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Netagiri in India

In democracy Indian Neta’s are said to be the ‘servants of public’. But is that true in real life? Certainly NOT.

Five star Netas
The fact is that these ‘Gandhian clones’ do not serve us free of cost. Over and above their hefty salaries that can be revised upward at their own, these Netas get extra allowances for every small thing they do or claim to have done for public. They live a five star life. Their perks include free medical treatment at home and abroad in the best hospitals. They are provided free telephones, laptops, fully furnished accommodation in prime locations, house hold gadgets, chauffer driven cars with plenty of petrol, air and rail tickets for family, children, and attendants in the name of serving the public. As post retirement gift, besides hefty pension, most of them get residential plots almost free or at subsidized rates in prime locations. So they are not obliging us in any way.

To qualify for getting such fabulous perks there are no educational qualifications. There are no standards of physical fitness, experience, or any other credentials. Netas are paid much more as compared to highly educated lots of Engineers, Doctors, Managers and other professionals who earn their dues after years of hard work in competitive environment. At zero qualification, Netas can be appointed on high posts like ministers and governors in anticipation of being elected subsequently. Rahul Gandhi is being offered the post of Prime Minister of the country with zero experience. His father Rajiv Gandhi had hopped from pilot seat to Prime Minister!

Their work output of Netas is not audited. There are no attendance records at their work place. When Parliament and Legislatures discuss important matters concerning public, Netas can be seen missing from the place of work – Legislature.

The security of ordinary citizens is overlooked because bulk of the police is over worked ensuring security of Netas and their families. In addition, the investigating agencies remain busy in probing scams attributed to Netas. The Administration remains over occupied making ‘banobast’ for Netas whenever they organize bandhs, strikes, burning of public transports, rallies against rivals, and such like distructive activities.

Some of the universal traits of Indian Netas are that they are habitual late comers, everywhere and on every occasion.

They work on the sly to ensure that their own sons and daughters pick up the same position whenever they are forced to vacate on account of their illness, misdeeds, or death.

We must think

  • Why should we garland and wait for such people?
  • Why don’t we heck them to show their performance?
  • Why should they be allowed to name roads, development projects, and schemes after their names?
  • Why they should not undergo some qualifications and professional efficiency tests?

Personality Cult in Democracy

It is said that intelligent people discuss thoughts, mediocre events, and foolish personalities. In India, there are almost twelve birthdays and anniversaries when we watch our President, Prime Minister, and other VIP’s going round of ‘samadhis’ and ‘sthals’ of expired Netas during the year. Such occasions are rising with the passage of each day. One-day Delhi will turn out to be a big cemetery – a city of samadhis, and memorials for the dead Netas.

Since Nehru precedence was set to convert official residence of the deceased to his memorial. In addition, his survivors were allotted spacious bungalows in the capital. Memorials were set up over and above. Days are also being associated to politicians and celebrated at public expense such as ‘Children’s Day’, ‘Teacher’s Day’ and so on. Sports events are organized in the name of politicians who had no association whatsoever. Politicians preside over music and cultural functions, their knowledge about the subject being immaterial. They are seen laying foundation stones of projects, sports complexes, and giving sermons on every issue. Almost all government schemes are launched in the names of politicians which later they use as publicity during elections.

One would like to ask could we allot the same residential accommodation to the family of defence personnel who die at frontiers defending motherland. Should other professionals such as doctors, engineers, and government servants also be entitled to similar privileges for having served the country?

Same is the story about government schemes. Instead of having ‘theme names’ to indicate the scope and purpose of the scheme we have a long list of welfare schemes named after one political family as if those were financed by the family.

Stigmatic Politicians

The word politician in society has come to identify with mafia-men, scammers and self-seeker. We can overcome this personality cult syndrome

  • It would be worthwhile to hold sports events, and build sports complexes in the name of outstanding sports men in the field, or have educational institutes named after eminent educationists or scientists instead of politicians. Better, the institutions should be named after the activity it promotes such as Music University, or the place of its location like Nalanda University.
  • Public interest will be better served if roads are identifiable with extreme ends that it connects as Kanpur – Allahabad Highway.
  • In order to overcome the land scarcity we may raise memorials for politicians on the pattern of “Memorial of Unknown Soldiers” in major cities. The names of entitled politicians can be inscribed later as and when they deserve. Alternately, if the followers of some leader want to construct memorials they must bear the commercial cost of land, development and maintenance themselves. The burden should not be on the state exchequer at large. Otherwise, what will be the condition if states also start marking land for Chief Ministers and other politicians on the pattern of centre?

Political Dynasties

During general Elections we wish and hope for that all the political dynasties are waste up. We must get rid of the political Gandhies, Pawars, Badals, Chautalas, Mulayams, Laloos, Scindias, Abdullahs, Pilots, Muftis, Deve Gowdas, and Naidus.

Chand K Sharma

AK-49 Arvind Kejriwal

Recently Narendra Modi nicknamed Arvind Kejriwal as AK – 49 as an agent of Pakistan. Kejriwal was Chief Minister by default only for 49 days and created anarchy around him. Pakistan’s love for Arvind Kejriwal should be an eye opener for Indians.

Anna Hazare

Dr. Subramanian Swamy exposed the corruption of telecommunication department and was about to expose some more corruption cases when Anna Hazare, presented a dream of a magic wand to wipe out all the corruption. Anna was carefully projected as the sole crusader against Corruption by media while Dr Subramanian Swamy and Swami Ramdev were sidelined being close to BJP.

