About Hinduism and India

Politicians are not serious about controlling terrorism as long as they are wrapped in multi-layered security for themselves and their families. They are doing overt actions simply with an eye on elections to be held in future.

We have been watching the commitment of UPA government in controlling terrorism. It had perfected an automatic drill to be put into action after every bomb blasts. Security agencies and Central Government play safe naming that to be ‘Pakistan sponsored’. Home Minister prefers to link that to ‘Hindu terrorism’. Prime Minister always appealed for ‘maintaining communal harmony’. Sonia strolls through the affected area and ceremoniously visits the injured in hospital escorted by some senior cabinet minister. Media arranges few discussions between habitual participants about the incompetence of police set up. Thereafter every thing is forgotten till next blast. In spite of that the Government is nervous about hanging the confirmed terrorists.

Why we can not think beyond that? Why couldn’t we resort to hot pursuit, abolishing entry of Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens to India , or restraining the activities of those within India who provide shelter to the terrorists? If the Home Minister always had prior information of likely blast, could he not be responsible to explain to the nation as to what action had been taken by him to ensure prevention?

It implies that Hindus should not react. They continue being blasted or remain busy watching reality shows flooded with Pakistani participants! We have been given over dose of Gandhian Ahimsa that has got settled deeply in the marrow of our bones in the form of inactivity.

All Sikh congregations are led by Panch Pyaras who are armed to maintain the sanctity of the occasion. On the same pattern Hindus temples and Congregations should think of deploying Panch Devas to represent Shiva, one incarnation of Vishnu, Ganesha, Durga and Hanuman, who should be armed with the weapons associated with those deities. Their presence will remind Hindu community that violence for self-protection and for the protection of Dharma is as noble as non violence preached by Gandhi.

In addition Hindus must employ armed security guards at all the places of importance who should thoroughly screen and protect all visitors till the arrival of Government security agencies during any eventuality. Hindus should care for their own security as politicians are vying with each other in appeasing minority vote bank for their selfish interests. Hindu intellectuals and Dharma Gurus should ponder over the subject with open mind.

Chand K Sharma

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