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Communal Violence Bill

Even after accepting partition of India on communal grounds to fanatic Muslims, Congress leaders remained blind to realities and declared India to be a secular state. They promoted secularism among Hindus, but ushered minorities to remain aloof from the National main stream. Instead of forging equality and unity through one civil rule for all, they created fear in the minorities to suspect Hindus. Directly and indirectly they encouraged minorities to bargain additional privileges to preserve and promote seclusion in the name of religion, language, personal laws, and institutions. They were motivated to increase population and emerge as a distinct vote bank to support so called ‘secular’ Congressmen. Thus minorities have multiplied in population and are separate ethnic groups to influence the formation of Governments at the Centre and States. It is no exaggeration that at the slightest excuse they talk about another partition of the Country and seek support across the borders.

Terrorism targeted against Hindus has bled India since partition. Though stated to be in majority, Hindus are living under perpetual fear of communal violence against their person, society and culture. All this is due to anti- Hindu policy of appeasements followed by Congress leaders headed by one family whose antecedents are shrouded in mysterious controversies.

PCTV Bill 2011

To top it all, now a draconian bill has been drafted under the leadership of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi that is ready to be tabled in Parliament for approval. It is called Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill – 2011. If enacted, it will permanently divide Indian society in two communities. The Hindus will be called ‘Others’ (implying community) in the land of their origin. The second segment of Indian Nation will be called Minority community, who enslaved India centuries ago.

To begin with, minorities are identified as Muslims and Christians but more groups to their fold can be added such as Dalits, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs or anyone if they wish to be detached from Hindus. In other words a time will come when Hindus will be outnumbered by minorities in India. Sonia Gandhi has already said that ‘India is not a Hindu country’ and her choice Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that ‘minorities have the first right over resources of the Country’. Their enthusiasm towards destruction of Hindu identities can be gauged from their thoughts and actions  regarding destruction of Rama Setu.

The Authors of this Bill

This ill-ominous bill has been the idea of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and a coterie close to her. It has been drafted by National Advisory Council (NAC), a nominated body having no constitutional status. The names of the principal members of the drafting and advisory committee are: Najmi Waziri, P.I.Jose, Teesta Setalvad, Farah Naqvi, Abusaleh Shariff, Asgar Ali Engineer, John Dayal, Justice Hosbet Suresh, Kamal Faruqui, Manzoor Alam, Maulana Niaz Farooqui, Ram Puniyani, Shabnam Hashmi, Sister Mary Scaria, Syed Shahabuddin, Aruna Roy, Anu Aga, Farah Naqvi, Harsh Mander, and Maja Daruwala. Almost all of them are Christians, Muslims or rabid anti-Hindu Leftists. From their past actions, most of them seem to have been born with an animus against the Hindu ethos.  They are notorious for their hate mongering proclivity against Hindus. It is relevant to say that Arvind Kejariwal, the founder of Aam Admi Party has also been a close associate of Aruna Roy.

The draconian Provisions at Glance

Exceptionally biased provisions of this Bill explained  in simple layman language reveal that this bill assumes that Hindus, the majority community of India, termed as  ‘Others’,  are the culprits and commit atrocities against ‘Groups’ of minority community such as Muslims and Christians. The consequences that flow are:-

  • This law is applicable only when the victim is a Muslim or a Christian, a member of minority group. If a case is registered against a Hindu, he has to prove his innocence. A Hindu victimized by communal violence cannot take any benefit. If a Hindu loses property, is humiliated or boycotted, this law would not apply.
  • During the trial, the court may issue orders to attach the property of the accused Hindu, but not the property of Muslim or Christian.
  • The victim belonging to minority only will be granted financial compensation within 30 days.
  • If any Hindu publishes, communicates, disseminates, broadcasts, and advertises by words, either spoken or written, news about communal violence he would be prosecuted for hate propaganda.
  • Under this bill, if a Muslim or a Christian complains against any Hindu leader or organization that his/her feelings have been offended, that person/organization would be hauled up.
  • Hindus would be prosecuted by ‘Communal Harmony Authority’ to be set up at the state and central levels. The ‘Communal Harmony Authority’ at the state and central levels shall have seven members each, of which four members, including chairman and deputy chairman, should be from the minority communities. Thus Hindus will always be in minority in this body.
  • All the crimes mentioned under his law are cognizable and non-bailable for the accused Hindus.
  • There will be no limitation of time. It means a ‘Minority’ can reopen all cases against Hindus, all past cases right from 1950 onwards.
  • A minority witness giving false statement before National authority CANNOT be prosecuted for giving FALSE evidence against a Hindu.