No one questioned why Anna Hazare was so adamant about passing the Lokpal Bill that to wipe out all the corruption and what does an unqualified, under-matriculate man knew about legal aspects of such a complex thing. Why highly qualified IAS, IPS, IFS officers of Team Anna remained at backstage and Anna was projected as a hero! Media didn’t let the Indian mass think. Vested Indian media fully cooperated with Anna movement.

Lokpal Bill proposed by Anna had dictatorial properties over all the agencies of India. Nobody thought that there already were several agencies to checkmate the corruption. It was also well-known that most of those agencies had failed because of being infected and paralyzed with corruption. If similar things happened to the newly installed Lokpal, it will also be rendered useless and we may have to look for one more honest Lokpal. But Anna allowed no editing of his version of Lokpal.

The Congress did not want the Lokpal Bill to come. BJP wanted it, but with slight modifications such as to keep intelligence, security, and foreign ministries away from the reach of Lokpal. Anna was arrogant on his demand and the public hypnotized by media supported him.

The US officially ‘advised’ India ‘to let the Lokpal movement go on’. Why was US interested? Because the US was trying hard to capture the retail market in India, to install Wall-Mart.

There were heavy protests from Nationalist Indians. Pakistan invited Anna Hazare but Shiv Saina warned Anna not to go to Pakistan and entertain the Pakistanis telling the corruption tales of India.

The exploitation of Anna’s Lokpal meant direct access to India’s intelligence and security agencies. There could be a fortune for ISI of Pakistan. Other than this, the Team Anna consisted of politicians with anti-national mindset against India.

Arvind Kajriwal

After long drama of staging protests, Arvind Kajriwal, the second-in-command of Anna, launched Aam Aadmi Party. This political party was not even criticized by media which was a nosy critic of an Indian religious leader and Yogic mentor Swami Ramdev. In order to retain his image, Anna cosmetically criticized Kajriwal for namesake.

Kajriwal fought elections in Delhi. He relied on the drama-style of Rahul Gandhi and started sleeping for a couple of minutes on railway platform without any bed sheet. He made bulk of bizarre and cunning promises of free water up to 700 liter and demanded full payment if one used a milliliter extra. Fully analyzing the lazy and begging mentality of Indian public hit by inflations and price-rise, the AAP charter listed several subsidies and made bizarre announcements. Supportive media fully cooperated with all the lies and propaganda of the AAP.

Surprisingly, there was a massive online donation campaign by Pakistanis to support AAP in the Delhi elections as Kajriwal was earning fame in Pakistan. Finally Kajriwal’s AAP won 28 out of 70 seats in Delhi, while 32 seats were won by BJP that had swept 3 mega-sized provinces in India. Not only Indian media but also Pakistani media praised AAP. Celebrations started in different cities of Pakistan including the Pakistan-administered-Kashmir based areas.

BJP gave a chance to AAP to test their governance capabilities in Delhi. The result was obvious. Kejriwal could not fool the public for his so called magical capabilities. The AAP members started going to office by broom decorated auto rickshaws for a couple of days and then ordered luxury cars; started posting pictures of normal lifestyle for a couple of days and then started booking costly villas out of government fund.

Despite all these, Anna Hazare never criticized Kejriwal for forming government in collaboration with the corrupt Congress party, they pretended to be protesting. When Kejriwal realized that if he continued in office for long on the basis of false promises, the public will recognize his true capabilities. He may lose his chance to sabotage the upcoming general elections.

Kejriwal was being praised in Pakistan. Pakistani journalists hailing from different media groups interviewed Kejriwal. Not only the Pakistani media but even PM Nawaz Sharif himself said that Kejriwal will be helpful in resolving the Kashmir issue with India.

Indians must think what Pakistani media, politics and agencies had to do with a so-called anti-corruption crusader, a failed CM of a small state of India, in the issue of Kashmir? Pakistan had no reason to be happy. Pakistan doesn’t want a secure, progressive, well-governed and developed India but Pakistan loved Kejriwal. To say the truth Pakistan will always love blocking the real anti-corruption crusaders like Dr. Swamy.

Anti-Indian stand on Kashmir

The prime reason for Pakistan’s love for Kejriwal and AAP is their anti-Indian stand on Kashmir. So far at least 3 MLA’s of AAP have delivered anti-Indian and pro-Pakistani statements on Kashmir issue. This includes referendum in separatist strongholds, giving Kashmir to Pakistan, ‘freeing’ Kashmir, telling ‘tales’ of alleged Indian Army atrocities on Kashmir and certifying the terrorists killed in Kashmir as innocent boys. In this department the major role was played by Prashant Bhushan. Kejriwal never sacked anyone of them or at least talked against them. Kejriwal is the mastermind behind all such utterances without speaking a word himself.

ISI wants to play the same political game to Balkanize India that CIA played against USSR. ISI wants to install mouthpieces in Delhi which will bolster the political interests of Pakistan up. It will embarrass India highly at international forums if some elected politicians of India talk of Pakistani interests.

Thus chances of AAP to get more support from Pakistan are increasing. AAP is fetching all sorts of people who can loosen India’s grip on its foreign policies. The new entry in AAP is that of Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of MK Gandhi. Rajmohan Gandhi headed a campaign in America to free the ISI agent and lobbyist Mohammed Ghulam Nabi Fai who was running Pakistani projects to destabilize Kashmir through Kashmiri American Centers.

Also AAP has several members who have campaigned for the Indian parliament attacker terrorist named Mohammed Afzal Guru. The AAP leader from Chandigarh is a man named Harbir Singh Nain. He was partner of a Canadian journalist in their efforts to malign an Indian social leader and Punjab Police.

