About Hinduism and India

India was neither partitioned on account of racial considerations, nor along geographical features. India was partitioned purely on the basis of religious hatred expressed by Muslims against Hindus. About ninety percent of Muslim population then living in India had opted for Pakistan as they did not want to live with Hindus. The aggression on India was thus legitimized.

After partition, Hindus were violently forced out of Pakistan, but only fifteen percent of Muslims actually moved to their newly found home-land. While Pakistan ethnically cleaned their country from religious diversities, India nourished the sectarian population to over grow at the behest of MK Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Betrayal of Hindus by Congress

At the cost of sacrifices made by martyrs, Congress under Gandhi and Nehru had been negotiating with the British about the modalities concerning partition of India. Accordingly the British rewarded Congress leaders by transferring them power in truncated part of India. Gandhi and Nehru returned the gesture by accepting Lord Mountbatten, the British Viceroy to retain the charge of Governor General of India. That accorded further opportunities to him to manage the partition in the best interest of Britain and Pakistan at the expense of Hindu India.

Overtly, Congress leaders did not accept the reality of partition, but they rejoiced to celebrate their so-called independence. Since 1920 Gandhi and Nehru were the dominant leaders of Congress and had sidelined all Hindu representatives within Congress. They tried every opportunity to placate Muslims by bartering Hindu interests, but miserably failed in winning over their confidence. They accepted the partition, but blamed Muhammad Ali Jinnah and fanatic Hindus for that.

Projection of MK Gandhi as ‘Mahatma’ for Muslims and Hindus alike was far from truth. They remained confused by their idealism and attempted to keep all Indians confused by proclaiming the country to be secular. Gandhi and Nehru prevented Muslim population from migration towards Pakistan that Hindus had been forced to undertake. Even Muslim migrants were recalled from Pakistan to India and allowed to reclaim their properties from Hindu refugees evicted out of Pakistan. Thus Congress leaders made the invaders once again to remain share holders in truncated India also and subsequently nourished them as a vote bank.

One-sided Secularism

Like British, Congress leaders did not accept India’s centuries old identity as an abode of Hindus. Under the guise of phony secularism Congress leaders laid ground for India to be made a no man’s land, where anyone could intrude and reside as owner. Despite such sinister acts, only Hindus got bewildered with Congress brand secularism, while other minorities enjoyed the benefits of secularism without adopting the same. Cosmetic secularism could not erode beliefs and past. Hindus did not get any feel of freedom even in truncated India. They had to live with invaders with additional responsibility to keep them amused by pampering and appeasement.

It is pertinent that nationalities may change, but individuals always remain close to the religion inherited from forefathers. . Religion is a lifetime relationship, while citizenship is changeable. Despite having citizenship of pre-partitioned India, it was due to religion that Hindus and Sikhs had to migrate from their homes in Pakistan. They left ancestral homes and accepted displacement to live and die as Hindus. By migration Hindus categorically expressed that they were Hindus first and last, whatever nationality they might have had.

Post Partition Blunders

Hindus had struggled for freedom, not merely to replace British rulers with indigenous set of rulers, but to restore their ancient culture, prestige, freedom of thought, and their religious beliefs.  But after decades since partition, Hinduism is more neglected than during the alien rule. The problems confronting Hindu community arose out of political blunders of post partition rulers. Only few of those blenders that cast long shadows are stated here:-

