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Till two months ago we were told that Government had been shaken by five days fast of Anna Hazare. Swami Agnivesh who was the most active intermediate on Anna’s behalf with Kapil Sibal was overjoyed to say that the Government, Sonia Gandhi and Kapil Sibal had given them more than what they had asked for.

Thus Swami Ram Dev’s fast against corruption was successfully preempted and finally brutally crushed. But what happened afterwards? Why Anna has to undertake another fast for one extra day when the government had given more than he had asked for?

It has been reported that Hazare exhorted the prime minister to “show courage”, saying the police were crushing people’s fundamental rights through the “unconstitutional” conditions, and Singh said: “My office does not in any way get involved in the decision-making process.”

Anna should have known that Dr Manmohan Singh would not like to get involved in the decision-making process. He might be having his compulsions to mum till Sonia recovered from her secret illness. In the true Congress spirits, Ambika Soni has objected to Anna’s letter written to Prime Minister. But she must know that only Prime Minister’s Office is constitutionally respectable since many often the PMO could occupied by unworthy persons whom voters no longer consider respectable or trustworthy.

Digvijay Singh has put old wine in new bottle by alleging that Anna has also accepted donations for making arrangements in JP Park. If that was so, why Digvijay Singh had kept quiet till now? What action was taken by Congress government against the donor or the acceptor? He is simply lamenting if Anna could be involved in accepting black money so do the Ministers!

Anna has been told to restrict the strength of participants to five thousand persons only. Thus, public will require entry passes to participate in protest rallies in future. Our democracy is over matured.

It has also been reported that Prime Minister has conferred with Rahul Gandhi and his ad hoc advisory committee formed by Sonia just before leaving for her treatment. This could be a prelude to project Rahul Gandhi to emerge as country’s most effective trouble-shooter and therefore most eligible candidate to replace Dr Manmohan Singh. Hopefully some formula with authorship attributed to Rahul will come out to defuse the situation.

Chand K Sharma

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