Double Standards

AAP targets selected businessmen. AAP deleted the corruption-charge sheet prepared against Sheila Dixit and removed the document from site after post-poll collaboration. AAP has always maintained one-eyed blindness towards Imam Bukhari who hasn’t paid multi-millions of electricity bills. AAP leader lectures that “communalism is worse than corruption” and connive crime-convicted Mullah Tauqeer Reza. The hypnotism of AAP can be exploited by ISI to project the enemies of India as the biggest patriots. AAP certifies them as honest and thus nothing can be a bigger nightmare for India. The anti-corruption crusade of Kejriwal was nothing but an excuse to come in limelight.

Is it that innocent Anna was unaware of being used by Kejriwal? Not at all! If Kejriwal is ‘Nehru’, Anna is ‘Gandhi’! Anna was fighting the war for Kejriwal on a different front. One of the premier objectives of Pakistan was to sabotage Indian elections. Pakistan wanted to stop the greatest PM candidate of India, Narendra Modi. Anna is using his certification tool to certify anyone he could project against Modi. Anna had no ground for certifying Kejriwal as PM aspirant. After the connivance of Mamta and Bangladeshi jihadist group Jamat-e-Islami was exposed Anna moved to Mamta Bannerjee.

Jamat is the group based on whose performance Osama Bin Laden dreamt of a Talibanistan in Bangladesh after Afghanistan. Jamat has anti-Indian policies as its prime objectives and Mamta was exposed as being collaborator to Jamat. The border districts of West Bengal have become the stronghold of Jamatis by uprooting the original Indian inhabitants through terrorist activities. The West Bengal border has been open to the Bangladeshi infiltrators on return of a bulk of promised Muslim votes.

Why was Mamta certified by Anna who have never spoken a couple of words earlier to each other? Like Anna and Kajri had nothing to do with Pakistan, Mamta, whose state has nothing to share with Pakistan, but was invited to Pakistan. Why? If these politicians meet in the Pakistani embassy in India, they would stand naked before public who will question their meeting with Pakistanis to run the states of India? So Pakistan invited them officially to give them excuse to visit Pakistan. A RAW agent named Colonel RSN Singh exposed the intentions of such visits earlier by Nitish Kumar to Pakistan on the pretext of a summit organized by ‘India behind the Lens’ media group. He indirectly pointed the outcome of the meeting, the shift of Indian Mujahideen to Bihar from UP. Kishanganj district of Bihar has been the biggest stronghold of the Bangladeshi infiltrators.

The major objective strategized in the meeting was how to sabotage the chances of Narendra Modi in general election 2014.

That is why Narendra Modi rightly said that AK – 49 acts as an agent of Pakistan

Chand K Sharma
(This write up is a simplification of an article of Balochi writer and human rights activist Aamna Shahwani.)

Gandhi and Godse on Patriotic Scale

Except that Gandhi was assassinated on 30 January 1948 by Nathuram Godse, no other name is associated in Indian History with this date that it should be referred as Martyr’s day. Since partition of India we were being fed on the myth that Gandhi was the ‘Father of the Nation’, until the fact came to light last year that constitutionally and legally that was not true.

Is it not prudent for Indian youth to reassess our history and the contribution of significant personalities fairly and objectively?

Who is a martyr?

A martyr is a person who is put to sufferance including death for adherence to his faith and knowingly sacrifices his life for some cause. If any one died an accidental death he cannot be called a martyr.

Both Gandhi and Godse shared similarities and also certain dis-similarities. Whose ideology was better is a debatable subject and both have ample number of their opponents and supporters. Gandhi was not in favor of India’s partition so was Godse. Both wanted unity of India. While Gandhi kept saying that Pakistan could be created only on his dead body but he signed for partition of India. On the other hand Godse’s ashes are still waiting to be immersed in River Sindhu for the river to flows in united India.

By no way Godse was an ordinary criminal or Gandhi an extra-ordinary martyr. Godse was a staunch Hindu and he was pained to see the plight of Hindus in free India, and the way Gandhi was pressurizing the government to favor Muslims, and Pakistan at the cost of Hindu refugees.

On fateful day, when Gandhi came out of his Birla House residence to go for his prayer meeting he was not aware that Godse was waiting to shoot him. If that was known security men would not have let Gandhi die. Gandhi died suddenly. Mentally and physically he was not prepared to die on that day for country. On the contrary, Godse knew that by shooting Gandhi he would be hanged. He volunteered to shoot Gandhi for the reasons that he thought to be justifiable and opted to die for the cause that he thought was in the interest of his motherland. He did not flee after the shoot out and surrendered along with his loaded weapon.

For the offence of murder Godse was tried under the Indian Penal Code, convicted and hanged. Legal requirement was over. Politically Godse remains condemned. Is it not reasonable to review his role when day in and day out we have been granting pardon to several terrorists today?

Godse’s Statement

On 8 November 1948, Nathuram Godse rose to make his statement in court. Reading quietly from a typed manuscript, he sought to explain why he had killed Gandhi. His thesis covered ninety-pages, and he was on his feet for five hours. His statement, excerpted below, should be read by citizens and scholars in its entirely, for it provides an insight into his personality and his understanding of the concept of Indian nationhood.

“May it please your Honor”

“Born in a devotional Brahmin family, I instinctively came to revere Hindu religion, Hindu history and Hindu culture. I had, therefore, been intensely proud of Hinduism as a whole. Nevertheless as I grew up I developed a tendency to free thinking unfettered by any superstitious allegiance to any isms, political or religious. That is why I worked actively for the eradication of untouchability and the caste system based on birth alone. I openly joined anti-caste movements and maintained that all Hindus are of equal status as to rights, social and religious, and should be considered high or low on merit alone and not through the accident of birth in a particular caste or profession. I used publicly to take part in organized anti-caste dinners which thousands of Hindus, Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, Chamars and Bhangis participated. We broke the caste rules and dined in the company of each other.”

