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Congress has been trying to make a mountain out of a mole by citing refusal of Narendra Modi wearing a skull-cap. Acceptance of shawl by Modi from the same person has been eclipsed due to his refusal to wear skull-cap. There was nothing wrong if others refused to do Surya Namaskar – the heavenly object that lights the world, refused singing Vande Matram, or replaced Bharat Mata portrait to look Gandhian, but heavens have fallen since Narendra Modi did not wear a cap.

Every time a third-rate leader or journalist called BJP a communal or fundamentalist party, BJP and RSS leadership get down to display their secular credentials. Is it a stigma to be a Hindu in India? The Congress government has been deceiving everyone with the garb of secularism but in India Muslims, Christians and others have not adopted secularism in any form. So are the Hindus and now it needs to be asserted with pride. The need of the hour is that every Hindu should assert in every manner that he is a Hindu first and last. We are not secularists of the Congress brand at all.

Every one is born human first.  Later people adopt religious tags as Muslim, Christian, Atheist, ideology tags like Communist, Fascist, Secular and nationality tags. Irrespective of Nationality, Muslims and Christians opt for burial after death, while a Hindu would like to be cremated in whatever part of the globe he lived. National Boundaries are irrelevant as for as human feelings are concerned.

Propagation of ideologies is subjected to local laws. A Muslims does not allow Allah to be identified by another name and Quran to be equated with any other scripture. For a Christian only Christ is the Son of God. It is a Hindu who would accept other scriptures and deities worthy of reverence like God. Thus a Hindu can never be a fundamentalist. Let the Congressmen remember.

Muslims and Christians convert others to their fold through allurements, and coercive methods. Hindus do not seek conversions as individuals are accepted in Hinduism by birth. They let others follow whatever faith they prefer. One may adopt Hinduism voluntarily under certain conditions. That is the purity of faith.

Christians differentiate humans in term s of ‘chosen seed’ while Muslims classify humans in to believers and non believers. Hindus regard every creature to be the image of God.

As long as a person is capable of perceiving other creatures as reflections of the Almighty, is broad-minded to allow others to remember Him by another name or image – he is basically a Hindu. It is only when he turns narrow-minded and restrictive he adopts the mould of a fundamentalist.

No human should feel shy of introducing himself to others as a Hindu because being a Hindu is a sign of broad-minded-ness and refine-ness in human-beings. It is the most natural way of leading a Global life on the ideal of Live and Let others also live. Hindu way of life is the path of peaceful co-existence among all species of living beings not only on planet Earth but till the farthest end of Universe.

The irony is that even Gandhian like Anna Hazare are shy to call themselves Hindus in fighting a non-Hindu issue like corruption. They displayed their audacity towards Hindu icons by removing the portrait of Bharat Mata from Anti Corruption stage and forgot that even Shaheed -e Aram Bhagat Singh had drawn Bharat Mata’s portrait in his cell. Thus if Gandhian Anna felt uncomfortable with the Hindu support he should wear a skull-cap and lead the Muslims and Christians alone. Anna ought to have realized the sentiments of Hindus and the respect he had been given by them. He should not have taken advantage of Hindu tolerance and respect as his secularist companions are now making Hindus feel guilty of their Faith.

Let Anna Hazare and his pseudo-secular companions hear that we are Hindus first and last, everywhere and every time. Hinduism is the refined form of Humanity since the dawn of civilization. Since Hindustan is the birthplace of Hinduism no one can convert our home land into a ‘no man’s land’ under the camouflage of pseudo secularism or Gandhian ideology.

Chand K Sharma

Comments on: "We are Hindus Every Where and Every Time!" (2)

  1. C.M.Vikram said:

    We have to stand by our values and not worry as to what others say or print. We have to say the truth to get respect. Hindus seem to be afraid of telling the truth and that is their downfall. Whenever Godhra roits are mentioned, the Hindus should have mentioned the horrible act of buring to death women and children by islamic fanatics. However, coward Hindus do not mention that. They are always on the defensive.
    We say ‘Sathyam Evam Jayathe’, but we are afraid to tell the truth.

  2. Thanks for your support. Please circulate to as many Hindus as possible.

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