  • Alienation with Our Past – Immediately after partition, Anglicized Nehru obliterated our past links with centuries old Hindu culture and history by declaring his mentor Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, as the ‘Father of the Nation’. We competed and aped Pakistan for whom their founder MA Jinnah could be regarded as the founder of newly formed nation, but there was no justification for us to introduce India to the world as a new-born nation, when our nationality since the Vedic period was well-known.
  • Abdication of Ancient Knowledge – In order to demonstrate his secularism, Nehru excluded study of our ancient text books from the educational curriculum. Over several learned scholars he picked up Maulana Azad to head our education ministry, to whom the Hindu scriptural texts were nothing but Kufar. Seen from hind sight it was a well thought conspiracy to obliterate our identity as Hindu nation. Only Muslims or anglicized Indians had the control over Educational system. As a result, today our youths are absolutely blank about the achievements of our ancestors.
  • Distortion of History – Apart from exclusion of Hindu texts from Education, our History was also distorted. Achievements of Hindu heroes like Maharana Pratap and Shiva ji were diminished to preserve our phony secularism. We under played the patriotic deeds of Hindus, to make Muslims appear larger than life in historical achievements.  Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal came to be a hero of first Independence struggle during 1857, even though he had secretly offered to surrender to the British at Humayon Tomb through Munshi Rajab Ali, when patriots were defending Delhi against odds.
  • Promotion of Nepotism – Except family tags of Gandhi and Nehru the sacrificial contributions of all other martyrs were diminished under a well thought out plan. Statues of Gandhi, Nehru and their clan members were installed, towns and hamlets were named after them and more than a thousand schemes were launched to advertise their names at government expense to strengthen one family rule in India. That went on un-noticed for few decades after partition till people discovered that even the antecedents of the family in power were dubious.
  • Neglect of National Language – The British had made illiterate India adopt English as their official Language, but Congress governments did not enforce Hindi as national language in India or a medium of instruction at University, the language in Courts or a language in defense forces.
  • Encouraging Segmentation – Instead of socially integrating all citizens under uniform civil code, the leaders indirectly encouraged minorities to stay aloof from majority community by retaining their personal laws. Over and above they encouraged segmentation within Hindu society by granting reservations on untenable grounds.

Lack of national Pride

Consequently, during post partition period, Hindu younger generation grew unaware of the achievements of their ancestors in the field of literature, pure sciences and arts. They suffer from a fundamental alienation from the tradition and culture of the land, and believe that prior to the introduction of British education, India had no system of education in any field. Convent educated English-speaking aristocracy and secularists pride in being disconnected from the very soil and people who gave it birth.

There is probably no other country in the world, where it is a national pastime among its educated class, to denigrate its own culture and history. They do not view anything of the past as a subject of national pride. It is ridiculed, as if it reflected only the imagination of backward chauvinistic elements.

Today, most often the educated people reject own scriptures without having read them. As a matter of fact they reject without having even seen them. At the best, few of them might have read some English translations, or commentaries on Hindu scriptures, made by foreigners. Their knowledge with regard to the translated scripture cannot be better than whatever was understood by the foreigner himself.  Hindu scriptures that once adorned the book shelves of world-famous ancient universities have come to be wrapped in sacks in the basements of few poor priests as antiques to be sold to foreign tourists.

While fundamentalist teachings in case of minorities have continued at the expense of state – recovered from Hindu tax payers, Hindu younger generation has got disillusioned in the absence of moral, ethical neglect of their culture at schooling stage itself.

Self-created Insecure Surrounding

Geographically, India is surrounded by theocratic states.  Most of our neighboring countries were Hindu countries but they have Islamic governments today. They have shut their doors at other faiths to preserve their Islamic identity. Their social customs do not harmonize with Hindu culture. They are ever motivated to convert India to an Islamic country, and are poised to help each other indirectly. In contrast, we created an oasis in the desert by declaring ourselves a secular state and kept our borders unguarded and open to encourage infiltration from all sides.

Our selfish political leaders always promise to walk extra miles to please Muslims for securing their selfish interests. They overlook that Nationality of any country can be acquired by fulfilling prescribed conditions, but it is the mental status of person that makes him a patriot.  It requires commitment from the individual in the value system, traditions and life style of the mainstream in the country. We never cared to check the extent of secularism that minorities had adopted in their thought and practices. Ours remained one-sided secularism to gag Hindus only.

Exploitation of Hindus

In spite of the freedom achieved through sacrifices given by Hindus, lack of political support to Hinduism has made Hindus to feel alienated in their own homeland. Now they are to face single-handedly the evangelization campaign of powerful and resourceful Christian lobby on one hand, and Islamic Jihad from Islamic states. There is an attitude of neglect and confrontation from pseudo secular home government. Hindu interests have become secondary to that of other faiths and are being bartered to any extent to keep minorities happy in India. This situation is due to the misplaced priorities of political leadership since transfer of power to them. Hinduism is passing through difficult time searching for effective leadership.

Chand K Sharma

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