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How long Hindus would continue receiving beatings at home?

Politicians are not serious about controlling terrorism as long as they are wrapped in multi-layered security for themselves and their families. They are doing overt actions simply with an eye on elections to be held in future.

We have been watching the commitment of UPA government in controlling terrorism. It had perfected an automatic drill to be put into action after every bomb blasts. Security agencies and Central Government play safe naming that to be ‘Pakistan sponsored’. Home Minister prefers to link that to ‘Hindu terrorism’. Prime Minister always appealed for ‘maintaining communal harmony’. Sonia strolls through the affected area and ceremoniously visits the injured in hospital escorted by some senior cabinet minister. Media arranges few discussions between habitual participants about the incompetence of police set up. Thereafter every thing is forgotten till next blast. In spite of that the Government is nervous about hanging the confirmed terrorists.

Why we can not think beyond that? Why couldn’t we resort to hot pursuit, abolishing entry of Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens to India , or restraining the activities of those within India who provide shelter to the terrorists? If the Home Minister always had prior information of likely blast, could he not be responsible to explain to the nation as to what action had been taken by him to ensure prevention?

It implies that Hindus should not react. They continue being blasted or remain busy watching reality shows flooded with Pakistani participants! We have been given over dose of Gandhian Ahimsa that has got settled deeply in the marrow of our bones in the form of inactivity.

All Sikh congregations are led by Panch Pyaras who are armed to maintain the sanctity of the occasion. On the same pattern Hindus temples and Congregations should think of deploying Panch Devas to represent Shiva, one incarnation of Vishnu, Ganesha, Durga and Hanuman, who should be armed with the weapons associated with those deities. Their presence will remind Hindu community that violence for self-protection and for the protection of Dharma is as noble as non violence preached by Gandhi.

In addition Hindus must employ armed security guards at all the places of importance who should thoroughly screen and protect all visitors till the arrival of Government security agencies during any eventuality. Hindus should care for their own security as politicians are vying with each other in appeasing minority vote bank for their selfish interests. Hindu intellectuals and Dharma Gurus should ponder over the subject with open mind.

Chand K Sharma


Splashes – 72/72 – Hindus to be Assertive

We are a rare case in the world that the descendants of a grand civilization and religion were kept enslaved for over thousand years by a handful of invaders who were primitive, uncivilized and spiritually perverse. The unfortunate part is that we remained at the mercy of a lady of Italian origin having little knowledge of English ruled over us but on the basis of her family connection some selfish and corrupt Indian sycophants!

Helplessly, we begged her government for preservation of our culture and the safety of our lives.  What really has been wrong with us? Perhaps over spiritualism and idealism have blocked our arteries, and have paralyzed our minds. We are helplessly awaiting someone to emerge and rescue us, while the remedy is with us to empower ourselves through Purushartha of ballot.

We shut eyes to Environment

Our Dharma Gurus – They remain busy lecturing spirituality devoid of activism. They have amassed properties for themselves and their family clans. Most of them are shy of karma yoga and have turned secular to attract more followers from global market. They are scared of calling a spade a spade, even if that happened to be truth.

Our Educated Ladies – The off springs of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, lack courage, ability and aspiration to replace the Italian born from extra constitutional authority. On the contrary some of them are begging reservation to enter legislative forums in India. They aim to compete with men in and out rather managing their homes, future generation, heritage, culture and resources.

Our Youths – They are turning helpless and hopeless due to over competitive environment contaminated with reservations. To escape realities they flock around a popped up Pappu icon from the same family to offer him Prime Minister of the country. Some of them want to run away further towards greener pastures abroad for better living rather cleaning and reclaiming on home.

Our Spiritual leaders – They are the worst of all. They remain busy segmenting Hindu society to carve a commercial niche for them. They keep mum in the face of illegal activities.

The stark fact is that we have not learnt anything from our history, spiritualism and lofty idealism.

