About Hinduism and India

Fragmented India is the cherished dream of Muslims, Christians, Communists and multinational Business Corporations. Communists are adopting violent tactics to erode old culture to bring Chinese method of reforms. Muslims are up to live in India by making it an Islamic state. Christians are aiming at evangelizing Hindu population, to make India a Christian state. Economic super powers desire to capture Indian market.

Anti Hindu media controlled by multi-nationals starts painting Muslims and Christians as victims of Hindu chauvinism even if some isolated criminal incident comes to light.  Financial assistance and arms have been pouring through external agencies to hit soft targets, sabotage unity, and disrupt civil life of Indian citizens through spreading dissatisfaction and insecurity everywhere. Individually and collectively, Hindus are as helpless as they were before.

Hindus in Wretched Condition

It is most disgusting to read in media about expressions like ‘plight of Hindus in India’ itself. Hindus are afraid of Islamic Jihad. They remain insecure about the safety of their wives, daughters, and sisters being kidnapped and raped by handful of outsiders. They are afraid of conversions by missionaries. They feel as helpless as they were under Muslim Rule against Jihadists. Their places of worship get destroyed, usurped, desecrated and are still under occupation of invaders. All this is happening to Hindus in their own country, while secular propaganda is carried that India belonged to all – as NO MAN’S LAND. To top it all Hindus pay additional taxes for the subsidies offered to minority parasites, having first right on country’s resources.

The definition of democracy in today’s India should read that ‘democracy is the government of the organized minority, for      the minorities over disorganized majority, at the expense of majority’.

The secular government in India witnessed erosion of Hinduism in Nepal, but allowed the alien destroyers to sneak in India to please coalition partners belonging to CPM. The head of the coalition government Italian by origin proclaimed that India is not a Hindu Country. What is left for Hindus to feel secured in India?

Dynastic Rule over Hindus

Congress party founded by AO Hume has tried since partition to established dynastic rule in India ever. Italian-born Catholic Sonia Gandhi would not have got even a lower level job in her home country but she has come to rule the centuries old Hindu country by a proxy Prime Minister. She has been nourishing plan to plant her progeny in succession rule. This humiliating situation is publicized to declare her one of the most powerful ladies on the globe with absolute authority – but without any accountability.

All this has been possible through minority unity against disorganized Hindus, who are seen crying for someone else to help them. Hindus are being enslaved once again in the country of their origin through multiple strategies:-

