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Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill – 2011 has been drafted under the leadership of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi that is likely to be tabled in Parliament for approval. The stated purpose of the Bill is to address the question of communal violence in the country but the hidden aim is to communalism Indian polity, and create hatred against Hindus so that a vote bank of Muslims and Christians is carved out for Congress wherein more groups could be added later.

This draconian bill will divide Indian society in two parts: ‘Group’ (minority community composed of Christians and Muslims) and ‘Others’ (majority community, meaning Hindus). This bill assumes that Hindus, the majority community of India, termed as  ‘Others’,  are the culprits who commit atrocities against innocent ‘Groups’ of minority community such as Muslims and Christians.

People at Work

This ill-ominous bill has been drafted under the leadership of UPA Chairperson Sonia (Antonia Maino) Gandhi, who is a devout, professing Catholic.  She is of Italian origin and she is a naturalized citizen of India.  At marriage, she insisted that her husband Rajiv Gandhi convert to Christianity and that her children be raised as a Christian/Catholic. Her son Rahul Gandhi (Raul Vinci) is reported to have told the American ambassador Timothy Remer in 2009 that India is facing a greater terror threat from radical Hindu groups than from Muslim terrorists.  Both, Sonia and Rahul seem to suffer from an acute case of Hindu phobia.

It is interesting to note that Sonia Maino Gandhi’s advisors and ministers are almost all either Christians or Muslims.  A.K. Anthony, Defense Minister; Salman Khurshid, Law Minister; Gulam Nabi Azad, Health Minister; Ahmed Patel, – Political Advisor; Margaret Alva, Governor of Uttarakhand; and Anil Kumar Brown, also known as ‘Charlie’ Browne, Chief of Air Staff are amongst the most notables.

According to http://www.hinduwisdom.info/Glimpses_XVI7.htm, even Ambika Soni, the current Information and Broadcasting Minister of India who sports a big Tilak on her forehead and whose name sounds like a Hindu is also a Christian. Five chief ministers in Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Kerala and Arunachal Pradesh are also devout Christians.

This bill has been drafted by National Advisory Council (NAC), a nominated body having no constitutional status. The names of the principal members of the drafting and advisory committee are: Najmi Waziri, P.I.Jose, Teesta Setalvad,Farah Naqvi,Abusaleh Shariff, Asgar Ali Engineer, John Dayal,Justice Hosbet Suresh, Kamal Faruqui, Manzoor Alam, Maulana Niaz Farooqui,Ram Puniyani, Shabnam Hashmi, Sister Mary Scaria, Syed Shahabuddin, Aruna Roy,Anu Aga,Farah Naqvi, Harsh Mander, and Maja Daruwala.

Almost all of them are Christians, Muslims or rabid anti-Hindu Leftists. From their past actions, most of them seem to have been born with an animus against the Hindu ethos.  They are notorious for their hate mongering proclivity against Hindus. Their mindset is unwavering in trying to suffocate and suppress Hindus legally in India.  The aim of this draconian bill is to achieve that goal.

The Effect of Draconian Provisions

The bill will divide Indian society in two parts: ‘Group’ (minority community comprised of Christians and Muslims) and ‘Others’ (majority community, meaning Hindus). Amongst the exceptionally biased and one-sided provisions of the bill are: ·

  • If a case is registered against a Hindu, he has to prove his innocence. This law is applicable only when the victim is the ‘Group’ – a Muslim or a Christian.
  • During the trial, the court may issue orders to attach the property of the accused Hindu.
  • The victim will be granted financial compensation within 30 days.
  • If a Hindu loses property, is humiliated or boycotted, this law would not apply.
  • If any Hindu publishes, communicates, disseminates, broadcasts, and advertises by words, either spoken or written, news about communal violence he would be prosecuted for hate propaganda.
  • Under this bill, if a Muslim or a Christian complains against any Hindu leader or organization that his/her feelings have been offended, that person/organization would be hauled up.
  • Hindus would be prosecuted by ‘Communal Harmony Authority’ to be set up at the state and central levels with seven members each, of which four including chairman and deputy chairman should be from the minority communities.
  • All the crimes mentioned under this law are non-bailable.

Noose  being tightened on Hindus 

Once this bill is enacted in Parliament, a precariously perilous situation will arise for Hindus.  This bill is downright dangerous for the unity and integrity of India.

Act Now or Never like Situation

The survival of Hindus is at stake.  Our future generation will not forgive us if we just succumb under pressure and keep watching from sidelines as a spectator or act like a referee.  We should wake up from the deep slumber, stop internal squabbles, learn to work in unison, and come up with a solid strategy to get rid of anti-Hindu UPA government.

What is to be Done

Hindus must scrutinize and examine the threat emanating from this fraudulent bill. It is essential that we should immediately unleash a propaganda blitz in print and electronic media, highlighting the disastrous and deleterious impact the Communal Violence Bill. All sections of Hindus must sink their differences and untidily oppose this Bill in Parliament, on streets, Religious places and at judicial Forums, whatever the situation may demand. Hindus should demand enactment and enforcement of Uniform Civil Code for all Indians since it will bring every one closer.

If the Government is really sincere to foster communal harmony, then the Government must have Uniform Civil Code for all citizens, by which the distinction of minority community and majority community will be automatically eroded.

Chand K Sharma


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