“I have read the speeches and writings of Dadabhai Naoroji, Vivekanand, Gokhale, Tilak, along with the books of ancient and modern history of India and some prominent countries like England, France, America and Russia. Moreover I studied the tenets of socialism and Marxism. But above all I studied very closely what Veer (brave) Savarkar and Gandhiji had written and spoken, as to my mind these two ideologies have contributed more to the molding of the thought and action of the Indian people during the last thirty years or so, than any other factor has done.”

“All this thinking and reading led me to believe that it was my first duty to serve Hindudom and Hindus both as a patriot and as a world citizen. To secure the freedom and to safeguard the just interests of some thirty crores (three hundred million) of Hindus would automatically constitute the freedom and well-being of all India, one fifth of the human race. This conviction led me naturally to devote myself to the Hindu Sanatanist ideology and programme, which alone, I came to believe, could win and preserve the National Independence of Hindustan, my Motherland, and enable her to render true service to humanity as well…

“…Since the year 1920, that is, after the demise of Lokmanya Tilak, Gandhi’s influence in the Congress first increased and then became supreme. His activities for public awakening were phenomenal in their intensity and were reinforced by the slogan of truth and non-violence, which he paraded ostentatiously before the country. No sensible or enlightened person could object to these slogans. In fact there is nothing new or original in them. They are implicit in every constitutional public movement. But it is nothing but a dream if you imagine the bulk of mankind is, or can ever become, capable of scrupulous adherence to these lofty principles in its normal life from day to day. In fact, honour, duty and love of one’s own kith and kin and country might often compel us to disregard non-violence and to use force. I could never conceive that an armed resistance to an aggression is unjust. I would consider it a religious and moral duty to resist and if possible, to overpower such an enemy by use of force. (In the Ramayana) Rama killed Ravana in a tumultuous fight and relieved Sita. (In the Mahabharata) Krishna killed Kansa to end his wickedness; and Arjuna had to fight and slay quite a number of his friends and relations, including the revered Bhishma, because the latter was on the side of the aggressor. It is my firm belief that in dubbing Rama, Krishna and Arjuna as guilty of violence, the Mahatma betrayed the total ignorance of the springs of human action. In more recent history, it was the heroic fight put up by Chhatrapati Shivaji that first checked and eventually destroyed the Muslim tyranny in India. It was absolutely essential for Shivaji to overpower and kill an aggressive Afzal Khan, failing which he would have lost his own life. In condemning history’s towering warriors like Shivaji, Rana Pratap and Guru Govind Singh as misguided patriots, Gandhi has merely exposed his self-conceit.”

“…He was, paradoxical, as it may appear a violent pacifist who brought untold calamities on the country in the name of truth and non-violence, while Rana Pratap, Shivaji and the Guru will remain enshrined in the hearts of their countrymen forever for the freedom they brought to them. The accumulating provocation of thirty-two years, culminating in his last pro-Muslim fast, at last goaded me to the conclusion that the existence of Gandhi should be brought to an end immediately. Gandhi had done very good work in South Africa to uphold the rights and well being of the Indian community there.”

“…But when he finally returned to India, he developed a subjective mentality under which he alone was to be the final judge of what was right or wrong. If the country wanted his leadership, it had to accept his infallibility; if it did not, he would stand aloof from the Congress and carry on in his own way. Against such an attitude there can be no halfway house. Either Congress had to surrender its will to his and had to be content with playing second fiddle to all his eccentricity, whimsicality, metaphysics and primitive vision, or it had to carry on without him. He alone was the judge of everyone and everything; he was the master brain guiding the Civil Disobedience movement; no other could know the technique of that movement. He alone knew when to begin it and when to withdraw it. The movement might succeed or fail, but that could make no difference to the Mahatma’s infallibility. ‘A Satyagrahi can never fail’ was his formula for his own infallibility and nobody except himself knew what a Satyagrahi is.”

“…Thus the Mahatma became the judge and the jury in his own case. These childish insanities and obstinacies, coupled with a most severe austerity of life, ceaseless work and lofty character made Gandhi formidable and irresistible. Many people thought that his policies were irrational, but they had either to withdraw from the Congress or place their intelligence at his feet to do with as he liked. In a position of such absolute irresponsibility, Gandhi was guilty of blunder after blunder, failure after failure, and disaster after disaster. Gandhi’s pro-Muslim policy is blatantly illustrated in his perverse attitude on the question of the national language of India.”

“…I is quite obvious that Hindi has the most prior claim to be accepted as the premier language. In the beginning of his career in India, Gandhi gave a great impetus to Hindi, but as he found that the Muslims did not like it, he became a champion of what is called Hindustani. Everybody in India knows that there is no language in India called Hindustani; it has no grammar; it has no vocabulary. It is a mere dialect; it is spoken, not written. It is a tongue and a crossbreed between Hindi and Urdu, and not even the Mahatma’s sophistry could make it popular. But in his desire to please the Muslims he insisted that Hindustani alone should be the national language of India. His blind followers, of course, supported him and the so-called hybrid language began to be used. The charm and the purity of the Hindi language were to be prostituted to please the Muslims. All his experiments were at the expense of the Hindus.”

