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Let Mahabharata guide Advani

Surprisingly, even after six decades of independence, the resignation letter from BJP Stalwart LK Advani was written in English. What inference can be drawn that the senior most BJP leader opted to communicate with Party President hailing from Hindi dominant state in English? It speaks volumes against Advani that his he has no faith in the National language to convey his thoughts adequately to another Indian Colleague although he continues swearing revival of Bhartiya Sanskriti to reach Prime Minister’s Office.

Most of the Indian political parties today, including Congress, are being controlled as Family fiefdoms where ‘Party Boss’ has absolute power to reverse decisions arrived at to the family. In contrast to this, BJP is the only cadre based political party functioning according to its constitutional provisions. The mutual relationships in BJP are governed by the party constitution and not according to considerations of age or personal equations. Why should Advani be allowed to question the elevation of Narendra Modi done by the constitutional body? Airing his grudge in public against a party decision was a clear violation of constitutional norms by Advani. He ought to have demonstrated respect towards party discipline.

Recently in his blog LK Advani referred to the agony of Bhisham Pitamah to draw a parallel to him. Mahabharata depicts various situations of human society wrapped in all the shades of passion. The entire conflict in the epic is about victory of Dharma over Adharma. Their statements are more relevant today in respect of ongoing rift in BJP leaders. Advani’s obvious grudge stemmed out from indifferent attitude of Sangh Parivar and some of the party office bearers to his advice about running party affairs. That inspired him to conclude publicly that most of the party leaders were selfish and did not have any concern for the wellbeing of motherland. By thoughtless sweeping statement without naming anyone, Advani damaged the party image when elections are near.

Advani ought to have remembered that It is the prerogative of the Party President to assign duties to various members of his team depending upon their capabilities. Why there should be a pre-condition to seek approval from Advani on every matter acted upon by the Party President? Going by Mahabharta Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi did not violate any ethics by performing their assigned duties even if that went contrary to the aspirations of LK Advani. Arjuna had to fight against his near relations such as Bhisham Pitamaha and his Guru Dronacaharya. It is obligatory for every individual committed to Dharma (the order in the Society) to discharge his duties objectively.

Although Advani has now consented to continue in the party, he has caused irreparable damage to himself and party. By washing his dirty linen in front of press, he embarrassed everyone. The allegations made by him will continue to haunt him and he will be chased to substantiate by his opponents. The party functionaries have done well by showing respect to bring him back, but hence forth Advani is not likely to draw the same respect from rank and file that he was used to. He will live as an unwanted guest. In all fitness of situation he has now no other option but to lie low, stay aloof and at appropriate time when the dust raised by him gets settled, make an exit not only from Politics but public life. His innings are over.

Chand K Sharma


BJP should go alone!

Coalition governance has led to non-governance in the country. It is still fresh that most of the time Vajpayee’s government remained busy in keeping its allies together through ministerial berths, revoking professed policies or deferring action that was much-needed in the national interest. Finally it was just one vote that led to the collapse of the government leading to midterm poll.

Same is the story of Congress. There is a Majboor Prime Minister blaming his allies for Government scams to profess his personal cleanliness. On the other hand UPA government continues to be frequently impeded by allies. Its survival depends upon those who are accused of neck-deep corruption. They are supporting a puppet Prime Minister simply to enjoy the fruit of Governance and to scuttle the ongoing proceedings against their corrupt deeds.

Hopefully voters will see through the opportunist game of such discredited politicians and reject them at 2014 polls so that country gets rid of political menace of their breed. But it can also be foreseen that after the polls some of those worthless lots will manage to win. They will swap sides with Congress as well as BJP to hop into government to reap the benefits. BJP always remains isolated since vested interests and cover of pseudo secularism provide more option to the opportunists to side with Congress to keep majority community out of power in India. 

The situation remains to be dim. Democracy is turning out to be a costly luxury for the taxpayers. Politics has become the past time of certain families and vested groups who frequently regroup under various pretexts to grab political power. Many of our so-called leaders are the creations of media and sponsored by Mafia. Most of them are dissidents for some personal grudges and lead self-created factions based upon caste and region. Switching parties is their survival.

