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The dusty haze after Anna’s movement is slowly settling down. The Anti Corruption Crusaders have returned home. Media propaganda that reached crescendo to blare Anna’s success against the corrupt is now busy revealing the real profile of Anna’s companions. The silhouette of Anna companions has started melting with Agnivesh having been liquidated first.

Impression was created that the Government appeared shaken of its roots for some time in the face of Gandhian ideology. Communal forces stood isolated when a star studied Iftar party was blessed by Anna.  He broke his fast accepting nectar from two little girls belonging to oppressed and minority community. Every one has now returned to square one.

The use of Lokpals and Lokayukts can be anticipated from the on-going in Karnataka, Gujarat, and Punjab. To that extent UPA Government has got an extra tool to tryout tarnishing opposition till next elections. More non performing politicians will get opportunity to show their efficiency to their High command once more Lokpals are appointed.

If Lokpal bill comes through, there will be four Constitutional posts in every state, having independent working domains and tremendous powers without any accountability towards public. The Governor and Chief Justice of respective High Courts and Lokayukts are to be appointees, while Chief Minister alone is to face public after five years. Thus appointees can make Chief Ministers walk on tight rope particularly in opposition controlled states.

What we really needed in India to control corruption was institution of deterrent punishments and fast-moving prosecution.  The existing Governors and the President were adequate for that. Public hanging of only two well-known corrupt persons and confiscation of property of about hundred others in India would have ended eighty percent of corruption in India within 24 hours.  But that system could have worked if the politicians wanted corruption to end.

Only the common man in India has been suffering due to corruption and black money. Common man is therefore every ready to garland every Ass who promised to eradicate corruption. They made Rajiv Gandhi occupy PMO without any qualifications and experience due to propagation of his “Mr Clean” image. Similarly VP Singh succeeded him to expose the corruption of Rajiv Gandhi.  Manmohan Singh posed to be another cleanest of all.  One by one all of them have to be the worst against each, as far as eradication of corruption was concerned.

One mentally clean Clown Prince is now awaiting signal from his Mom to jump in the fray to redeem India from corruption.

Since UPA Government wanted to distract public support to the crusade launched by Swami Ram Dev, Anna was helped to emerge as a rallying point to marshal masses against corruption. While Swami Ram Dev’s movement was brutally crushed, red carpet was spread for Anna.  In spite of that Swami Ram Dev has displayed maturity in supporting Anna’s movement to avoid division of momentum but response from Anna’s camp is ambiguous.

Anna has emerged a VVIP in the bargain. He has expanded the scope of his future activity to the points already made by Swami Ram Dev. It is to be seen how far his companions wil let himl support Swami Ram Dev. Anna  will not be bitten by stings of corruption all his life where as Swami Ram Dev will.  He along with his trusts and supporters will be hounded by Lokayukts to come.

Inquiries will be held to show action. Few selected people will face prosecutions others will get away. Judicial system will take half a century to conclude prosecution. There will be appeals and the show will continue.

With enthusiasm wasted, the common man will remain depressed and isolated as before. He shall have to continue suffering through corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Unless common man stopped being part of corrupt system and expressed his anger directly against those who are responsible, corruption will continue unabated.

Common man has to reflect anger in elections starting from UP. They need to throw out  known corrupt politicians with the force of ballot. If they do not exercise ballot now, even the bullets will be ineffective later. Ballot is the only remedy to get rid of each and every corrupt politician. Freedom from corruption movement should start from the state going to election in the nearest future.

Chand K Sharma 

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