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69 – Hindus at Cross Roads

By nature Hindus are over indulgent in spirituality. Today everyone is affected by political, economic, technological and ideological conditions prevailing in the world. One has to safe guard his living environment and to remain vigilant to ward off emerging threats. Vedic philosophy did not rescue Hindus during past from Islamic barbarians. Even during modern age, those who stayed in Pakistan after partition, were either killed or converted to Islam to live degraded life as slaves without any political power. It is therefore suicidal on the part of Hindus to remain indifferent to political developments when minorities are marshaling their strength to usurp their home.

Hindus Ignoring Realities 

History repeats and reminds in a cruel way. Over three hundred years ago Kashmiri Pundits had approached Guru Tegh Bahadur for protection against Jihadi mentality. The reverend Guru sacrificed his life. Guru Gobind Singh extolled the cowards to stand on their feet, but Hindus did not. Consequently, today Kashmiri Pundits are loitering in India as miserable as they were centuries ago.

The same will be the fate of remaining Hindus in Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra if they do not learn from their past. The way fundamentalist Muslim population is multiplying within, and un-checked infiltration is going on from all sides through our borders, soon intruders will outnumber Hindu population.

Within next three decades, Hindus will reach minority status within India. They are already in minority in certain states like in Kashmir and Eastern states. If they continue to over look realities and do not organize, they will have to move out of those areas. Hindus are blind to the fact that minorities have not adapted to secularism and have only used that for their own expansion. Hindus shall run out for time even to think of alternative options for their survival in India.

These alien faiths have not adopted secularism like Hindus, but under the cover of secularism they are getting politically united for winning elections to install helping politicians in power. If the ongoing mania of secularism is not checked, Muslims or Christians will again rule India. Hindus have very few options left.

The Possible Options

Applying common-sense, if the environment is not conducive to safe-living then Hindus shall have to :-

  • Firstly, migrate to alternative place,
  • Secondly, to adapt to the changes in the environment, and
  • Lastly is to change the environment.

First Option – Migrate out of Environment

Recalling History, during the middle of previous century, some Indians went abroad for settlement, but only a few most competent amongst them could carve a niche for themselves. The natives did not absorb them, while they became aliens for India also.

There is no Hindu country in the world that might accommodate the population of Hindus on their land. One by one, all erstwhile Hindu countries have been converted to Islam, Christianity, or Communism. The last in the series was Nepal. Future generations will find it hard to believe that once Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Java, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan and Bangladesh were Hindu countries. Hindus must not forget that Sonia has already declared that ‘India is not a Hindu Country’ and her Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also accorded first right to minorities over the resources of India.

Moving to alternate place is therefore impracticable. No country can welcome exodus of large-scale migrant population. Migrant Hindus shall be exploited by every host environment.

Second Option – Convert to the Environment

There are some secularists who cite absorption of aliens in the Indian culture during past, and continue advocating India to turn into a land of migrants, to accommodate divergent ethnic groups. If that happened, time is not far when Hindus would be faced with the ‘Arab and the camel’ like situation to witness another partition of the country to provide homeland for migrant population. Hindus would then shrink to some corner within India, or convert to some other faith.

Moreover, a grand civilization of millions years old, spiritually enriched on scientific lines, and once magnificently developed, cannot be swallowed by the faiths that grew up in most primitive environments, and whose founders forbade introspection of their dogmas on rationality.

Thus even if their numbers dwindle, Hinduism shall continue to survive in some corner of the globe, with all possibilities to re-surge. The second option is also hard to digest.

Last Option – Change the Environment.

The third and last option is changing the environment. It is hard, but most sensible, practical, and self-respecting. To uplift sagged morale, Hindu community needs leaders like Krishna, Chankya, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh.

The Congress government is namesake secular.  In every word and deed continues poised to be anti-Hindu. Most of its constitutional institutions have been oriented towards over-appeasement of the minorities. Unless the constitution is effectively interpreted and implemented, it will lead to disintegration of the country. Hindus must strive to win election in strength to remove all constitutional hurdles that impede its resurgence. Only a Hindu Nationalist Government can restore and support the culture of this land. The exercise for resurgence shall involve constitutional dumping of fake secularism.

For bringing in environmental change, Hindus shall have to bring a change in the mind-set of the constitutional institutions to straighten their tilt from minority appeasement and to serve the national interests of IndiaThis all shall have to be achieved within the Constitution through ballot. We shall have to aim at advancement for all, but appeasement of none.

Fragmentation of Hindu votes

Fragmentation of Hindu votes that get divided between off shoots of Hinduism, as well as, their political affiliations, has placed minorities in a position to tilt political balance in their favor. Under misconceived idealism, Hindus have not understood the game being played to enslave them in the country of their origin. As Hindus are again being driven to corner, they must unite and politically align to safeguard their interests against blackmail from the nexus of minorities and Hindu politicians. They must decide to change pro-minority government through ballot strength of Hindus.

Control over Voting Rights

Hindus shall have to organize at their own to oversee that they do not let infiltrators get voting rights, civic amenities and free ration cards. Illegal migrants, infiltrators, and those, who do not pay taxes for civic amenities should be identified and driven out. The police should be made accountable to remove encroachments, and there should be no interference from human right activists, and selfish politicians. Choice before us is to continue with secularism in its destructive mode, or to adopt secularism already imbibed in Hinduism.

Establishment of Hindu Rashtra

There cannot be more humiliating situation for Hindus than to feel apologetic while defending their own cultural traditions and beliefs in their homeland. But unless Hindus politically organize to defeat the anti India secularists through ballot, nothing will improve. In a democratic set up, there is no way out otherwise. Hindus shall have to align with some political party, or form one of their own. Forming new political party may be an uphill task like that of re-inventing the wheel. The preference therefore should be to align with an existing political party close to Hindu ideology.

We have to make it India for Indians, those who stand for Indian culture, Indian language, and Indian national heroes and not for anyone that lived across the borders of India. Only those who respect local environment and believe in the concept of live and let live should have citizen rights as Hindus irrespective of their form of worship. Those having loyalties abroad have to be excluded and expelled; otherwise, we will continue paying for the development of those who place their loyalties externally.

Secularism is an internal matter of sovereign Indian Republic. We need not care to get our secularism certified by foreign delegations on fact-finding missions, whenever there are communal disturbances. There are no precedents where other nations accorded similar status to Indian delegations to see the plight of Hindus living in their countries. The example of Bangladesh should be an eye opener for us.  It was founded as secular country but by choice changed to an Islamic country. We must declare India a Hindu Rashtra. India belongs to Hindus and Hindus belong to India.

Consolidation of Hindu Society

Hindu spirituals and intellectuals should endeavor to unify various Hindu sects into a confederation under one representative body such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad or Bharat Swabhiman of Swami Ram Dev. Even non-Hindu faiths may also be invited to its fold, provided, they are willing to re-orient their social practices to join the main stream of Hindu society, and shed alien theological as well as political bias.

Return of the Converted

Return to Hinduism by those who had converted to other faiths during past should be encouraged, but without appeasement. Anyone, who lives and lets others live and abides by the ancestral legacy of this land irrespective of his conversion to other faith which is not inimical to Hinduism should be accepted as Hindu. He has to accept common civil code, common national language, and common heritage to join the main stream without asking any separate ethnic status.

The solution lays just a click away on the day of next general elections. All Hindu factions must unite and come out to vote for the formation of a Hindu government and change the constitution accordingly. Everything will follow subsequently. Within a period of less than five years we would have re-established a Hindu country on the globe – the birth place of universal religion. The horizon is not totally dark as yet.

Chand K Sharma

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