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Surprisingly, even after six decades of independence, the resignation letter from BJP Stalwart LK Advani was written in English. What inference can be drawn that the senior most BJP leader opted to communicate with Party President hailing from Hindi dominant state in English? It speaks volumes against Advani that his he has no faith in the National language to convey his thoughts adequately to another Indian Colleague although he continues swearing revival of Bhartiya Sanskriti to reach Prime Minister’s Office.

Most of the Indian political parties today, including Congress, are being controlled as Family fiefdoms where ‘Party Boss’ has absolute power to reverse decisions arrived at to the family. In contrast to this, BJP is the only cadre based political party functioning according to its constitutional provisions. The mutual relationships in BJP are governed by the party constitution and not according to considerations of age or personal equations. Why should Advani be allowed to question the elevation of Narendra Modi done by the constitutional body? Airing his grudge in public against a party decision was a clear violation of constitutional norms by Advani. He ought to have demonstrated respect towards party discipline.

Recently in his blog LK Advani referred to the agony of Bhisham Pitamah to draw a parallel to him. Mahabharata depicts various situations of human society wrapped in all the shades of passion. The entire conflict in the epic is about victory of Dharma over Adharma. Their statements are more relevant today in respect of ongoing rift in BJP leaders. Advani’s obvious grudge stemmed out from indifferent attitude of Sangh Parivar and some of the party office bearers to his advice about running party affairs. That inspired him to conclude publicly that most of the party leaders were selfish and did not have any concern for the wellbeing of motherland. By thoughtless sweeping statement without naming anyone, Advani damaged the party image when elections are near.

Advani ought to have remembered that It is the prerogative of the Party President to assign duties to various members of his team depending upon their capabilities. Why there should be a pre-condition to seek approval from Advani on every matter acted upon by the Party President? Going by Mahabharta Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi did not violate any ethics by performing their assigned duties even if that went contrary to the aspirations of LK Advani. Arjuna had to fight against his near relations such as Bhisham Pitamaha and his Guru Dronacaharya. It is obligatory for every individual committed to Dharma (the order in the Society) to discharge his duties objectively.

Although Advani has now consented to continue in the party, he has caused irreparable damage to himself and party. By washing his dirty linen in front of press, he embarrassed everyone. The allegations made by him will continue to haunt him and he will be chased to substantiate by his opponents. The party functionaries have done well by showing respect to bring him back, but hence forth Advani is not likely to draw the same respect from rank and file that he was used to. He will live as an unwanted guest. In all fitness of situation he has now no other option but to lie low, stay aloof and at appropriate time when the dust raised by him gets settled, make an exit not only from Politics but public life. His innings are over.

Chand K Sharma


Comments on: "Let Mahabharata guide Advani" (4)

  1. sridharan,R said:

    If Advani thinks that his opinion should prevail over that of majority of Karyakartas and the general mood and desire of the people then how can it be called democracy?

  2. Advani’s letter (in English) was for the press! And which press? The right wing press! Which was once only Indian Express (were we surprised when Arun Shourie joined the BJP; equally are we surprised that two honest men now appear like they were never in the BJP – Vajpayee and Shourie). These are days when Modi can afford to be a leader or Advani can play idealist! And on the other side the dynastic dance continues. We live in a shit-hole buddy, hence the stink.
    But you might want to read the story of the awakening of a spent nation written in verse at http://www.nirbhayasindia.com

  3. R.Nanjappa said:

    What exactly did Advani/Vajpayee achieve while leading the party/govt? did they promote at least one item of Bharatiya Samskriti? On every occasion, and on every issue, they compromised. Advani did not have the courage even to make bold statements on Ayodhya. Once in power, they simply tried to live up to the image spread by the blasted press, giving up all the principles they had mouthed all along.The only achievers were M.M.Joshi, Arun Shourie and K.C.Khanduri. They at least tried sincerely.

    I have my reservations on Modi too, as he is also trying to play to the gallery. I certainly do not like his approach on the Narmada issue.To dam a sacred river is certainly not Bharatiya Samskriti; to dam any big river is not the currently favoured scientific approach; and not to care for the displaced people or to rough-handle the peaceful agitators who were only following the Gandhian method is not humanitarian. Leading Gujarat is one thing; the nation as a whole is different proposition. Gujaratis are intelligent. enterprising, resourceful and practical. They can work together on important issues. This combination of traits may not prevail in all states. But he seems to be acceptable to the party cadres and this is a spontaneous reaction. We have to accept this. Advani should have the wisdom to see that times change.

    Why should Bhishma Pitamaha be dragged in? After all, his role in the Draupadi episode in the assembly or in the war when he supported the wrong party while wishing the others victory, was not honourable.

  4. I fully agree with you that both Advani and Vajpayee compromised to keep their NDA partners amused. Once in power, they simply followed appeasements on the pattern laid by Congress and that is why Hindus rightly rejected them. Again they are adopting a double edged policy that is why we need a strong Hindu vote bank to catch them by ear and stay clear of appeasements.

    Sincerely speaking when time is short and targets to be achieved are higher the best form of governance is to have an honest dictator. Democracy does not yield results. Now drawing a compromise, Narendra Modi is the best bet since he can decide and act upon though his critics are many inside and out side BJP.

    Reference to Bhisham Pitamah was brought in by Advani himself as he tried to equate himself to draw a parallel.

    Advani continues to nourish unspoken jealousy against Narendra Modi on the pretext of NDA unity. His sullen image has come to be regarded as dissidence personified at party meetings. He is red rag for Hindu Voters. Advani and his coterie will stab the success at opportune time. Therefore he must now be totally isolated and ignored.

    He has now no other option but to make an exit or get expelled for good.

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