The governments formed by BJP alone in the states have been performing well, but wherever BJP is in alliance with others stability is threatened. The alliance partners have no national outlook or interest except to promote their own self at the cost of the BJP. They continue threats to switch alliance for better gains at the opportune time.

To appease its minority vote bank, JD (U) has also started flexing muscles to project Nitish Kumar as potential PM. JD (U) cannot risk sacrificing its government in Bihar. Even if RJD, LJSP, SP, Congress or someone else temporarily rescued their government in Bihar, such arrangement will not be lasting. In contrast, BJP at her own will get its own share of votes and do better by contesting all the seats in Bihar to form a government of its own.

It is certain that JD (U) will not let BJP follow her own nationalist agenda. Similarly, minorities shall never vote for BJP. Unless NDA allies support uniform civil code and abrogation of Article 370 and are in unison with like issues categorically, any alliance with them shall be opportunist merely to form a lame government. The perception that BJP represents the majority community and is committed to safeguarding nationalistic interests, gets eclipsed when BJP is handicapped to implement her own agenda because of the uncommitted allies.

The pro secular outbursts of JD (U) leaders against are not acceptable. Why do Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav think that Hindus have no rights in this country for safeguarding their interest and we have to continue pleasing minorities at every cost? Minorities have already alienated BJP due to misguided propaganda,  such ‘allies’ will alienate from BJP’s traditional vote bank. They shall not let BJP emerge as a nationalist force.

Formation of Electoral Alliances for 2014 is already underway. Provincial parties will find BJP a willing partner for easy piggy-back ride to power. Similar allurement will find BJP also attracted towards provincial alliances where BJP organization is week or non-existing. If that happened India will again be saddled with non functional coalition government.

Thus better go alone with confidence, committment and determination.

Chand K Sharma

Hindus being treated as non-entities in India

Heaping insult on Hindus in India is getting limitless. Even persons of no political significance like Anna Hazare have reservations on publicly accepting support from Hindu outfits on the secular issues like control over black money and corruption. Hindus and their organizations are being viewed as untouchable. Hindus too have their rights, respect and voice in India as much as the minorities have. They cannot be sidelined for the political career of individuals or parties.

Coalition governance has led to non-governance in the country for Congress as well as BJP.  It is still fresh that most of the time Vajpayee’s government remained busy in keeping its allies together through ministerial berths, revoking professed policies or deferring several much-needed actions that were necessary otherwise much-needed in the national interest. Finally it was just one vote that led to the collapse of the government thrusting expenses of midterm poll on the country.

Same is the story of Congress. UPA government was also frequently impeded by left parties. During last days its survival depended even on MPs who had been convicted by courts and on those who often sympathize with terrorists from abroad. Manmohan Singh has also stated that he had compulsions of Coalition Dharma to ignore ongoing corruption. There is stark reality that coalition partners in Congress as well as with BJP are person or families oriented and are harming the country. The Cash for Vote scam will further embarrass the party leadership.

Sooner Congress will be deserted by its allies who may regroup as third or fourth front. Hopefully voters will see through the opportunist game of discredited politicians and reject them at polls. The country needs to get rid of political menace of their breed. But it can also be expected that some of those worthless lots will manage to win again and continue to swap sides with Congress and BJP to hop into government for reaping benefits.

While BJP has not learnt from past mistakes, Congress has already chartered her path for the future. It is pro minority party ready to sacrifice Hindus. It is knows that fragmented Hindus will be stupid enough to vote traditionally after sacrifices of Nehru Gandhi families are propagated and minorities will support Congress untidily through appeasement. By and large this strategy is being put to work misusing government machinery openly.

Democracy is turning out to be a costly luxury for the taxpayers. Politics has become the past time of certain families and vested groups who frequently regroup under various pretexts to grab political power. Many of our so-called leaders are the creations of media and sponsored by Mafia.  Most of them are dissidents for some personal grudges and lead self-created factions based upon caste and region.  Switching parties is key to their survival.

The governments formed by BJP alone have been performing well and wherever BJP is in alliance with others stability remains threatened. So far BJP has remained truthfully secular and has not shown any favors to Hindu mindset. They must know that Hindus do have aspirations to promote and preserve their identity and culture.