The Gifts from God

Every person inherits his parentage, name, family, caste, blood relations, country and Religion at the time of birth. There was no choice as it came from Him. The package consisted of fond memories of ancestors, their beliefs, customs and traditions; all branded and packed in to the bundle of religion.

These are the possessions we use most of the time in our life daily as our personal identity. Subsequent circumstances may force an individual to adopt a new nationality but the link with ancestors is continued through the religion even after death. Religion is a strong bondage that establishes and regulates the relationship of persons living, dead, and those to follow. Thus, whatever was bestowed upon us by birth should be respected as a duty having been assigned to us by God Almighty.

Substance of Hindu Dharma

The substance of spirituality and the real Dharma of the individual is to love our country, parents, family, and society; and live by the laws of environment. Real Moksha comes through discharging ones duties without expecting anything in return. Hinduism has taken every one into its fold. All those living in India are Hindus provided they live within the constraints of Indian environment, customs and traditions established by indigenous ancestors.

Competition and animosity between religions occur when some religion usurped the area of another religion. The relevancy of every religion is to be assessed with reference to its place of origin. Hindus have no objection if any other religion followed some different practices, in their respective homelands. But once other religions overstep their boundaries to clash with local religion clashes are bound to result. With reference to India, Islam and Christianity are religions of alien environment pitted against Hinduism.

Blinded towards realities

It is not a shame that on the slightest sign of danger Hindus start crying aloud in India for their neighbor to help. They have individually given up Karma Yoga that other nations learnt from Hindus. Today all Hindu activities converge for a peaceful life to sit and relax under the umbrella of escapism and watch amusement on TV.

Do we ever retrospect? If outsiders have the courage to start Jihad far from their home land why Hindus could not reciprocate by counter Jihad? Why Hindus have failed to match the violence of the outsiders? Why handfuls of outsiders have taken Hindu mobs as soft targets? Biologically Hindus are not deficient in any way except unity, courage, initiative and motivation.  Aren’t Hindus passively inviting others to enslave them again? If this is the condition of Hindus even in a democratic set up, where they are having option of electing the government after every five years, what will be their plight if they are again to be ruled by some autocrat bigot non-Hindu ruler? Where will they run for safe shelter?

Excess of everything is bad

The doctrines of Non-Violence and Idealism have taken the shape of cowardice and escapism to block our arteries. We have lost direction and sense and keep moving in any direction led by unscrupulous politicians. We are simply relying on certain families that are capable of producing leadership to govern us. Seldom are we conscious that the remedy lies in our hand in the form of a ballot paper that we carelessly throw towards unworthy politicians to boss over us.

Israel is small country as compared to India, but has the will and capability to punish the terrorists. In contrast, why we continue getting beatings on our homeland every time and wait for the other countries to react? Our cowardly leaders have been carrying bags of evidence to other countries to prove their innocence and return unsuccessfully from foreign jaunts to advice restraint to own countrymen. Their assurances sound hollow when fresh terrorist attacks shake us from slumber. We don’t we kick such leaders out of power when ballet power is right in our hand? We have to choose and act between living a respectably safe life in India or hand over the home land to others.

The Law of Nature

Our religion is a bridge to connect past, present and future. Anyone who resides in India and lived his life according to Indian environment is a Hindu provided he let others also live and took pride in Indian ancestral lineage, traditions and customs. Anyone who disregarded this fundamental code should not have any place to stand on Indian soil.

Hindus need to be Assertive

Hindus have to proclaim aloud. We are Hindus first and last and have pride in saying so. We need to emulate Krishna, Chankya, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh. They were neither revengeful nor fanatics but down to earth karmayogies.

In every country, law provides every individual to abate the nuisance being caused to his person.  Abatement of nuisance is a legal right of every individual unless the practice has been established as a tradition. Thus the problem should be nipped in the bud before it is established as a tradition. Use of force is also considered lawful if circumstances justify.