“…From August 1946 onwards, the private armies of the Muslim League began a massacre of Hindus. The then Viceroy, Lord Wavell, though distressed at what was happening, would not use his powers under the Government of India Act of 1935 to prevent the rape, murder and arson. The Hindu blood began to flow from Bengal to Karachi with little retaliation by the Hindus. The Interim Government formed in September was sabotaged by its Muslim League members right from its inception, but the more they became disloyal and treasonable to the government of which they were a part, the greater was Gandhi’s infatuation for them.”

“…Lord Wavell had to resign as he could not bring about a settlement and was succeeded by Lord Mountbatten. King Stork followed King Log. The Congress, which had boasted of its nationalism and secularism, secretly accepted Pakistan literally at the point of the bayonet and abjectly surrendered to Jinnah. India was vivisected and one-third of the Indian Territory became foreign land to us from 15 August 1947. Lord Mountbatten came to be described in the Congress circles as the greatest Viceroy and Governor-General this country ever had.”

“…The official date for the handing over of power was fixed for June 30, 1948, but Mountbatten with his ruthless surgery gave us a gift of vivisected India ten months in advance. This is what Gandhi had achieved after thirty years of undisputed dictatorship and this is what the Congress party calls ‘freedom’ and ‘peaceful transfer of power’. The Hindu-Muslim unity bubble was finally burst and a theocratic state was established with the consent of Nehru and his crowd and they have called it ‘freedom won by them with sacrifice’ – whose sacrifice? When top leaders of Congress, with the consent of Gandhi, divided and tore the country – which we considered a deity of worship – my mind was filled with direful anger.”

“…One of the conditions imposed by Gandhi for his breaking of the fast related to the mosques in Delhi occupied by the Hindu refugees. But when Hindus in Pakistan were subjected to violent attacks he did not so much as utter a single word to protest and censure the Pakistan Government or the Muslims concerned. Gandhi was shrewd enough to know that while undertaking a fast unto death, had he imposed some conditions on the Muslims in Pakistan, there would have been found hardly any Muslims who could have shown some grief if the fast had ended in his death. It was for this reason that he purposely avoided imposing any conditions on the Muslims.”

“…He was fully aware from past experience that Jinnah was not at all perturbed or influenced by his fast and the Muslim League hardly attached any value to the inner voice of Gandhi. Gandhi is being referred to as the Father of the Nation. But if that is so, he has failed in his paternal duty inasmuch he has acted very treacherously to the nation by his consenting to the partitioning of it. I stoutly maintain that Gandhi has failed in his duty. He has proved to be the Father of Pakistan. His inner-voice, his spiritual power, his doctrine of non-violence of which so much is made of, all crumbled against Jinnah’s iron will and proved to be powerless.”

“Briefly speaking, I thought to myself and foresaw that I shall be totally ruined, and the only thing I could expect from the people would be nothing but hatred and that I shall have lost all my honor, even more valuable than my life, if I were to kill Gandhiji. But at the same time I thought that the Indian politics in the absence of Gandhiji would surely be practical, able to retaliate and would be powerful with the armed forces. No doubt, my own future would be totally ruined, but the nation would be saved from the inroads of Pakistan. People may even call me or dub me as devoid of any sense or foolish, but the nation would be free to follow the course founded on the reason, which I consider necessary for sound nation-building. After having fully considered the question, I took the final decision in the matter, but I did not speak about it to anyone whatsoever. I took courage in both my hands and I did fire the shots at Gandhiji on 30th January 1948, on the prayer-grounds in Birla House”… “…I do say that my shots were fired at the person whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to millions of Hindus.”

“…There was no legal machinery by which such an offender could be brought to book and for this reason I fired those fatal shots. I bear no ill will towards anyone individually, but I do say that I had no respect for the present government owing to their policy, which was unfairly favorable towards the Muslims. But at the same time I could clearly see that the policy was entirely due to the presence of Gandhi.”

“I have to say with great regret that Prime Minister Nehru quite forgets that his preaching and deeds are at times at variance with each other when he talks about India as a secular state in season and out of season, because it is significant to note that Nehru has played a leading role in the theocratic state of Pakistan, and his job was made easier by Gandhi’s persistent policy of appeasement towards the Muslims… I now stand before the court to accept the full share of my responsibility for what I have done and the judge would, of course, pass against me such orders of sentence as may be considered proper. But I would like to add that I do not desire any mercy to be shown to me, nor do I wish that anyone should beg for mercy on my behalf.”

“My confidence about the moral side of my action has not been shaken even by the criticism leveled against it on all sides. I have no doubt that honest writers of history will weigh my act and find the true value thereof someday in future.”

Nathuram Godse was hanged a year later, on 15 November 1949; as per his last wishes, his family and followers have preserved his ashes for immersion in the Indus River of a re-united India

When killers of Indira Gandhi Beant Singh, Satwant Singh, and Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale were publicly honored and given the honors of martyrdom, Congress Government under Manmohan Singh did not utter a word. Why are Hindus shy of giving a martyr status to Godse who sacrificed his life for the cause of Hindus?

Bhagat Singh and his associates had shot British DSP Saunders although their real target was Michael Scott. Bhagat Singh was hanged for the killing. Similar was the charge against Godse. In both cases the shoot out was for an ideological clash. Both volunteered to face the consequence. Gandhi did not consider Bhagat Singh and his associates as martyrs but Bhagat Singh has been rightly given the status of a hero by the indebted nation.

For political reasons Congressmen have conferred the highest martyrdom to Gandhi. Why Nation has not cared to review the role of Godse objectively who also sacrificed his life for Motherland as Bhagat Singh did?