The alliance partners have no national outlook or interest except to promote their own self at the cost of the main political parties. They switch the alliance for better gains at the opportune time. JD (S), Trinmul Congress and BJD have been the known examples. Same hold good for UPA also.

To appease its minority vote bank, JD (U) flexed muscles on the excuse of Varun Gandhi’s statements and later objected participation of Narendra Modi during poll campaign. They will continue doing the same in future also despite knowing the fact  that JD (U) cannot risk sacrificing its government in Bihar.  Even if RJD, LJSP, SP, Congress or someone else temporarily rescued their government in Bihar, such arrangement would not be lasting. It is certain that JD (U) will not let BJP follow her own nationalist agenda.

Unless NDA allies support uniform civil code and abrogation of Article 370 and are in unison with like issues categorically before the polls, any alliance with them shall be opportunist merely to form a lame government.

The perception that BJP represents the majority community and is committed to  safeguarding nationalistic interests, gets eclipsed when BJP is handicapped to implement her own agenda because of the uncommitted allies. 

Even secular allies like Nitish Kumar, Sharad Yadav, Chautala and Chandrababu Naidu thought that Hindus have no rights in this country and they have to continue pleasing minorities at every cost to gain power.

Minorities are already alienated with BJP due to misguided propaganda. There is no hope that they will ever rely upon BJP once they have been fed on Congress appeasement. It is also certain that ‘allies’ will also alienate BJP from its traditional Hindu vote bank, if BJP failed to respond to Hindu sentiment.

Thus BJP must sincerely and openly reiterate her total commitment to Hindu Rashtra and better go alone with confidence. Alliances could be temporarily made to defeat Congress and nothing more than that. BJP cannot treat Hindus as non entities in India and take their votes granted without declaring their open and unambiguous commitment on core issues.

Chand K Sharma

We are Hindus Every Where and Every Time!

Congress has been trying to make a mountain out of a mole by citing refusal of Narendra Modi wearing a skull-cap. Acceptance of shawl by Modi from the same person has been eclipsed due to his refusal to wear skull-cap. There was nothing wrong if others refused to do Surya Namaskar – the heavenly object that lights the world, refused singing Vande Matram, or replaced Bharat Mata portrait to look Gandhian, but heavens have fallen since Narendra Modi did not wear a cap.

Every time a third-rate leader or journalist called BJP a communal or fundamentalist party, BJP and RSS leadership get down to display their secular credentials. Is it a stigma to be a Hindu in India? The Congress government has been deceiving everyone with the garb of secularism but in India Muslims, Christians and others have not adopted secularism in any form. So are the Hindus and now it needs to be asserted with pride. The need of the hour is that every Hindu should assert in every manner that he is a Hindu first and last. We are not secularists of the Congress brand at all.

Every one is born human first.  Later people adopt religious tags as Muslim, Christian, Atheist, ideology tags like Communist, Fascist, Secular and nationality tags. Irrespective of Nationality, Muslims and Christians opt for burial after death, while a Hindu would like to be cremated in whatever part of the globe he lived. National Boundaries are irrelevant as for as human feelings are concerned.

Propagation of ideologies is subjected to local laws. A Muslims does not allow Allah to be identified by another name and Quran to be equated with any other scripture. For a Christian only Christ is the Son of God. It is a Hindu who would accept other scriptures and deities worthy of reverence like God. Thus a Hindu can never be a fundamentalist. Let the Congressmen remember.

Muslims and Christians convert others to their fold through allurements, and coercive methods. Hindus do not seek conversions as individuals are accepted in Hinduism by birth. They let others follow whatever faith they prefer. One may adopt Hinduism voluntarily under certain conditions. That is the purity of faith.

Christians differentiate humans in term s of ‘chosen seed’ while Muslims classify humans in to believers and non believers. Hindus regard every creature to be the image of God.

As long as a person is capable of perceiving other creatures as reflections of the Almighty, is broad-minded to allow others to remember Him by another name or image – he is basically a Hindu. It is only when he turns narrow-minded and restrictive he adopts the mould of a fundamentalist.