One sided Secularism with Anti Hindu mindset

It is relevant to mention that UPA Chairperson Sonia (Antonia Maino) Gandhi is a devout, professing Catholic.  She is of Italian origin and she is a naturalized citizen of India.  At marriage, she insisted that her husband Rajiv Gandhi convert to Christianity and that her children be raised as a Christian/Catholic.  Her son Rahul Gandhi (Raul Vinci) is reported to have told the American ambassador Timothy Roemer in 2009 that India is facing a greater terror threat from radical Hindu groups than from Muslim militant 5th columnists.  Both, Sonia and Rahul seem to suffer from an acute case of Hindu phobia; their mindset is unwavering in trying to suffocate and suppress Hindus legally in India.  The aim of this draconian bill is to achieve that goal. It is also interesting to note that Sonia Maino Gandhi’s advisors and ministers are almost all either Christians or Muslims.

Aimed to disintegrate Hindu Society

Although the stated purpose of the Bill is to address the question of communal violence in the country but the hidden aim is to communalize Indian polity, and create hatred against Hindus so that a vote bank of Muslims and Christians is strengthened for Congress wherein more groups could be added later as and when more Hindus detach themselves from their ancestral faith due to the draconian provisions of the bill and privileges made available to minorities consequent to implementation of this enactment. Naturally all minority institutions including Jamait-e-Ulema are forcing Congress for passing this bill. Congress wants this bill to win 2014 election with ‘Minority’ votes.

Why not to have Uniform Civil Code for all Indians?

Had the Government really been sincere to foster communal harmony; it must have passed Uniform Civil Code for all citizens. The distinction of minority community and majority community could have been automatically eroded.

Besides other repercussions, the passage of this draconian Bill can trigger a new wave of extortion by minority groups against the working and business class of Hindus. This will have colossal negative repercussions for the Indian economy. To avoid lifelong suffering, Hindus shall have no other option than to convert to minority faiths, or flee from India as refugees. Therefore the matter deserves to be taken seriously, understood and discussed to spread awareness.

This bill is downright dangerous for the unity and integrity of India. Hindus must scrutinize and examine the threat emanating from this bill. It is essential that we should wake up from the deep slumber, stop internal squabbles, learn to work in unison, and come up with a solid strategy to get rid of anti-Hindu UPA government. The noose is being tightened on Hindus. The survival of Hindus is at stake.  Our future generation will not forgive us if we just succumb under pressure and keep watching from sidelines as passive spectators.

Chand K Sharma  



Let not the Criminals succeed

In 2004 profile of an organization was displayed at website.  The organization had 500 plus employees. 29 had been accused of spousal abuse, 7 had been arrested for fraud, 19 had been accused of passing bad cheques, and 117 had bankrupted at least two businesses. Further, 3 had been arrested for assault, 71 could not get credit or loans due to bad credit histories, 14 had been arrested on drug related charge, 8 had been arrested for shop lifting, 21 were defendants on various lawsuits and 84 were stopped for drunken driving! Just hold your breath; those records pertained to 545 members of the Lower House of Parliament of India. The same group that cranks out hundreds upon hundreds of laws designed to keep us in line.

Since those were the figures about nine years ago. The situation now is worse. Not only we are getting suffocated under the weight of population, corruption, and politics of appeasement, but also there is criminalization of Politics – the mother of all evils!

