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The Creation and the Creator

All of us are aware of certain undisputed facts around us that existed since the creation of the Universe. Today we identify them as our scientific knowledge. The credit for discovery goes to the early men who lived in forests, and subsequently to our ancestors, who compiled the knowledge gathered by forest-dwellers, popularly known as Vanvasi. The process of gaining knowledge was originally initiated by Vanvasi forest dwellers. The same is being carried forward today by scientists and researchers all over the world.

Life around us

This universe is made of infinite number of atoms that are charged with energy and are constantly in motion. They are revolving, interacting and exerting pressure against each other. They are grouping together to from various shapes that we see in the form of mountains, lakes, oceans, animals, birds and human beings. Similar to a prism they are dispersing to regroup in different shapes. The life in the universe has thus been going on.

Every living being is mostly affected by the environment than anything else after birth. Environment not only shapes and molds the physical features of the living being, but also develops personality, thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Thereafter entire life is spent in coping with the environment. Every thing beyond the body of the living being is a part of environment. There are two types of lives in the environment:

· Jada (unaware) and
· Chaitanya (Aware).

Amongst Jada kinds are plants that grow, require food, shed leaves, give fruit, regenerate, decay, die and are re-born. Trees, vegetation, corals, and fungus come under this category. Their existence is environment dependent. They are not adaptive to grow and live, if the environment is not helpful to their survival. They can neither modify the environment to suit their need nor move out from unsuitable environment to some helpful environment at their own.

Chaitanya kinds combine animals, birds, water-born creatures and human beings. They are also environment dependent, but have more options. If the environment becomes inhospitable to their survival, they can move out and relocate themselves. They can also adapt themselves to new environment, such as, to find substitutes for their food, shelters, and protection.

Superiority of Humans

Humans are the only specie who has the capability, not only to adapt to the changes, but also to change and control the environment. Thus, humans can form life styles to live comfortably under extreme climatic variations from cities to deserts, forests, mountains, and Polar Regions. Humans can change environment by cutting or growing trees, they can grow plants for food, and have carried water and food to inaccessible areas. Humans have controlled environment by controlling floods, construction of dams, generation of electricity, curing disease, and innumerable scientific inventions.

Thus, human beings not only changed their own life styles, but they gained control also over the other Jada and Chaitanya species too. Therefore in return, Human beings, have the moral duty to preserve and protect environment for all kinds of life. Due to their physique and mental capabilities, humans are better equipped to do better things than birds, animals and other creatures. Thus humans are superior creation.

The idea of ONE-NESS in all living creatures

Soul is the Power that keeps life going. Soul is the power that resides in every living thing to make it perform. As electricity lets different gadgets work and perform different functions according to the design and components of the gadget, soul is the prime mover of all living things to perform according to their bodies. Depending upon the design of the gadget, electricity performs roles of diverse nature. Electricity cools the refrigerator, heats up an oven, photographs, records, lights up, reproduces sound and electrocute also. When electricity is cut off, the gadgets stop functioning in spite of all components remaining in their perfect shape and shine. Similarly soul in every body makes the body perform various and diverse functions.

Differentials in creation are body based

As variety of electrical appliances can be supplied electricity from the same source, yet out-puts of gadgets could be different according to their design. Likewise, while all living things have different bodies, the soul performs different roles according to the body wrapping the soul. A soul in lion’s body would kill while that in a cow’s body would provide milk. A soul would fly in bird’s body, while similar soul in snake’s body would crawl. Thus, a soul in human body would have superior attributes than a soul residing in the body of an earthworm. Once the soul departs, all bodies become dysfunctional, decay and start stinking. No doubt, soul-wise all living beings are one but bodily they have been made different.

Every Chaitanya has a nose to smell, and that is located between a pair of eyes that are capable to see. All have two ears to receive stereophonic sound signals, one mouth to speak, two hands to hold and two legs to move about. All have near similar systems to eat, chew, digest, expel and reproduce. Various parts in the body of living things function in coordination with the environment. Unlike wild grass, these have not grown haphazardly, but have been rationally designed with precision, and assembled with other body parts for optimum convenience compatible to their roles, and are fine-tuned to perform in the outer environment. The growth of body parts is proportionate to the size of the main body. Growth of certain body parts like teeth is timed to match with the actual need. All have been produced according to same master blue print and in the same factory.

Every function is fine tuned

All living bodies are an assembly of various systems such as blood circulation, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems. All these systems have capability to receive and process inputs and to generate outputs. They are self-regulating. Mal-functioning in one system affects the other systems. There are several lives put in one living body such as blood corpuscles, sperms, and bacterial cells, each one having its own body with life in it. Sometimes these bodies are invisible to the modern microscopic aids but these microorganisms do exist. There are thousands of varieties in vegetation, microbes, worms, fish, bird, animals, and apes.

Humans have few more advanced body parts and are equipped with some sort of advanced automation capability. Compared to animals and birds, human beings not only can exercise control over their own passions but also of their fellow beings. By choice they can cause others to react by anger, lust, greed and fear. They have capability to discriminate between good and evil for themselves as well as for others. They can anticipate the changes in the environment, the consequences of their actions; can communicate not only with other human beings but with animals also through specialized knowledge. They perform their role by choice for which superior senses and a brain to process have bestowed upon them. The human being is perfectly engineered computerized machine where operating software continues to update itself to the dynamic needs.

Thus the Scientific hypothesis emerged was that in spite of body-wise diversities and similarities all living things are the creations of one Creator. The reflection of the enigmatic Creator can be perceived every where in life around us.

Chand K Sharma

(To follow: Splashes-2/72-Vanavasies are the Founders of Sanatan Dharma)


Comments on: "Splashes – 1/72 -Evolution of Hindu Thoughts" (5)

  1. Dear Mr. Sharma
    This is really a very nice summary of essential concepts in Hinduism. Thanks for sharing.
    Mukul Saran

  2. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable familiarity concerning unpredicted feelings.

  3. I every time used to study article in news papers but now as I am a user of net thus from now I am using net for articles,
    thanks to web.

  4. These are genuinely fantastic ideas in concerning blogging.
    You have touched some pleasant things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  5. Suresh Jagadeeshan said:

    Dear Sir,

    I have read your writing completely. Please note both links leads to the same one post.

    A good article. These are my thoughts long time back. Don’t keep on wondering about god and its intelligence.Be god to yourself.

    Religion is the path to one with god.

    You have observed all these in this universe, now question who observed all these?

    That is the real religion.

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