Chand K Sharma

Communal Violence Bill

Even after accepting partition of India on communal grounds to fanatic Muslims, Congress leaders remained blind to realities and declared India to be a secular state. They promoted secularism among Hindus, but ushered minorities to remain aloof from the National main stream. Instead of forging equality and unity through one civil rule for all, they created fear in the minorities to suspect Hindus. Directly and indirectly they encouraged minorities to bargain additional privileges to preserve and promote seclusion in the name of religion, language, personal laws, and institutions. They were motivated to increase population and emerge as a distinct vote bank to support so called ‘secular’ Congressmen. Thus minorities have multiplied in population and are separate ethnic groups to influence the formation of Governments at the Centre and States. It is no exaggeration that at the slightest excuse they talk about another partition of the Country and seek support across the borders.

Terrorism targeted against Hindus has bled India since partition. Though stated to be in majority, Hindus are living under perpetual fear of communal violence against their person, society and culture. All this is due to anti- Hindu policy of appeasements followed by Congress leaders headed by one family whose antecedents are shrouded in mysterious controversies.

PCTV Bill 2011

To top it all, now a draconian bill has been drafted under the leadership of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi that is ready to be tabled in Parliament for approval. It is called Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill – 2011. If enacted, it will permanently divide Indian society in two communities. The Hindus will be called ‘Others’ (implying community) in the land of their origin. The second segment of Indian Nation will be called Minority community, who enslaved India centuries ago.

To begin with, minorities are identified as Muslims and Christians but more groups to their fold can be added such as Dalits, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs or anyone if they wish to be detached from Hindus. In other words a time will come when Hindus will be outnumbered by minorities in India. Sonia Gandhi has already said that ‘India is not a Hindu country’ and her choice Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that ‘minorities have the first right over resources of the Country’. Their enthusiasm towards destruction of Hindu identities can be gauged from their thoughts and actions  regarding destruction of Rama Setu.

The Authors of this Bill

This ill-ominous bill has been the idea of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and a coterie close to her. It has been drafted by National Advisory Council (NAC), a nominated body having no constitutional status. The names of the principal members of the drafting and advisory committee are: Najmi Waziri, P.I.Jose, Teesta Setalvad, Farah Naqvi, Abusaleh Shariff, Asgar Ali Engineer, John Dayal, Justice Hosbet Suresh, Kamal Faruqui, Manzoor Alam, Maulana Niaz Farooqui, Ram Puniyani, Shabnam Hashmi, Sister Mary Scaria, Syed Shahabuddin, Aruna Roy, Anu Aga, Farah Naqvi, Harsh Mander, and Maja Daruwala. Almost all of them are Christians, Muslims or rabid anti-Hindu Leftists. From their past actions, most of them seem to have been born with an animus against the Hindu ethos.  They are notorious for their hate mongering proclivity against Hindus. It is relevant to say that Arvind Kejariwal, the founder of Aam Admi Party has also been a close associate of Aruna Roy.

The draconian Provisions at Glance

Exceptionally biased provisions of this Bill explained  in simple layman language reveal that this bill assumes that Hindus, the majority community of India, termed as  ‘Others’,  are the culprits and commit atrocities against ‘Groups’ of minority community such as Muslims and Christians. The consequences that flow are:-

  • This law is applicable only when the victim is a Muslim or a Christian, a member of minority group. If a case is registered against a Hindu, he has to prove his innocence. A Hindu victimized by communal violence cannot take any benefit. If a Hindu loses property, is humiliated or boycotted, this law would not apply.
  • During the trial, the court may issue orders to attach the property of the accused Hindu, but not the property of Muslim or Christian.
  • The victim belonging to minority only will be granted financial compensation within 30 days.
  • If any Hindu publishes, communicates, disseminates, broadcasts, and advertises by words, either spoken or written, news about communal violence he would be prosecuted for hate propaganda.
  • Under this bill, if a Muslim or a Christian complains against any Hindu leader or organization that his/her feelings have been offended, that person/organization would be hauled up.
  • Hindus would be prosecuted by ‘Communal Harmony Authority’ to be set up at the state and central levels. The ‘Communal Harmony Authority’ at the state and central levels shall have seven members each, of which four members, including chairman and deputy chairman, should be from the minority communities. Thus Hindus will always be in minority in this body.
  • All the crimes mentioned under his law are cognizable and non-bailable for the accused Hindus.
  • There will be no limitation of time. It means a ‘Minority’ can reopen all cases against Hindus, all past cases right from 1950 onwards.
  • A minority witness giving false statement before National authority CANNOT be prosecuted for giving FALSE evidence against a Hindu.

One sided Secularism with Anti Hindu mindset

It is relevant to mention that UPA Chairperson Sonia (Antonia Maino) Gandhi is a devout, professing Catholic.  She is of Italian origin and she is a naturalized citizen of India.  At marriage, she insisted that her husband Rajiv Gandhi convert to Christianity and that her children be raised as a Christian/Catholic.  Her son Rahul Gandhi (Raul Vinci) is reported to have told the American ambassador Timothy Roemer in 2009 that India is facing a greater terror threat from radical Hindu groups than from Muslim militant 5th columnists.  Both, Sonia and Rahul seem to suffer from an acute case of Hindu phobia; their mindset is unwavering in trying to suffocate and suppress Hindus legally in India.  The aim of this draconian bill is to achieve that goal. It is also interesting to note that Sonia Maino Gandhi’s advisors and ministers are almost all either Christians or Muslims.