It was a miracle that our Supreme Court pronounced a judgment by which politicians sentenced by courts of law were to lose their posts and banned to contest elections. It was widely hailed by public. But sadly our UPA Government is getting set to negate the same through ordinance.

During the last six decades we have been desperately searching for some honest person nearby to offer him Prime Minister’s seat to salvage us. Thankfully due to UPA Government we can claim that we are the most corrupt democracy in the world today!

We have been wasting working days of Parliament in shouting against corruption, demanding commissions after commission of inquiry to investigate political corruption. There have been several high powered inquiries in the past, but how many corrupt persons have undergone punishment? The story involving politicians in corruption cases is same. The case lingers on for years. Inquiry reports gather dust and get buried underneath. Where cases are instituted, the accused feigns sickness till freed on bail. Then after years the accused is acquitted to mock at his rivals and the system. We are a happy doing much in achieving nothing.

Seldom is any action taken against the investigating agency for filing false cases against ‘innocent’ politician. In rarest of rare cases, those who get convicted appeal against the verdict, obtain stay on their conviction, contest elections and get re-elected. Nobody among the investigators, prosecutors, judiciary, and media is responsible for this shoddy National opera going on.

We have got used to hearing of reforms to speed up judicial process. We are told that investigating agency and judiciary have to function within their ‘constraints’. Be it so, but certain elementary things should go on. Like media can keep the issue in public focus by highlighting shortcomings in the investigation and abuse of judicial process, till the cases are brought to finality. Public must out rightly reject the politicians involved in corruption cases, whenever they have chance to vote. But no one is interested – ‘All is well’, ‘Sab Chalta hai’ is our National attitude!

With proposed ordinance on the horizon, in spite of Supreme Court verdict, we have remained at the beginning of the road. The crux is that voters alone are to be blamed for electing corrupt politicians. We are electing bad governments garlanding corrupt politicians and burning public property at the behest of corrupt and convicted politicians. Such things do not happen in USA and UK, the countries we compare with ours.

If we want to move then citizens themselves and NGOs shall have to undertake a crusade against corruption and criminalization. Even a local movement can arrest the dirty politics going unabated at present. In spite of the ordinance we can undo our mistake by not voting for the corrupt politician whatever be his party or family affiliation.

Chand K Sharma


Coalition Governments

For ordinary citizens, coalition governance has lead to non-governance in the country.  Most of the time Central Government remains busy in keeping its flock together through appeasement in the form of ministerial berths, revoking professed policies or deferring justifiable harsh action. Even the smallest group in the coalition can threaten the stability of the government. Many times Government had to waste public money on special aircrafts to ferry one MP to avoid collapse of the government on crucial issues.

The situation remains to be dim. Nobody wants to work.  Every institution appears to be infested with corruption and inefficiency.  They exist without performing their primary service. Examples are endless.  There are schools and colleges without teaching and hospitals without treatment. Police protection is not available to ordinary citizens since it remains preoccupied with protecting politicians or remains continuously engaged in ‘bandobast’ to face agitational activities of politicians. Even ordinary civic amenities like supply of water and electricity are becoming scarce or polluted in cities although citizens pay for such services. Condition of villages is worse.

Selfish Politicians

While politics has emerged as a lucrative profession, democracy is turning out to be a costly luxury for the taxpayers. In sharp contrast to government employees who earn a pension after putting in a long service, membership of a legislative house even for incomplete term entitles a life-long handsome pension with bag-full of other benefits. Over and above they have an unlimited authority to decide and enhance their own pay and perks.  The citizens have a right to demand that political parties must include proposed pay hikes in election manifesto to seek public mandate before enjoying the same. As a Constitutional safeguard, Supreme Court must review the self-bestowed benefits of legislatures.

Politics has become the past time of certain families and vested groups who frequently regroup under various pretexts to grab political power. Many of our so-called leaders are the creations of media and are sponsored by Mafias.  Most of them are dissidents on some personal grudges and lead factions based upon caste and region.  Switching parties is their survival. Regionalism is overshadowing the National priorities and unity of the Country.