No human should feel shy of introducing himself to others as a Hindu because being a Hindu is a sign of broad-minded-ness and refine-ness in human-beings. It is the most natural way of leading a Global life on the ideal of Live and Let others also live. Hindu way of life is the path of peaceful co-existence among all species of living beings not only on planet Earth but till the farthest end of Universe.

The irony is that even Gandhian like Anna Hazare are shy to call themselves Hindus in fighting a non-Hindu issue like corruption. They displayed their audacity towards Hindu icons by removing the portrait of Bharat Mata from Anti Corruption stage and forgot that even Shaheed -e Aram Bhagat Singh had drawn Bharat Mata’s portrait in his cell. Thus if Gandhian Anna felt uncomfortable with the Hindu support he should wear a skull-cap and lead the Muslims and Christians alone. Anna ought to have realized the sentiments of Hindus and the respect he had been given by them. He should not have taken advantage of Hindu tolerance and respect as his secularist companions are now making Hindus feel guilty of their Faith.

Let Anna Hazare and his pseudo-secular companions hear that we are Hindus first and last, everywhere and every time. Hinduism is the refined form of Humanity since the dawn of civilization. Since Hindustan is the birthplace of Hinduism no one can convert our home land into a ‘no man’s land’ under the camouflage of pseudo secularism or Gandhian ideology.

Chand K Sharma

How long Hindus would continue receiving beatings at home?

Politicians are not serious about controlling terrorism as long as they are wrapped in multi-layered security for themselves and their families. They are doing overt actions simply with an eye on elections to be held in future.

We have been watching the commitment of UPA government in controlling terrorism. It had perfected an automatic drill to be put into action after every bomb blasts. Security agencies and Central Government play safe naming that to be ‘Pakistan sponsored’. Home Minister prefers to link that to ‘Hindu terrorism’. Prime Minister always appealed for ‘maintaining communal harmony’. Sonia strolls through the affected area and ceremoniously visits the injured in hospital escorted by some senior cabinet minister. Media arranges few discussions between habitual participants about the incompetence of police set up. Thereafter every thing is forgotten till next blast. In spite of that the Government is nervous about hanging the confirmed terrorists.

Why we can not think beyond that? Why couldn’t we resort to hot pursuit, abolishing entry of Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens to India , or restraining the activities of those within India who provide shelter to the terrorists? If the Home Minister always had prior information of likely blast, could he not be responsible to explain to the nation as to what action had been taken by him to ensure prevention?

It implies that Hindus should not react. They continue being blasted or remain busy watching reality shows flooded with Pakistani participants! We have been given over dose of Gandhian Ahimsa that has got settled deeply in the marrow of our bones in the form of inactivity.

All Sikh congregations are led by Panch Pyaras who are armed to maintain the sanctity of the occasion. On the same pattern Hindus temples and Congregations should think of deploying Panch Devas to represent Shiva, one incarnation of Vishnu, Ganesha, Durga and Hanuman, who should be armed with the weapons associated with those deities. Their presence will remind Hindu community that violence for self-protection and for the protection of Dharma is as noble as non violence preached by Gandhi.

In addition Hindus must employ armed security guards at all the places of importance who should thoroughly screen and protect all visitors till the arrival of Government security agencies during any eventuality. Hindus should care for their own security as politicians are vying with each other in appeasing minority vote bank for their selfish interests. Hindu intellectuals and Dharma Gurus should ponder over the subject with open mind.

Chand K Sharma

हिन्दू विरोधी काला कानून

अगले आम चुनाव से पहले हिन्दूओं के प्रचार पर रोक लगाने और अल्प संख्यकों को बढावा दे कर अपने वश में करने के विचार से काँग्रेस एक काला कानून पास करवाने जा रही है जिस का नाम है – “सांप्रदायिकहिंसा रोकथाम (न्याय एवं क्षतिपूर्ति) विधेयक 2011″।

वास्तव में यह कानून भारत में हिन्दूओं का हमेशा के लिये सर्वनाश कर दे गा और भारत को ऐक अलपसंख्यकों का खंडित देश बना दे गा।

विस्तरित जानकारी के लिये कानून को ही पढना पडे गा लेकिन यहाँ सरल भाषा में इस कानून के हिन्दू विरोधी पहलूओं पर प्रकाश डाला गया है ताकि उन्हें आसानी से समझा जा सके। कानूनी भाषा के बदले केवल सारांश ही प्रस्तुत है।

