About Hinduism and India



Splashes from Hindu Mahasagar  

1. The Evolution of Hindu Thought
2. Vanvasies founded Sanatan Dharma
3. Vanvasies Gifted Civilization
4. Universal Human Ethics of Hinduism 
5. Freedom in Hinduism

6. Personification of the Abstract

7. Fascinating Hindu Imagery
8. Management of the Universe
9. The Gallery of Incarnations

10. Intellectual Heritage of Mankind

11. Upanishads are Commentaries on Vedas
12. Darshan Shastras are Philosophical Reviews
13. Ramayana is first epic of Mankind
14. Mahabharata is Grand Panorama
15. Puranas are the Earliest Narratives
16. Manusmruti is first Social Regulatory System
17. Hinduism is not Syllabus Based

18. Formation of values in Life
19. Goals in Individual Life
20. Stages in Human Life
21. Making of Universal Personality

22. Formation of Hindu Society
23. Rationale of Varna System
24. Status of Women in Hindu Society
25. Sati and Female Infanticide

26. Temple and Rituals in Hinduism
27. Environment Related Festivals
28. Festivals of Cultural Unity
29. Practices for Self Control

30. Exploration for Knowledge

31. Blend of Science and Faith
32. Cosmic Time in Hindu Scriptures
33. Indian Contribution to Mathematics
34. Indian Contribution towards Physics
35. India’s Technical Contributions
36. Astrology Palmistry and Gemology
37. Founders of Medicine and Longevity
38. Ancient Medical Infrastructure

39. Sanskrit the Perfect language

40. Literary Contributions by India

41. Prosperous Social Living

42. Etiquette and Social Norms
43. Entertainment and Pastimes
44. Ruins of Indian Architecture
45. Melodiously mystified Music

46. Origin of Political Thought

47. Hindus are a Nation
48. The Art of Warfare
49. Martial Arts of India

50. Aerial warfare in India

51. Revealing Mohenjo-Daro Excavations

52. Indian Achievements Under-rated

53. Shine of Indian Wisdom
54. Spread of Knowledge Abroad
55. Indian illumination in Renaissance
56. Plagiarism of Intellectual Property

57. Sunset in East-Sunrise from West

58. Darkened Horizons
59. Advent of Islam in India
60. Destruction of Hindu Identities
61. Hindu Resistance to Islam
62. Neglected Hindu Martyrs
63. Era of British Rule

64. India after Partition

65. Anti Hindu Nexus
66. Reservation Mania
67. Loss of Patronage to Hinduism
68. Insecure Environment for Hindus
69. Hindus at Cross roads
70. Hindu Rashtra is Human
71. Hindu Empowerment
72. Hindus need to be Assertive


Hindus- unite to save your homeland

About Indian Politics

राष्ट्रीय भावनाओं की अनदेखी क्यों ?

Let us disinfect our Politics

India slipping out from Hindus under Secularism

आज ज़रूरत है भगवान परशुराम की

अन्ना गाँधीवाद के बदले राष्ट्रवाद अपनाये 

Hindus being treated as non-entities in India

Hindus can contribute to Halloween Festivity

We are Hindus Every Where and Every Time

Mysterious Woman Sonia Gandhi

How Long Hindus would continue receiving beatings at Home?

हिन्दू विरोधी काला कानून

In Defense of Law Enforcing Agencies

What is the Truth about Sonia and Rahul?

हमारी ऐतिहासिक पहचान

Visibility after Anna’s haze is settled

लोकपाल और जनलोकपाल के बदले राष्ट्रपति पद की गरिमां बढायें

प्रधानमन्त्री मनमोहन सिहं की संदिग्ध क्षमता

Anna is also involved in Corruption said Congress Cronies

BJP should go alone!

भारत की पढी लिखी महिलाओं को चुनौती

The UPA Government had to Surrender!

Nostalgic Recall of Historic Migration

China revives Ramayana’s Pushpak Viman

Let us Discard Valentine’s Day

India and Sarabjit Humiliated

Worshipping Criminal Heroes

Defense Services Chiefs as ex-officio members of Parliament

Let Mahabharata guide Advani

Reduction of Political Interference

Media Mafia

Coalition Governments

Aath (8) Aadmi Party – AAP

Let not the Criminals succeed

Security of Narendra Modi

National issues-Nehru & Pate

Communal Violence Bill


Gandhi and Godse on Patriotic Scale

AK-49 Arvind Kejriwal

Netagiri in India

Guest Authors

Freedom Movements Seventy Years Apart


Comments on: "Contents" (1)

  1. Dear Shri Sharma Ji,


    I have seen some of your mails captioned as: “Splashes from Hindu Mahasagar”. These wonderful mails will remind the self-alienated Hindus about their glorious past; and inculcate a sense of pride in their minds about their magnificent heritage.
    I can well imagine the time and efforts devoted to write such mails. I have no words to express my thanks and gratitude to you for your erudite and admirable mails!
    Since de-Hinduised by Macaulayan education, and brain-washed by anti-Hindu main stream media, most of the Hindus are self-alienated, and know very little about Hindu religion, Hindu heritage and Hindu history, write-ups like “Splashes from Hindu Mahasagar” can play a crucial role in awakening and inspiring the average Hindu.
    I am sure that ‘Sanatan Dharma’, commonly known as ‘Hinduism’ will certainly survive and prevail because of the noble efforts of persons like you.
    Are you in Delhi now?
    Shubham astu,

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