Aimed to disintegrate Hindu Society

Although the stated purpose of the Bill is to address the question of communal violence in the country but the hidden aim is to communalize Indian polity, and create hatred against Hindus so that a vote bank of Muslims and Christians is strengthened for Congress wherein more groups could be added later as and when more Hindus detach themselves from their ancestral faith due to the draconian provisions of the bill and privileges made available to minorities consequent to implementation of this enactment. Naturally all minority institutions including Jamait-e-Ulema are forcing Congress for passing this bill. Congress wants this bill to win 2014 election with ‘Minority’ votes.

Why not to have Uniform Civil Code for all Indians?

Had the Government really been sincere to foster communal harmony; it must have passed Uniform Civil Code for all citizens. The distinction of minority community and majority community could have been automatically eroded.

Besides other repercussions, the passage of this draconian Bill can trigger a new wave of extortion by minority groups against the working and business class of Hindus. This will have colossal negative repercussions for the Indian economy. To avoid lifelong suffering, Hindus shall have no other option than to convert to minority faiths, or flee from India as refugees. Therefore the matter deserves to be taken seriously, understood and discussed to spread awareness.

This bill is downright dangerous for the unity and integrity of India. Hindus must scrutinize and examine the threat emanating from this bill. It is essential that we should wake up from the deep slumber, stop internal squabbles, learn to work in unison, and come up with a solid strategy to get rid of anti-Hindu UPA government. The noose is being tightened on Hindus. The survival of Hindus is at stake.  Our future generation will not forgive us if we just succumb under pressure and keep watching from sidelines as passive spectators.

Chand K Sharma  


National issues-Nehru & Patel

Nehru was indecisive on National issues!

Sam Manekshaw, the first Field Marshal in the Indian Army was a colonel who was chosen to accompany V.P. Menon to Kashmir to get the accession from the Maharaja and Mahajan. He was sent by the Air Force. Manekshaw was in the Directorate of Military Operations, and was responsible for current operations all over India,

The Maharaja’s forces were 50 per cent Muslim and 50 per cent Dogra. The Muslim elements had revolted and joined the Pakistani forces. The tribesmen were believed to be about 7 to 9 kilometers from Srinagar. Sardar Patel and V P Menon had been dealing with Mahajan and the Maharaja. The troops were already at the airport, ready to be flown in. Eventually the Maharaja signed the accession papers and VP Menon and Maneckshaw flew back.

On arriving at the cabinet meeting was presided over by Mountbatten. There was Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, and Sardar Baldev Singh, the minister for defence. Menon handed over the Instrument of Accession. Manekshaw what gave the military situation, and told that unless we flew in troops immediately, we would have lost Srinagar, because going by road would take days, and once the tribesmen got to the airport and Srinagar, we couldn’t fly troops in. Everything was ready at the airport.

As usual Nehru talked about the United Nations, Russia, Africa, God almighty, everybody, until Sardar Patel lost his temper.

Patel said, “Jawaharlal, do you want Kashmir, or do you want to give it away”.

Nehru said, “Of course, I want Kashmir”. Then Patel said, “Please give your orders”.

And before Nehru could say anything Sardar Patel turned to Maneckshaw and said, “You have got your orders”.

The Army started flying in troops.

The Indo-Pak war of 1947 was a war in which Jammu and Kashmir state had been invaded by tribesmen as well as Pakistani soldiers, all led by army officials. The Indo-Pak war of 1947-48 was unique in modern military history because it is the only war fought by two modern armies belonging to two different countries, which were both commanded by British generals. The Commander-in-chief (C-in-C) of the Indian Army was General Sir Roy Bucher, and his Pakistani counterpart was General Douglas Gracey. All three services in India and Pakistan were commanded by British officers.

But by 1948, Nehru had come around to the conclusion that this was not an immediately feasible proposition. The C-in-C on Indian side, General Bucher, advised Nehru that it was not possible to establish control over the entire territory of Jammu & Kashmir, with the British also supporting Pakistan.

Pakistan suspected the Maharaja wanted to accede to India and tried to pre-empt his decision by forcibly seizing the state.

A cabinet meeting was organized for September 12th to take a final decision. Among those who attended were Prime Minister Nehru, Home Minister Patel, Defence Minister Baldev Singh, Gopalaswamy Iyengar, General Bucher, Lt. Gen. K M Cariappa and Air Marshal Sir Thomas W. Elmhirst C-in-C, IAF.

Gen. Bucher stood up and said, “Gentlemen, you have taken a decision in a difficult matter. I must give you my warning. We are also committed in Kashmir. We cannot say how long it will take so we will end up having two operations on our hands. This is not advisable, so as your C-in-C I ask you not to start the operations.” He further offered his resignation if his advice was not heeded.

There was a silence while a distressed and worried Nehru looked around. Patel replied, “You may resign General Bucher, but the police action will start tomorrow.”

An angry General Bucher stormed out, and coincidentally the next few days saw a rise in the Kashmir operations.
General Sir Roy Bucher and Lady Bucher with Shri C. Rajagopalachari and Commander-in-Chief, General K.M. Cariappa at Rashtrapati Bhavan. The British clearly did not want the whole of Jammu & Kashmir to go to India.

Nehru wanted to refer the Hyderabad issue also to the U.N. Security Council and he had strongly disapproved of Sardar Patel’s decision to send the army into Hyderabad.

The cabinet meeting which occasioned a sharp exchange between Nehru and Patel on the Hyderabad issue took place shortly before the so-called ‘police action’ actually took place in 1948.