कानून का मकसद हिन्दू विरोधी अल्पसंख्यक वोट बैंक कायम करना है।

कहने को इस का मकसद देश में सांप्रदायिक हिंसा को रोकना है, लेकिन इसका असली मकसद काँग्रेस के लिये और खास तौर पर सोनियां परिवार के लिये अल्प संख्यक वोट बैंक मज़बूत करना है। यह कानून पूरी तरह से दुर्भावना, पक्षपात एवं दुराग्रह से ग्रसित है और इस का प्रभाव हिन्दूओं के हाथ पाँव बाँध कर उन की पीठ में छुरा घोंपना है।

हिन्दू विरोधी दिमाग की उपज – जिस ड्राफ्ट कमेटी ने इस विधेयक को बनाया है, उसका चरित्र ही इस विधेयक के इरादे को स्पष्ट कर देता है। इसके सदस्यों और सलाहकारों में हर्ष मंडेर, अनु आगा, तीस्ता सीतलवाड़, फराह नकवी जैसे हिन्दू विद्वेषी तथा सैयद शहाबुद्दीन, जॉन दयाल, शबनम हाशमी और नियाज फारुखी जैसे घोर साम्प्रदायिक लोग शामिल हैं। विधेयक के इरादे क्या हों दे इस की आसानी से कल्पना की जा सकती है।

परिभाषाओं का छुपा मतलब – कानून में बहुसंख्यकों का अर्थ हिन्दूओं से है और अल्प संख्यकों में मुस्लिम, इसाई, तो आते ही हैं उन के साथ अनुसूचित जातियों और जन जातियों को जोडने का बन्दोबस्त भी हो गा। मतलब साफ है हिन्दूओं को तोड कर अनुसूचित जातियों को भी संरक्षण पक्षपात या किसी प्रलोभन के बहाने हिन्दू विरोधी बना कर अल्पसंख्यक वोट बैंक का विस्तार किया जाये गा।

विपक्षी सरकारों को तोडना – यह भारत के संघीय ढांचे को ही नष्ट कर देगा। सांम्प्रदायिक हिंसा के दौरान किए गए अपराध राज्यों के कार्यक्षेत्र में आते है। यदि प्रस्तावित बिल कानून बन जाता है तो केन्द्र सरकार राज्य सरकारों के अधिकारों को हड़प लेगी। जिस प्राँत में भी केन्द्र विरोधी सरकार होगी उस में इस कानून की आड में केन्द्र सरकार पूरी दखलांदाजी कर सके गी।

हिन्दू-मुस्लिमों के बीच शत्रुता – इस विधेयक के द्वारा न केवल बहुसंख्यकों अर्थात हिन्दूओं को आक्रामक और अपराधी वर्ग में ला खड़ा करने, बल्कि हिन्दू-मुस्लिमों के बीच शत्रुता पैदा कर हर गली-कस्बे में दंगे करवाने की साजिश है।

हिन्दू विरोधी प्रावधान – इस कानून में ‘समूह’ की परिभाषा से मतलब पंथिक या भाषायी अल्पसंख्यकों से है, जिसमें अनुसूचित जाति व जनजाति को भी शामिल किया जा सकता है। अल्प संख्यकों में मुस्लिम, इसाई, तो आते ही हैं उन के साथ अनुसूचित जातियों और जन जातियों को जोडने का बन्दोबस्त भी हो गा। जरूरत पडने पर सिखों, बौद्धों, तथा किसी को भी भाषायी अल्पसंख्यक बनाया जा सकता है।

किसी भी बहुसंख्यक (हिन्दू) पर कोई भी अल्पसंख्यक नफरत फैलाने, हमला करने, साजिश करने अथवा नफरत फैलाने के लिए आर्थिक मदद देने या शत्रुता का भाव फैलाने के नाम पर मुकदमा दर्ज करवा सकेगा और उस बेचारे बहुसंख्यक (हिन्दू) को इस कानून के तहत कभी शिकायतकर्ता की पहचान तक का हक नहीं होगा। इसमें शिकायतकर्ता के नाम और पते की जानकारी उस व्यक्ति को नहीं दी जाएगी जिसके खिलाफ शिकायत दर्ज की जा रही है।

