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Splashes – 65/72 – Anti Hindu Nexus

Before partition Hinduism faced external threats from alien faiths like Islam and Christianity. In today’s scenario economic ideologies have also started threatening religious doctrines that affect Hindu social life. After partition, we found ourselves sandwiched between the rivalry of Communism and Capitalism, with each one trying to dominate us. Both ideologies have had strong effect on the socio-economic human relationships, as those were directly related to physiological needs in particular, and psychological needs as consequence. Both cut the roots of Hindu ideology of Yama and Niyamas that stressed Non violence, Contentment, Self Control and Trust in the Creator.

Effect of Economic Ideologies

Though alien to India, rival ideologies have already started affecting the harmony of Hindu society adversely. As Hindu individuals, we did not have much control over the external factors.  Those require to be negotiated primarily by the government. Unfortunately most of the political leadership has been virtually won over by the rival power blocks to help them establishing their hold within India. Their price paid to politicians lies locked up in foreign bank accounts.

The philosophy of the government is therefore an important factor to contain the ill effects of alien ideologies assailing our culture and religious practices. Communism and Capitalism, both are a source of threat to Hinduism. A Government run be selfish politicians professing secularism cannot provide much-needed protection.


The communism combines in itself, both the subtle deceptions of the Christian church, and creed of violence of the Muslims. Their doctrine is caring more for the end than for the means. Their strategy is first to uproot everything, before sowing its roots. A country like ours, with poor and ignorant masses, offered a fertile field for communism. Once Communism was allowed to take hold, we would become permanent slaves of an absolute dictatorship, which knows no scruples.

Communists are primitive living beings in their thought and practices. They do not think beyond physical needs of an individual. Indian Communists are the worse, as they intend to destroy everything that is Indian, before over writing their own doctrine. Their promised economic boons are myths only. Even in Russia that professed and practiced communism, the economic condition of the ordinary men are worse than the poorest in the capitalistic countries. Russia itself is slowly moving back to find solace through religion. Its churches are drawing larger and larger crowds, most of who belong to the younger generation.

Being an alien and atheistic theory, communism destroyed the ancient religion and culture of the people, on whom it was foisted. China and Tibet were glaring examples. It was ill-ominous, that Communists emerged as power brokers in Indian politics, and were spreading their militant tentacles in the hinterland of India; with the support of Naxalites and People’s War Group, to lead bloody class revolution. They have been giving call to wipe out Hinduism from India, through violent means. They executed that in Nepal, the only country that had held on to Hinduism. There is no other way, but to ban communist activities from Indian soil and combat Naxalites and PWG outfits as insurgents.

Of late Communism has taken the advantage of over-grown frustration among the youth in particular to strengthen its hold in the elected governments. The governing systems corrupted by family rule of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty for six decades have ushered anarchist elements to take control of elected Government through ballot, as crusaders against corruption in the guise of ‘Aam Aadmi Party’. In disguise, this newly formed anti India movement is now spreading like a wild fire to wreck traditional systems of governance, because its cadres have no commitment, administrative experience, expertise, or vision to tackle country’s problems. The end results will be disastrous since their control is outside India with people of dubious reputation.

Economic Imperialism from West

On the international plane, American policy has been to enslave India that is viewed as a future competitor. American strategy is to wreck India from within, rather fighting a hostile war. USA and her allies have been trying to disintegrate India through a long-term conspiracy. They had already sown the seeds of separatism in various forms, to endanger our national unity. We are watching helplessly our self-destruction. Their strategy is being put into action through:

1.         Political Missions – Political Missions engineer military conflicts between neighboring nations. They create demand for weapons. Generally, military aid is offered to one country to trigger arms race between neighbors, resulting in demand for more military hardware in the region, from the manufacturing nations, at the terms dictated by suppliers. The strategies against targeted countries include; planting of moles, destabilization of hostile governments, withholding of essential technology, and even assassination of uncompromising leaders. All are coveted and ruthless operations. They indulge in psychological war fare and plant seditious propaganda to allure youths to violate their value system, change life styles of existing population to breed frustration with the existing system and by widening ethnic diversities.