What prevents Hindu society to apprehend missionaries indulging in conversions and handing them over to police? What prevents Hindu action groups to prosecute such Evangelist? Why can’t Hindus from habitat protection teams to apprehend terrorist and mischief mongers. Likewise, if some painting or similar object is injurious to Hindu feelings what prevents Hindu youths to snatch the same from the culprit and assign it to flames.

All places of worship and public utilities should be guarded by armed guards called Sevadars. They must be equipped with weaponry and communication owned by terrorists. They should be trained to provide protection to the place and inmates till arrival of security personnel and should be trained adequately.

Somehow Hindus have to get down to brainstorming sessions at street level and even their drawing rooms to educate their younger generations. Hindus have to re-build their self-confidence and esteem. Hindus have to eradicate local short falls, and assert themselves. No one should be allowed to snatch their home land under the grab of secularism. Towards this end every temple should be restored to its ancient status as a community center for Karama yoga.

Brain-storming on Karamayoga

The crux of the problem is that Hindus have ceased to be assertive. Instead of Karma Yoga, Hindus are living under the spell of escapism falsely disguised as spiritualism and Gandhian philosophy. Hindus have to learn that nationality may change, but if they are extinct as Hindus then Hinduism will be finished from India.

Like Arjuna, Hindus have to focus on bird’s eye for the time being.  They have to work individually and collectively to make India a Hindu country, governed by Hindu government. Everything else is of secondary importance. Hinduism is truly secular in concept and enshrines the golden principle of Vasudeva Kuttambkum. There is no greater spiritualism anywhere than the Karmayoga of Geeta. We have to save and clean our homeland. Thus every Hindu has to resolve to change the system with the strength of his ballot. Let the splashes from every individual turn into tidal waves to sweep the dirt and dangers threatening Hinduism.

Last Word

This brings us to the end of the stroll along the beach to get the feel of Splashes from Hindu Maha Sagar. The information passed was introductory and elementary in substance. There are many more splashes and waves in the depth of the ocean of Hinduism to be explored by those who may have time, motivation and enthusiasm. With every dive one is likely to discover more and more intellectual wealth.

Chand K Sharma



Splashes – 71/72 – Hindu Empowerment

The injuries inflicted upon Hindu culture are not a result of any cultural revolution, but due to autocratic usage of political power by aliens. Superior philosophy, morality and spirituality turn ineffective if political power rested with the people of opposite views and customs. Scriptures have to be defended and enforced through power. Empowerment is indispensable in every field.

Adopting Activism

Certain dangers cannot be eliminated without support from the Government. Ever since partition, country’s resources and power have remained in the hands of selfish, uncouth and inefficient politicians. They were not concerned with the country or Hinduism. All of them contributed towards the emergence of anti Hindu forces. Such politicians need to be kept out of power through ballot by Hindus if we desire flow of our ancient knowledge and culture to continue within India to make it the home land for Hindus.

Every Hindu therefore needs to discharge his political, social, and individual obligations, for the protection of Dharma to ensure that country is not left at the mercy of unworthy politicians alone. Every individual should contribute to the best of his ability in the political environment around us.

No one can survive without being affected by economic, social, technological and political conditions that prevail in the environment. Even if a person entered Sanyas he would still require at least fifty items to be replenished regularly by him. Therefore even he cannot live in absolute seclusion and asceticism to indulge in meditation all the time. Spiritual leaders also have responsibility towards protection of Dharma in society.

Hindu Government in India

We need to have a pro Hindu Government in India that can plug conversions, and destruction of Hindu heritage.  We cannot import honest leaders or raise new political party of honest of our own choice. We shall have to choose from whatever is available today. Thus we should remain aligned with some Hindu outfit to counter the forces that may destroy our homeland. They might not be the best, but should be able to deliver better than non-Hindu outfits. Bharat Swabhiman movement launched by Swami Ram Dev supported by BJP, RSS, and VHP, may provide solution under prevailing circumstances.