Performance Audit

Candidates are elected to legislative forums to represent the voters during proceedings but the empty benches and thin attendance during sessions reflect their indifference to duty.  Their effort is spent to disrupt the business of the house. There is no one to question as to why elected members are absent during the proceedings of the house and do not discuss the issues in a democratic manner to justify the expenses the voters have to bear upon them? Equally pertinent is to ask why do chairpersons and speakers remain helpless towards unruly behavior of members.

Instable Non-performing Governments

Due to coalition politics issue of stability of the governments at the center is of highest priority. Some time ago, it was being suggested that the life of parliament and legislatures be fixed for five years to avoid mid-term polls. In case the Government is defeated the existing members may elect a new leader in the house. But if such a suggestion is accepted it will lead to more corruption. Members will be free to swap their alliance partners as frequently as beneficial to their person without any fear of facing the electorate. Effective method is that a defector should not be allowed to re-contest whatever be his justification for switching party.

Alliances must be pre-poll

For ensuring stability, alliances should be pre-poll and for full term of the house.  Assurance to this effect should be given to the President and the Governor, as the case may be, before any Government is formed. Changing of sides thereafter, singly or collectively should require the swappers to resign. The fear of re- election and rejection by public shall deter the defectors and provide stability.

Democracy without discipline, responsibility and awareness will lead to chaos. People want good governance and not an opportunity to vote every five years in the name of democracy.

Chand K Sharma

Media Mafia

Media was said to be the fourth pillar of state in democracy, but in India it has emerged as a mafia. It is no longer serving the public, ideals, democratic norms but own survival with profits. The objectivity in reporting has converged with corporate objectives of the owners. Most of the media in India is owned and controlled by foreigners. It is therefore more tuned to project India as global village to appear like a ‘no man’s land’ – a waste land, where might of numbers is the deciding factor of its ownership!

Confining oneself to narrow geographical limits is now a thing of the past. Advancement in information technology is the prime reason that has converted entire world into a global village. Today happenings in one corner of the globe affect the other corner also. The effect could be felt over several fields ranging from political, economic, cultural and emotional relationships. As we have, members of one family may be spread out in different continents of Earth in pursuit of studies, business, employment, entertainment and even matrimonial connections. They want to know about their dear ones scattered all over the globe. In the words of Wordsworth “the world is too much around us!” But we cannot overlook the reality that the world is still politically divided into countries, nationalities, currencies and many other factors. The implementation of the concept of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbkam’ is a mirage. Thus we need a media that has National outlook.

Another significant development directly affecting this scenario is the commercialization of media. In gone days media was an instrument of change in the society wedded to the value system of its operative environment. Today, media brings out that news, which can sell in its content and form. Time in electronic media and space in print media are costly. Therefore, time and space are being utilized to its optimum to recover the costs and earn profits for the owners. We are getting more of advertisements as compared to news items that can sell in public. News has to be gathered from all corners, since local coverage may not suffice to arouse and satisfy inquisitiveness of news edicts.

Electronic coverage has further shortened the freshness of news items. While life span of news in print media spreads between two publications, the same on electronic media is only between two telecasts. As news channels are telecasting round the clock, it is resulting in repetition every half an hour or even less.  To maintain interest and salability in competitive environment, channels are artificially generating and puffing the news by speculation, as well as, by way of adding views to the news. In the bargain, we get opinions and panel discussions interspersed between advertisements. The stage has come to take small ‘breaks’ to announce just one news item between commercials to meet the costs and profits. To cater for all this, a larger geographical territory has to be scanned.

In consequence, nothing new is available on home front than stories of some bomb blasts causing a dozen causalities, gang rapes, capsizing of overloaded boats, scams, indictment of politicians, reversal of government policies announced on the day before, bandhs calls and some comments from stale politicians on matters deserving expert opinion. That is perhaps one of the reasons that we getting paranoid about the world scenario in search for a change.

