s grammar. Then you must have a genuine copy of the text. Unfortunately, today no copy can be certified as genuine copy. One is required to dig out from several versions that may be available.

      All this cannot be done individually. It can be done through team of scholars with relevant expertise and resources.

      We should demand that instaed of spending on Madrassas, India government should make arrangements for studying ancient Hindu texts at universities with critical analysis of the subject matter. That will be first step in the right direction. Unfortunately such knowledge has been clubbed as orthodox knowledge of Hindu religion for which secularism does not grant expenses from the state.

      However I appreciate your initiative and efforts.

  4. masood alam said:

    Sir, Chand Sharma you have done a lot of Search against Muslims. But sorry to say that Islam is not that which you your RSS and Modi and such type of persons told you.
    If you want to Know Islam
    First Read Life of Prof. Mohd. S. and then Quran so could you Know it. Please read it original not from Translation of any Hindu or Muslim or Christians.
    Sorry Hate or Sin has no life and one day it will end. but Good thing never end

  5. Dear Janab Rashid Masood,

    Although I have not read Quran in Arabic, but have certainly read it completely as translated into English by Professor (Dr) Syed Vickar Ahmed. You will realize that many Hindus have not read the Sanskrit texts of their scriptures. Therefore having been born in India I cannot be expected to have read Quran in Arabic.

    Even otherwise, I have nothing against Islam or Muslims in general. Whatever I have stated is about the mindset and deeds of Muslim invaders who usurped and converted Indian land and adopted a course of perpetual enmity with local inhabitants that culminated in the creation of Pakistan. Whatever has been stated is historically established by scholars. There should be no objection if Islamic teachings and way of life is followed in its totality in the land of its origin.

    Personally I am an admirer of several Muslims such as K Asif, Mehboob Khan, Dilip Kumar, Muhammad Rafi, Naushad Ali, Shakeel Badauni, Amir Khusro, Raskhan, Abdur Rahim Khana Khan, Ustad Allauddin Khan, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and several others. They were true Indians and contributed towards the glory of India. But unfortunately most of Muslim leaders and even common folks have not adopted secular outlook and want to live in India seeking concessions under the garb of secularism. If you honestly evaluate up to what extent Muslims have accepted secularism, I shall be obliged.
    With best wishes

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