केवल हिन्दूओं को त्रास्त करना

  •  शिकायतकर्ता अल्पसंख्यक अपने घर बैठे शिकायत दर्ज करवा सकेगा।
  • इसी प्रकार यौन शोषण व यौन अपराध के मामले भी केवल अल्पसंख्यक ही हिन्दू के विरुद्ध शिकायत दर्ज करवा सकेगा और ये सभी मामले अनुसूचित जाति और जनजाति पर किए जाने वाले अपराधों के साथ समानांतर चलाए जाएंगे। हिन्दू व्यक्ति को कभी यह नहीं बताया जाएगा कि उसके खिलाफ शिकायत किसने दर्ज कराई है।
  • उसे एक ही तथाकथित अपराध के लिए दो बार दो अलग-अलग कानूनों के तहत दंडित किया जाएगा।
  • इस अधिनियम के अनुसार पीड़ित वही व्यक्ति है जो किसी समूह का सदस्य है। अतः कोई हिन्दू इस कानून के तहत पीडित व्यक्ति नहीं बन सकता। समूह के बाहर किसी बहुसंख्यक की महिला से अगर दुराचार किया जाता है या अपमानित किया जाता है या जान-माल की हानि या क्षति पहुचाई जाती है तो भी बहुसंख्यक पुरुष या महिला पीड़ित नहीं माने जायेगे । यह कानून हिन्दूओं को परिताडित करने के लिये ही बनाया जाये गा।
  • अपराध के फलस्वरूप किसी समूह का कोई व्यक्ति शारीरिक, मानसिक मनोवैज्ञानिक या आर्थिक हानि उठाता है तो न केवल वह अल्पसंख्यक व्यक्ति बल्कि उसके रिश्ते-नातेदार, विधिक संरक्षक और विधिक वारिस भी पीड़ित माने जायेगे !
  • दंगो के दौरान होने वाले जान और माल के नुकसान पर मुआवजे के हक़दार सिर्फ अल्पसंख्यक ही होंगे। किसी बहुसंख्यक का भले ही दंगों में पूरा परिवार और संपत्ति नष्ट हो जाए उसे किसी तरह का मुआवजा नहीं मिलेगा।

सुरक्षा बलों में साम्प्रदायक्ता भरना

  • यह विधेयक पुलिस और सैनिक अफसरों के विरुद्ध उसी तरह बर्ताव करता है जिस तरह से कश्मीरी आतंकवादी उनके खिलाफ रुख अपनाते हैं। यानी अगर शरारती तत्व सुरक्षा कर्मियों पर पत्थर या हथगोले फैंके तो वह पीडित ही माने जायें गे और अपनी डयूटी करते हुये सुरक्षा कर्मी यदि बल का प्रयोग करें तो वह अपनी सफाइ देने के लिये दोषी बन कर कटघडे में ही खडे हों गे।
  • विधेयक में ‘समूह’ यानी अल्पसंख्यक के विरुद्ध किसी भी हमले या दंगे के समय यदि पुलिस, अ‌र्द्धसैनिक बल अथवा सेना तुरंत और प्रभावी ढंग से स्थिति पर नियंत्रण प्राप्त नहीं करती तो उस बल के नियंत्रणकर्ता अथवा प्रमुख के विरुद्ध आपराधिक धाराओं में मुकदमे चलाए जाएंगे। स्थिति पर नियंत्रण जैसी परिस्थिति किसी भी ढंग से परिभाषित की जा सकती है।
  • किसी संगठन का कोई कार्यकर्त्ता या वरिष्ठतम अधिकारी या पद धारी अपनी कमान के नियंत्रण पर्यवेक्षक के अधीन अधीनस्थों के ऊपर नियंत्रण रखने में असफल रहता है तो इस अधिनियम के अधीन यदि कोई अपराध किया जाता है तो वह अपने अधीनस्थों द्वारा किये गए अपराध का दोषी होगा ! अर्थात किसी संगठन का सामान्य से सामान्य कार्यकर्त्ता भी इस अधिनियम के आधार पर यदि अपराधी सिद्ध होता है तो शीर्ष नेतृत्व भी अपराधी माना जायेगा । अगर निचले सत्र का कोई कर्मी जानबूझ कर या लापरवाही से किसी अल्पसंख्यक को नुकसान पहुँचाता है तो उस दल के अफसर को दोषी बनाया जा सकता है। अतः कोई अपने अफसर को नीचा दिखाने के लिये अपनी लापरवाही से उसे दँडित करवा सके गा। सशस्त्र बलों में अनुशासन हीनता को बढावा मिले गा।
  • सांप्रदायिक हिंसा रोकने के लिए जिस सात सदस्यीय समिति के गठन की सिफारिश की है, उसमें चार सदस्य मजहबी अल्पसंख्यक होंगे। यदि समिति में अल्पसंख्यकों का बहुमत नहीं होगा तो समिति न्याय नहीं कर सकेगी।