2.        Multinational Companies – like East India Company, multinational corporations are the advanced guards of economic imperialism that is now being spread in India by America, and other European nations. They are in search of new markets, in the developing and under developed countries, to sell their military hardware, as well as, consumer goods. Their marketing strategies are multiple such as:

  • Brand Ambassadors to sell Consumer goods – By changing the life styles, culture, perceptions, tastes, social outlook, religious beliefs and role models of the target countries they generate market for consumer goods. Cricketers, Beauty Queens and film stars are the minions to do this job.
  • Promoting Gift and Discount culture – Youth is induced through allurements, gifts, excitement, drug addiction, and easy money earning schemes. Once inroads are laid, youth propagate and enlarge the acceptance of products by exerting emotional pressure on elder generation. Many products such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Coca Cola and cosmetics have entered our market this way. Establishment of Malls has already displaced several local shopkeepers in India. They have turned either tenants or employees of multinationals sitting abroad.
  • Defacement of local Culture – Such strategies not only displace our economy, but also attack our culture. Observance of Valentine Day in India is a deep-rooted marketing strategy, for selling several inter related products, as well as, an attack on our value system. The tug of war between its promoters and protesters has become an annual ritual in India.  Traditional family ties get displaced to accommodate ‘live-in’ type of relationships.
  • Interference in local Governance – Once multinationals capture local economy, they venture into political fields to dictate the formation of governments of their choice, by funding political candidates. Once entrenched, multinationals impede indigenous industry to grow and prosper at any cost. Whatever East India Company did in eighteenth century, the same could be set to be repeated by multinationals. India is being converted into a vessel state of Economic Imperialism. Religion will become a handmaid of economy.

3        Hostile Multinational Media – These days Media has come to play most important role in influencing all aspects of the environment. Multinational media are a potent tool in the hands of multinational corporations. They are the opinion builders as well as destabilizes. It is no hidden fact that immense propaganda is going on through print as well as electronic media, to defame Hinduism, so that its resurgence in India is stalled, to the advantage of Christian owned corporations. Their slant in reporting is biased towards having a fragmented, secular, consumerist Indian society, in favor of allowing free entry to outsiders. Due to its strong national affiliation, Hinduism is viewed as a hindrance to their designs. With low commitment to patriotism, convent educated cub journalists, are a minion force for this purpose. Medias are turning into mafias controlled by few families. They are no longer in the interest of common folks.

4.       Anti Hindu NGOs – Working in tandem are some non-governmental organizations. These are camouflaged as Human Rights Activists, Amnesty International, and Missionaries of Charity and so on. Their aim is to help vested alien interests, by raking up emotive issues to impede the functioning of indigenous schemes. Such organizations operate through their representatives located within the target country. The agents magnify trivial issues; sensationalize them to invite international pressure to support pre-determined aims. The support being given to certain anti Indian militant outfits, Narmada Dam Agitation and Missionaries of Charity involved in conversion of Hindus to Christianity are pertinent examples in the Indian context. Sometimes a halo is added to the agent’s profile by conferring an award that also carries handsome remuneration.

5         Economic Sanctions – It is tool in the hands of developed nations to compel weaker nations to toe their line in all matters.  The potent tool against this weapon is to impose counter reciprocal sanctions and develop and explore indigenous source within the country.

6          Consumerism – It is another tool to allure governments, private sector undertakings and individual to indulge in reckless spending and incur debts by advertising visibly attractive credit schemes. As a consequence people start buying non-essential items and land into debt trap. Their economic condition worsens, and they end up in frustration that spreads from families to nation. This concept is very antithesis of Hinduism that preaches contentment and conservation of resources.

Over Liberalization

Effective counter-measures can be taken primarily by the government. Therefore, it is dependent on the philosophy of the ruling party that can contain such activities under check. We must take a cue from US Administration, and other developed countries like China, as to how a strict entry system is followed by them.

Unless, the Government is committed to protect the religious ideology of the country, masses are likely to be allured by advertised economic gains, and fall into the trap of economic imperialism. Unfortunately, on this context also, due to secularism and selfish politicians the role of the government is not in tune with Hindu philosophy. Our politicians pride in propagating liberalization – to wreck own country.

Chand K Sharma

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