Our choice is restricted. We have to select out of the items projected by the media or whatever is available on the Internet to the select few, who can afford it. It is the media who has been exercising selectivity between world news and home coverage. The readers and viewers perforce pick out from that only, depending upon its presentation and credibility. They cannot do anything otherwise. We remember the event and person as long as media is covering them, and delete them from memory once media stops feeding inputs.

Our politicians today are the creations of media. Small and insignificant personalities have been projected as super natural heroes and thrust on the public as options for choice to rule in our democratic setup. Media can tarnish an innocent and honest person by painting him a satanic villain and vice versa. It is acting like a mafia.

The time has come when utility and privileges of media are reassessed. Media should be under the control of society through judiciary and accountable for false, sensational, and anti national reporting.  Publications and telecasts that are basically contrary to the objectives of the society and morality must be subjected to censorship.

Chand K Sharma

Political Interference in Executive

Politicians have reduced senior bureaucrats to non entities by reshuffling them with every change in government, be it at the center or in states. The recent example is that in UP, where an honest lady IAS officer was victimized due to pressure from sand mafia. Brashly and remorselessly a Samajwadi party politician has come out in the open to claim ‘credit’ for harassment caused to the lady SDM. Besides hatching of conspiracy to remove an honest IAS officer the biased mindset of Samajwadi Party politicians is now fully exposed when they brag to run the state without IAS officers. The incident is not only a shame on our political system but also throws a challenge to the professional class of committed bureaucrats. The politicians need to remember that the administration can be run better without having any politician.

Unholy Political and Executive Nexus

The brand of leadership upholding morality in public life has disappeared. The impeccable impartial and ‘work to rule’ style of bureaucrats has also faded into history. Today, we have a combine of self-centered politicians and spine-less officials to run the Government. Most of the public misfortunes are the result of their selfish alliance. Reduction of political interference in executive machinery and restoration of confidence of honest executives in organizational institutions is the need of the hour.

Transfers following Change of Government

Every change of Government is normally followed by mass transfers. Besides being burden on the exchequer, such premature transfers breed favoritism, anxiety and apprehensions amongst government employees. The government machinery turns dysfunctional. Arbitrary mass transfers are not restricted to top officials alone but also trickle down to the level of lower ranks such as police inspectors. Such transfers are not objectively planned.  Most often these are aimed to suit the personal likes and dislikes of the political bosses of the party in power, and thus result in formation of politician – executive cliques. Mulayam Singh Yadav of Samajwadi Party and Mayawati of Bahujan Samaj Party are in lead on this issue.

Transgression of Administrative Authority

When public service commissions have been provided in the constitution to regulate the service conditions of public servants, the interference from politicians in transfers is unwarranted and against the spirit of division of power amongst the organs of state.

Further when a procedure for ensuring compliance with ministerial instructions exists, its substitution by ‘mere transfer’ should be viewed with suspicion.  It implies that a person not compromising against principles is often eased out to avoid public embarrassment to the political boss.

The public perceives the functioning of the government with bureaucrats as the visible representatives. If they are changed like door mats, the faith of public in consistency of the government gets eroded.

Breeding Favoritism and Prejudices

The civil services are becoming increasingly helpless and proving unequal to the challenges posed by criminalization of politics. The bureaucratic set up has been contaminated by the virus of castes, regionalism, and favoritism and above all selfishness. Civil servants have been regionalized in their outlook and colored by castes and communal prejudices.

Unchecked Powers of Politicians

We have given upper hand to the politicians with unchecked powers and least accountability as compared to executives, who come up the ladder through careful selection based on prescribed qualifications and experience. In sharp contrast, barring few exceptions, most of our ministers are included in the cabinet due to other considerations than merit and competency.

While the members of Legislature and Judiciary enjoy certain degree of immunity in the performance and utterances, Bureaucrats have to bear the brunt individually. If nothing else, they even can be harassed through petty gimmicks like premature transfers and adverse reports, to keep them at the mercy of political bosses.

