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Maintenance of Law and order is under the Home Minister. The intelligence agencies forewarn the Government about impending troubles. The situation is analyzed and appreciated in the light of relevant facts. Plans to tackle the problem are prepared well in advance, discussed, updated, evaluated, cross checked and if possible rehearsed also. Likely contingencies are also anticipated and catered for. This is the routine and standing instructions exist in the department.

What happened in Ramlila Ground and afterwards shows that professionalism is totally missing in over politicalized Home Ministry.

The Government wanted to pre-empt the move of Swami Ram Dev and his supporters to Parliament House and therefore Police force in large strength had been deployed at Ramlila Ground. About eighty buses had been kept at hand to transport the agitators to makeshift prison at Bawana Stadium. Naturally if eighty busloads of prisoners have to be housed some arrangements of essential nature like food, water, toilets and first aid have also to be catered for at the jail complex.

The agitators were taken as per the plan to Bawana as per the ‘plan’, but then for reasons unexplained by the authorities, the agitators were dumped in Ambedkar Stadium where food and water were not available. The rest that followed is a shameful display of the Government.

Authorities were in panic and had no other alternative but to beg and plead before the agitators who were left to starve.

This reflects the unprofessionalism that has been cultivated by UPA Government. Is this the way the law and order agencies in uniform plan and act? If similar situation arose in the face of external threats will we start pleading? Naturally this is the reason that after every terrorist attack we proclaim that security had been tightened, terrorist succeed and afterwards we keep beating the marks. Who could be accountable for inapt handling of the situation?

It was Swami Ram Dev who bailed out the Government from suffering further humiliation on account of inefficiency. The requirement is to professionalize law enforcement agencies instead of politicalizing them. They must not emerge as ‘Yes Masters’ of political bosses but should work as per their written down charters.

 Chand K Sharma


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