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Sonia Vs Gandhi in Morality

Except for surname Gandhi tag to promote herself in Indian political market, Sonia Gandhi, the present Congress President has nothing in common with MK Gandhi – the tallest leader of Congress.

The distinct differences are:

  • Gandhi patronized and wore Khadi – Sonia wears Khadi only to impress rural voters during elections.
  • Gandhi was committed to Ahimsa and was vegetarian – Sonia has not adopted even this basic and most relevant Gandhian thought in her life.
  • Gandhi did not amass wealth – about Sonia, the less said the better.
  • Gandhi resorted to mud packs, fasts and local remedies to cure his ailments, but Sonia has no faith and confidence even in India’s modern medical system. Therefore she preferred to enjoy health care abroad with family at public expense! She is determined to dismantle the India’s ancient infrastructure created by Swami Ram Dev and Acharya Balakrishnan in India by misusing brute authority of UPA Government.

Is it not a matter of Shame – utter shame, for Union Health Minister that despite six decades of their rule they have not created appropriate medical infrastructure upon which their own boss may have confidence? She was to be rushed abroad for her treatment while her voters struggle for their life in local Hospitals.

Sonia’s ailment is being kept a closely guarded secret. The country is entitled to know, for which serious disease the VIP was suffering and India had no facilities to cure her.

What steps the UPA Government is taking now at least, to ensure that VIPs like Sonia and other Congress ministers do not have to be rushed abroad in future. We cannot afford any risk as well as further expense for their life.

Last but not the least – Congressmen need to emulate Gandhian principles in private and public life rather misusing his name to fool voters.

Chand K Sharma


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