समाचार पत्रों पर पाबन्दी और आतंकियों को छूट

घृणा या दुष्प्रचार –शब्दों द्वारा या बोले गए या लिखे गए या चित्रण किये गए किसी दृश्य को प्रकाशित, संप्रेषित या प्रचारित करना, जिससे किसी समूह या समूह के व्यक्तियों के विरुद्ध समानताय या विशिष्टतया हिंसा का खतरा होता है या कोई व्यक्ति इसी सूचना का प्रसारण या प्रचार करता है या कोई ऐसा विज्ञापन व सूचना प्रकाशित करता है जिसका अर्थ यह लगाया जा सकता हो कि इसमें घृणा को बढ़ावा देने या फ़ैलाने का आशय निहित है ! उस समूह के व्यक्तियों के प्रति इसी घृणा उत्पन्न होने की सम्भावना के आधार पर वह व्यक्ति दुष्प्रचार का दोषी है ! ऐसी प्रस्थिति में यदि कोई समाचार – पत्र आतंकवादियों के उन्माद भरे बयानों प्रकाशित करता है तो उसका प्रकाशक अपराधी मना जायेगा ! अर्थात फाँसी की सजा काट रहे आतंकवादियों का नाम प्रकाशित करने पर भी पाबंदी होगी ! आतंकवाद के खिलाफ परिचर्चा, राष्ट्रीय सेमीनार का आयोजन करना भी अपराध माना जायेगा जो कि संविधान द्वारा प्रदत्त अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता का अधिकार को भी बाधित करेगा !

किसी  बहुसंख्यक की किसी बात से किसी अल्पसंख्यक को मानसिक कष्ट हुआ है तो वह भी अपराध माना जायेगा। अल्पसंख्यक वर्ग के किसी व्यक्ति के अपराधिक कृत्य का शाब्दिक विरोध भी इस विधेयक के अन्तर्गत अपराध माना जायेगा। यानि अब अफजल गुरु को फांसी की मांग करना,बांग्लादेशी घुसपैठियों के निष्कासन की मांग करना, धर्मान्तरण पर रोक लगाने की मांग करना भी अपराध बन जायेगा। मानसिक एवं मनोवैज्ञानिक हानि कि मापने पा पैमाना क्या होगा यह स्पष्ट नहीं किया गया

भारतीय संविधान की मूल भावना के अनुसार किसी आरोपी को तब तक निरपराध माना जायेगा जब तक वह दोषी सिद्ध न हो जाये; परन्तु, इस विधेयक में आरोपी तब तक दोषी माना जायेगा जब तक वह अपने आपको निर्दोष सिद्ध न कर दे। इसका मतलब होगा कि किसी भी गैर हिन्दू के लिए अब किसी हिन्दू को जेल भेजना आसान हो जाएगा। वह केवल आरोप लगाएगा और पुलिस अधिकारी आरोपी हिन्दू को जेल में डाल देगा। इस विधेयक के प्रावधान पुलिस अधिकारी को इतना कस देते हैं कि वह उसे जेल में रखने का पूरा प्रयास करेगा ही क्योंकि उसे अपनी प्रगति रिपोर्ट शिकायतकर्ता को निरंतर भेजनी होगी।