Bureaucrats to be blamed

To a great extent, the bureaucrats themselves are also to be blamed for this situation as rarely do we come across an upright honest officer to resist political nonsense. Bureaucrats and their professional bodies should get seriously get concerned about deteriorating performance and assert themselves within the frame work of rules and procedures.

Only upright, experienced and honest bureaucrats can keep the politicians under check by restricting their action to the rules. If the government servants on the other hand do not limit their area of operation the country cannot be kept safe for democracy.

When Governments formed by selfish politicians crumble and States go under Presidential rule, then it is the IAS cadres (Executives) who continue to run the administrative machinery because they are well-educated, trained, honest and motivated by rule of law. The other organs of the state, Legislature and Judiciary cannot run the country except performing their ‘limited role’. Only Executives have the capability to manage the country alone. It is only when executives fail, then only Army takes over because they are better equipped and disciplined. If Executives unite no politician can dare to ill-treat them – and certainly not those politicians who are characterless, corrupt, timid and uneducated.


Under the prevailing circumstances, the public servants have to function under instable coalition governments which become directionless due to their heterogeneous mix of political allies. There is need for judicial protection against premature and arbitrary transfers of executives if we want to insulate administrative machinery from political contamination.

One of the remedy could be to give a fixed tenure to each official where he is posted. No doubt this will come in the way of effective control and other administrative requirements to move the employee for getting better performance. Whenever a posting is to be prematurely executed, reasons for the same should be reduced to writing and also communicated to the employee concerned. If the employee has any representation to make against the premature transfer, the same should be judiciously reviewed as early as the circumstances permit. If the stand of the employee is subsequently vindicated by the court action must be taken against the person ordering malafide transfer.

Chand K Sharma

PS -Of late  it is a welcome development that now Supreme Court has asked the Government to fix tenure for Bureaucrats.  It is further desired that all arbitrary and premature transfers must be supported by reasons in writing failing which the authority ordering transfer should be liable for disciplinary action as well as damages and fine.

It is equally commendable step that Supreme Court has advised the Bureaucrats to obtain orders from Politicians in writing. In the absence of written orders the concerned official can record the noting by himself on the file. Both the above steps will go long way to prevent undue political interference in the Executive Function of the state.


Worshipping Criminal Heroes

Several Freedom Fighters like Veer Savarkar, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru languished in Andaman Cellular jail and elsewhere, but the generation today may not be aware about what they ate or how badly they were treated. How wonderful it is that we are now briefed in detail the case of a convicted criminal Sanjay Dutt by our National media!

Live TV coverage of send off given to Sanjay Dutt by National media channels leave us to wonder our National Priorities since other news items were totally absent or blurred. None from the roll of Freedom Fighters of pre partition era ever received such prominence as Sanjay Dutt.

The loud drum beating in favor of Sanjay forces us to introspect if TADA Court and Supreme Court have erred and have done injustice to this innocent criminal. The arguments advanced are that convict has already obliged us by spending some time in Jail. He has small children to look after. He is known for his Gandhigiri in films. Several Crores of rupees have been invested on him by Bollywood producers.

There could be many under trials in Jails whose children are without any earning member. But through the din of sympathy noise created by Media for Sanjay Dutt’s children we tend to forget that he earned more money than required bringing up hundreds of orphans in the country. While Sanjay Dutt was on bail pursuing his appeal against TADA Court Conviction, he was working in films as well as trying his luck in politics.

Several Bollywood Friends and producers also made a beeline to escort the impressive cavalcade of this convicted criminal from Home to TADA Court. Some of them have already reaped fortunes from his films while there may be some whose films are in the production line. Some of them seem to be contemplating relief from Court once again. The straight question is, weren’t those producers aware of his pending Jail Term and the reasons behind?

Many legal experts are now busy pondering over alternative to rescue this convicted criminal. Discussions are going on the TV Channels. One of the alternatives being suggested are to file review petition to seek pardon, or remission of sentence. The other alternative is to seek early release through political pressure subsequently on account of good behavior. Sister Priya Dutt has already been mustering support from concerned sources.

