About Hinduism and India

Among the educated population of India not more than ten percent know the meaning of National Anthem including Sonia Rahul and Manmohan Singh!

Hindus need to change not only the National Anthem, but also remove the name of MK Gandhi as Father of the Nation. We are not newly born child of 1947.

Further, either Congress party should change the color of its party flag, or the National Flag should be changed. Both should not resemble.

The name of the country should be same in English as well as in Hindi. Proper nouns do not change.

However, till Hindus have the courage and say in the Government nothing from the above can be expected. Therefore political unity among Hindus is the utmost requirement today. They should turn themselves into an effective vote bank to assert their views in India. Every Hindu should vow to throw out Congress party and its rule from India. Beginning should be made from elections in UP.

Chand K Sharma

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