विधेयक अगर पास हो जाता है तो हिन्दुओं का भारत में जीना दूभर हो जायेगा। देश द्रोही और हिन्दू द्रोही तत्व खुलकर भारत और हिन्दू समाज को समाप्त करने का षडयन्त्र करते रहेंगे; परन्तु हिन्दू संगठन इनको रोकना तो दूर इनके विरुध्द आवाज भी नहीं उठा पायेंगे।

अधिनियम का प्रभाव क्षेत्र – सम्पूर्ण भारतवर्ष होगा । जम्मू-कश्मीर में राज्य की सहमति से इसे विस्तारित किया जायेगा । जम्मू-कश्मीर में इस प्रकार का कानून आतंकवादियों और उन के सहयोगियों के लिये रास्ता आसान कर दे गा।

यह अधिनियम पारित किये जाने की तारीख से एक वर्ष के भीतर लागू होगा तथा एसे अपराध जो भारत के बाहर किये गए है उन पर भी इस अधिनियम के अंतर्गत उसी प्रकार कार्यवाही होगी जैसे वह भारत के भीतर किया गया हो !

काँग्रेस पार्टी पूर्णत्या  हिन्दू विरोधी है

एक वर्ष के भीतर लागू किये जाने की बाध्यता को रखकर यह सुनिश्चित करने का प्रयास किया गया है कि वर्तमान सरकार और राष्ट्रीय सलाहकार समिति की वर्तमान अध्यक्षा के रहते ही यह कानूनी अनिवार्य रूप से लागू कर दिया जाय !

हिन्दूओं के लिये अब अभी नहीं तो कभी नही वाली स्थिति

हिन्दूओं को चाहिये कि इस काले कानून का संसद में, गलियों में मीडीया में सभी प्रकार से विरोध करें और सडकों पर उतरें।

इस कानून के विरुद्ध उच्चतम न्यायालय में याचिका डालें।

साम्प्रदायकता रोकने के लिये आसान रास्ता समान आचार संहिता लागू करना

सऱकार से माँग करें कि अगर देश में ऐकता लानी है तो समान आचार संहिता लागू करवायें जिस से अल्प संख्यक और बहु संख्यक का भेद अपने आप ही खत्म हो जाये गा।

किसी को ज्ञापन देने से कुछ नहीं हो गा। अब हिन्दूओं को फैसला करना हो गा कि देश को धर्म हीन बना कर दूसरों के हवाले करना है या फिर उसे हिन्दू राष्ट्र बना कर अपना अस्तीत्व सुरक्षित करना है।

चाँद शर्मा

Preferential treatment (Sonia Gandhi) Sonia Vs Gandhi in Morality

Sonia Vs Gandhi in Morality

Except for surname Gandhi tag to promote herself in Indian political market, Sonia Gandhi, the present Congress President has nothing in common with MK Gandhi – the tallest leader of Congress.

The distinct differences are:

  • Gandhi patronized and wore Khadi – Sonia wears Khadi only to impress rural voters during elections.
  • Gandhi was committed to Ahimsa and was vegetarian – Sonia has not adopted even this basic and most relevant Gandhian thought in her life.
  • Gandhi did not amass wealth – about Sonia, the less said the better.
  • Gandhi resorted to mud packs, fasts and local remedies to cure his ailments, but Sonia has no faith and confidence even in India’s modern medical system. Therefore she preferred to enjoy health care abroad with family at public expense! She is determined to dismantle the India’s ancient infrastructure created by Swami Ram Dev and Acharya Balakrishnan in India by misusing brute authority of UPA Government.

Is it not a matter of Shame – utter shame, for Union Health Minister that despite six decades of their rule they have not created appropriate medical infrastructure upon which their own boss may have confidence? She was to be rushed abroad for her treatment while her voters struggle for their life in local Hospitals.

Sonia’s ailment is being kept a closely guarded secret. The country is entitled to know, for which serious disease the VIP was suffering and India had no facilities to cure her.

What steps the UPA Government is taking now at least, to ensure that VIPs like Sonia and other Congress ministers do not have to be rushed abroad in future. We cannot afford any risk as well as further expense for their life.

Last but not the least – Congressmen need to emulate Gandhian principles in private and public life rather misusing his name to fool voters.

Chand K Sharma

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