This sordid environment raises many mind boggling questions for law abiding citizens:

  • Has our Judicial System from trial court to Apex court has blundered while punishing Sanjay?
  • Do we have any duty towards the law abiding citizens who lost their lives, families and livelihood due to the acts omission and commission of Sanjay Dutt?
  • Isn’t drumming up in favor of a convicted criminal by Media a contempt of Court?
  • To what extent powers should be available to politicians and executives to grant pardons and remissions when such powers can be misused by influential criminals?   

Surely we have not behaved like a mature nation and are making a mockery of our system.

Chand K Sharma

India and Sarabjit Humiliated

Pakistan has acted as per prepared script in handling Sarabjit Episode. This rustic Indian national was arrested during the prime of his youth, tried, convicted and kept in jail for 23 long years. He was not shown any consideration in spite of mercy appeals from his family, prolonged negotiations and diplomatic pressures from Indian Government or International Charter of Human Rights. Finally he was tortured, assaulted and killed inside a well protected Pakistani jail.

A mock hospitalization and end also were enacted to the precession. The family was allowed to communicate if possible, with the brain dead Sarbjit lying in coma on ventilator. All pleas to allow his treatment in India or in some other neutral country having better medical facilities were rejected without any reason. As was expected, he was declared dead.

Thereafter Pakistan Government has posed ‘gracious’ to provide special plane to transport the dead body to India where Indian Government awaited to accord state funeral to the martyr as a face saving.

The first question that strikes is – if Pakistan government could provide a special plane to transport dead body of Sarbjit to India why close relatives were not allowed to evacuate him to India for treatment when he was still alive?

Timidity of Indian Government

While Pakistan played her role as per script, Indian Government has been playing her part extempore in a directionless manner. Pakistan has been returning mutilated bodies of our soldiers in violation of Geneva conventions. The torturous treatment meted out to Capt Saurabh Kalia is still fresh. Returning headless body of Hemraj and several untraceable Indians reported to be languishing in Pakistani Jails are some of the incidents are enough to shame timidity and ineffectiveness of Indian Government.

Under pressure from Pakistan we have been releasing notorious terrorists; we were scared to hang openly convicted criminals like Kasab and Afzal, and they were accorded VIP hospitality in Indian jails. We carried bagful of evidence everywhere to demand suspected terrorists from Pakistan and got nothing in return except snubs. We lump insult every time and everywhere. Today we are friendless on the globe! 

Our Blindness towards Options

We have always been scared to exercise Military option that most of the other Nations follow to save their honor. Since we claim to be Gandhians, Israel model has never interested us. As we proclaim to be peace loving, we lay at the mercy of hostile nations. Over the years all the neighboring countries around us, big and small, such as China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar or Bangladesh have been encroaching and pinching upon us to dictate their terms. We are helpless!

Why we couldn’t exercise pressure on Pakistan by:-

  • Denying status of Most Favored Nation to Pakistan?
  • Denying visa to Pakistani nationals to visit India for any purpose?
  • Stopping exchange of cricket teams, artists and other social visits?
  • Scrapping of Samjhota Express and Aman Setu type projects?

Why are we always longing for friendship with Pakistan?

Appeasement in lieu of honor

In order to wipe the stigma of incredulous acts of commission and omissions, our Government is now working to silence public outcry and win over the aggrieved family of Sarbjit by offering sops in the form of financial benefits. The first such step is the announcement of ‘State funeral’ to Sarbjit.

With utmost sympathy with the family and due respect to late Sarbjit, the matter deserves to be considered dispassionately. State funeral is accorded to those persons who die performing some outstanding national duty. Was Sarbjit performing any national duty? If the answer is no, then certainly such honors should not be used for political ends. If the answer is ‘yes’, the Government will incur liability to explain the nature of duty.

Pakistan has humiliated not only Sarbjit, but India and humanity once more!

Chand K Sharma

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