On April 30, 1948, Indian Army withdrew fully from Hyderabad. After that, Rizvi and the Razakars began to behave licentiously all over the state. Mountbatten had left and Rajaji was the Governor General. Nehru, Rajaji and Patel were all aware of the dangerous situation prevailing in Hyderabad. Patel believed that the army should be sent to put an end to the Nizam’s wantonness. At about that time, the Nizam had sent an emissary to Pakistan and transferred a large sum of money from his Government account in London to Pakistan. At a cabinet meeting, Patel had described these things and demanded that army be sent to end the terror-regime in Hyderabad. Nehru who usually spoke calmly, peacefully and with international etiquette, spoke losing his composure, “You are a total communalist. I will never accept your recommendation.”

Patel remained unperturbed but left the room with his papers.

The situation in Hyderabad worsened day by day. Rajaji wanted to find a solution to the basic issue and also conciliate between Nehru and Patel. He called V P Menon and talked to him. VP let Rajaji know that the army was being kept battle-ready and could be asked to attack at any time. Rajaji invited Nehru and Patel to come to Rashtrapati Bhavan, next day. The meeting at Rashtrapati Bhavan began after Nehru and Patel arrived. Rajaji felt that, a decision should not be delayed any longer. Nehru was concerned about international repercussions.

Rajaji immediately told V P Menon to inform the Commander in-Chief to proceed according to the plan.

VP conveyed the order to General Busher. Nehru sat with his head in his hands. He drank tea and remained silent. Rajaji smiled and said: “If it is cancer, it has to be removed, even if it is painful.”

That is how Nehru dealt under critical circumstances and Patel saved the situation.

Chand K Sharma

Security of Narendra Modi

Security lapses smack of criminal conspiracy in Bihar against Narendra Modi.

The bomb blasts near the venue of Narendra Modi’s massive rally in Patna reveal more than the security lapse. It is difficult to imagine the causality figure had there been stampede following the blast or even the rumors. The reaction would have been uncontrollable. It was the maturity and calm of the BJP leaders that they went ahead with the program without showing any signs of fear or panic.

The lackadaisical approach adopted by Nitish Kumar in providing security to the visiting dignitary entitled to Z plus security is not merely some security lapse but a criminal and deliberate conspiracy to expose Shri Narendra Modi to the terrorist outfits. The estranged relationship between Shri Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar is no secret. The motives are crystal clear.

It will be most appropriate to institute a CBI inquiry against Nitish Kumar for criminal conspiracy to eliminate his political opponent by misusing the office of Chief Minister. His government deserves to be dismissed for ensuring impartial inquiry.

Chand K Sharma

Let not the Criminals succeed

In 2004 profile of an organization was displayed at website.  The organization had 500 plus employees. 29 had been accused of spousal abuse, 7 had been arrested for fraud, 19 had been accused of passing bad cheques, and 117 had bankrupted at least two businesses. Further, 3 had been arrested for assault, 71 could not get credit or loans due to bad credit histories, 14 had been arrested on drug related charge, 8 had been arrested for shop lifting, 21 were defendants on various lawsuits and 84 were stopped for drunken driving! Just hold your breath; those records pertained to 545 members of the Lower House of Parliament of India. The same group that cranks out hundreds upon hundreds of laws designed to keep us in line.

Since those were the figures about nine years ago. The situation now is worse. Not only we are getting suffocated under the weight of population, corruption, and politics of appeasement, but also there is criminalization of Politics – the mother of all evils!

It was a miracle that our Supreme Court pronounced a judgment by which politicians sentenced by courts of law were to lose their posts and banned to contest elections. It was widely hailed by public. But sadly our UPA Government is getting set to negate the same through ordinance.

During the last six decades we have been desperately searching for some honest person nearby to offer him Prime Minister’s seat to salvage us. Thankfully due to UPA Government we can claim that we are the most corrupt democracy in the world today!

We have been wasting working days of Parliament in shouting against corruption, demanding commissions after commission of inquiry to investigate political corruption. There have been several high powered inquiries in the past, but how many corrupt persons have undergone punishment? The story involving politicians in corruption cases is same. The case lingers on for years. Inquiry reports gather dust and get buried underneath. Where cases are instituted, the accused feigns sickness till freed on bail. Then after years the accused is acquitted to mock at his rivals and the system. We are a happy doing much in achieving nothing.

Seldom is any action taken against the investigating agency for filing false cases against ‘innocent’ politician. In rarest of rare cases, those who get convicted appeal against the verdict, obtain stay on their conviction, contest elections and get re-elected. Nobody among the investigators, prosecutors, judiciary, and media is responsible for this shoddy National opera going on.

We have got used to hearing of reforms to speed up judicial process. We are told that investigating agency and judiciary have to function within their ‘constraints’. Be it so, but certain elementary things should go on. Like media can keep the issue in public focus by highlighting shortcomings in the investigation and abuse of judicial process, till the cases are brought to finality. Public must out rightly reject the politicians involved in corruption cases, whenever they have chance to vote. But no one is interested – ‘All is well’, ‘Sab Chalta hai’ is our National attitude!

With proposed ordinance on the horizon, in spite of Supreme Court verdict, we have remained at the beginning of the road. The crux is that voters alone are to be blamed for electing corrupt politicians. We are electing bad governments garlanding corrupt politicians and burning public property at the behest of corrupt and convicted politicians. Such things do not happen in USA and UK, the countries we compare with ours.

If we want to move then citizens themselves and NGOs shall have to undertake a crusade against corruption and criminalization. Even a local movement can arrest the dirty politics going unabated at present. In spite of the ordinance we can undo our mistake by not voting for the corrupt politician whatever be his party or family affiliation.

Chand K Sharma


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