  1. Fragmentation of Hindu Society – Foreign mercenaries and missionaries are freely operating in India to gain foot hold in the power corridors. Several artificial off shoots of Hinduism on the basis of castes, beliefs, personalities, and regions have been popped up with external financial help. Their acts are visible and can be noticed all over the country in some form or the other. All of a sudden, some temple would come up in the name of some saint or Guru and people start flocking there. Some planted Hindu politicians and spiritual “gurus” are there to misguide and instigate illiterate people to separate from Hindu society. People are allured by lavish food offered free of cost as ‘prasad’ in the name of Beggars seated on golden thrones donated by foreigners. This is nothing but planting of seeds for harvesting to be done after fifty or hundred years, to declare sect-followers a separate faith from Hindus within India.
  2. Usurping power through Ballot – The minorities frequently group together under pseudo secularists to keep Hindus out of power on the strength of their ballot. They can tilt political balance in favor of themselves through selfish politicians. While Hindu votes get divided between off shoots of Hinduism, Minority spiritual leaders issue sermons and fatwas to their followers to vote in particular way to help traitors win. Thereafter politicians indulge in minority appeasement at the cost of Hindus. Many Hindus converted to other faiths are retaining Hindu name and caste tags – to enjoy benefits of reservation. Many Christians with Hindu identities are holding ministerial and influential postings the government.  Practically, minorities have all ready taken over the governance of India. Their next target will be to capture Armed Forces through infiltration.
  3. Multiplicity of Personal laws – Every secular country has the civil code, based on the geographic, economic and cultural beliefs of its population. For selfish reasons Congress politicians have allowed separate personal laws for Hindus, Muslims and Christians and others within the Hindu fold. Although Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs are counted as part of Hinduism but with mischievous aim Congress politicians have started counting them as minorities by offering appeasements minority in the home land of their own origin to reduce Hindu strength. They are also getting poised for separate civil codes. Uniform Civil Code that would have ensured equality before law for all Indians and there would not have been any distinction between majority and minority community. It is ironical that Muslims never objected application of other laws that benefited them, but they prefer Shariat Law of Arab world in India. They had the option to migrate to Pakistan, and live there under Islamic law, but those who voluntarily stayed back in India, must accept Indian civil code in tune with Indian culture. Even a cursory look at common features of Indian culture would indicate that Muslims and Christians are diagonally opposed to Hindu culture. India has become a confederation of mutually hostile communities, where ethnic segments mentally align with far off cultures, hostile to the mainstream.
  4. Unchecked Conversions The right to Religious Freedom is given for practicing religion inherited by a person at the time of birth. The person need not be discriminated against others before law. Therefore all the laws of the land should be universally applicable. But observance of religion is different from propagation of religion with political motives. Conversions should not have been allowed under the excuse of religious freedom. Ongoing conversion of Hindu population to non-Indian faiths is nothing but subversive act to segment India under the cover of secularism.
  5. Sponsored Infiltration – Illegal immigration is taking place in all the Border States, where the minority groups are sheltering migrants, drug peddlers and infiltrators. Any attempt to flush them out is resisted by unpatriotic political leaders throbbing on minority vote banks, in the name of secularism. Communists, NGOs, human rights activists, and minorities, collectively abuse judicial forums to obtain easily available injunctions to stall identification, and expulsion of suspected migrants. The day is not far, when such migrants will demand separate ethnic homeland, with the support of foreign powers. In many states, like Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, and Jammu and Kashmir, Hindus have already been reduced in strength as a result of conversions and infiltration. Hindus have been coerced to move out to other states like refugees in Eastern states and Kashmir. The Congress Government wants to preserve Muslim character of Kashmir through article 370, but does not curb infiltration from Bangladesh to preserve Hindu profile of Eastern states.

Spurt in Minority Population

Appeasements have prompted minorities to remain aloof from the mainstream. Minorities have been trying to multiply their numbers, and have grown to threaten another partition of the country, if subjected to any accountability towards the national interests. We have been foolishly advertising our secularism to the world by appointing minority leaders on higher positions. We have given them separate personal law, subsidies for enjoying Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, financial assistance for running minority institutions, and propagation of out dated Urdu language at the cost of Hindi. Now minorities are seeking not only religion-based reservations, but separate electoral representation also.

Disinfection of India

Muslims oppose studies of Sanskrit Vedic literature at educational institution on the pretext of its Hindu origin, and draw support from secularists. On the contrary, out of funds generated by Hindu tax payers, secularists have been spending on the propagation of Urdu language that has come to be preserved as a symbol of Muslim identity. Hindus are paying taxes for the benefits of minorities, who will group together one day to dislodge Hindus from India.

Although split Hindus voters are feeling helpless, passive and apprehensive of their future, but the solutions are also within their control, provided Hindus remember the basic instinct  – TO LIVE – that is the first half part of Dharma.  We have to disinfect our home ourselves and make the environment safe for future generations in India. Indians have to follow progress for all but appeasement for none policy.

Chand K Sharma

(Next: Splashes – 69/72 – Hindus at Cross Roads)


Comments on: "Splashes– 68/72 – Insecure Environment for Hindus" (2)

  1. N.Srinivasan said:

    Let us take a lesson from Mahabharata – Santhi Parva-0 Aapadh Dharma –
    dialogue between Medhavi and his father.
    They concluded that danger to Dharma by means of non-violence, prevalence of selfishness and disregard of Sathya need to be averted by concerted action – Santhi Yagna- with firm belief in Ahimsa, Sathya and welfare of humanity.

    The need of the hour is a peaceful negotiated settlement – V R S to Vadra, Sonia and Rahul – by giving them choice of 3 villages in Italy or UP and settling Congressmen in Dandakaranya or the Andaman or Laccaddives as per their individual choice.
    Whoever successfully negotiates this settlement can be offered Bharat Ratna

    • Hypothetically – yes, but is it practical? They have to be politically defeated at polls, tried for their misdeeds, punished, and forgotten. We need to awaken voters.

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