Political Unity

Hindus must unite politically. The change of government can only be affected through ballots. We need to consolidate Hindu votes to install a government at the center and states with absolute majority to amend the constitution if necessary to declare our country a Hindu state. Coalitions have not and will not work. This point needs to be settled first and declared before going to public. If public voted such outfit to power hurdles or misinterpretations shall not impede its implementation subsequently.

To make our living better, we as Hindus have to start cleaning our homeland. No outsider will do it for us. We shall have to empower ourselves. If one is convinced within, there are many areas where work can be started individually without waiting for permission, resources, guidance, or coordination with others.

Individual Level

For this purpose individually every Hindu can start with the following, while more ideas can be generated to suit individuals:-

  • Feel proud of Hindu Heritage – This is the divine identity from birth till last. Individuals can inculcate Hindu customs at birthdays, marriages and other celebrations. They can individually simplify the format of celebrations and discard whatever is objectionable.
  • Opinion Building – Build public opinion by writing to news papers and other media sites, highlighting subsidies, reservations, and other appeasement being given to non-Hindus in India at the cost of tax payers. Those who cannot write in media may build public opinion amongst own friends, relations, servants, and social circles and encourage them to vote for one Hindu political party. Individuals may arrange get together at home, parks, and Temples to have person to person contact and coordination.
  • Social Boycott – Individuals can effectively boycott those persons who often propagate anti -indu ideology in the name of art, films, media and political forums. Individuals can vote against those who are corrupt, defectors, propagate castes, regionalism, minority-appeasement and anti – Hindus. Every drop counts in filling the ocean.
  • Discard Anti-Hindu Media – Individuals can discard anti-Hindu media like newspapers, TV channels, film stars and individuals who try to subvert them. Individuals can adopt Hindi media to support our National language. Individuals should familiarize with our heritage and culture. House is a collection of individuals that have common achievements and problems to share.  In addition to Individuals House holders can add more. 

House Holders

House is a collection of individuals that have common achievements and problems to share.  In addition to Individuals House holders can add more:-

  • Celebrate Hindu Festivals – Hindu festivals should be celebrated as a national pride collectively. Evil practices that have disfigured the spirit of our festivals should be avoided. The purpose of the festival should be explained to younger generation. Besides, they should also be advised to refrain from the ill-effects of alien festivals like Valentine Day at home itself.
  • Use Indigenous Products –The use of Indian products over multinationals maximized.
  • Use National Language – They should encourage the use of National language in conversation and patronize Hindi media, stationary and other necessities. There is no harm in learning other languages including English, but those languages should not dominate our National Language.
  • Pride in National Service – Hindus must motivate their children to join IAS cadres, Armed forces, Police services, and other government institutions. As far as such places should be flushed out of those who have emotional loyalties elsewhere. Otherwise, one day we may discover to our dismay that de-facto governance of the country has already passed on to the aliens.
  • Detection of Illegal migrants – Migrant and illegal voters should be identified and prevented from voting by reporting the matter to concerned authorities. No House holder should provide any kind of employment, shelter, or any material help to illegal migrants.

Political Leaders

There is no point in shying to tell the politicians that they were responsible for the down fall of Hindus in India. Hindus should reject all those politicians. Instead of begging favors from politicians, assertive demand from them should be made to effectively implement the following through a time-bond program:-

  • Respecting Hindu Culture –  No community should be allowed to show any disrespect against our national flag, constitution, symbol, anthem, national heroes and festivals, which are a part of Indian culture.
  • Universal application of Law – All minorities should be governed by Indian laws applicable in India including the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Misuse of Religious freedom – Propagation of faiths of non-Indian origin should be restricted only to those, who were followers by birth. Minorities may have educational institutions of their own for the followers by birth, provided there is no activity detrimental to India’s security is carried out.
  • Control over Indian Citizenship – Trans Border Marriages of Indian Muslims should be banned, particularly, where the spouse is desirous of settling in India. Permission to import spouse should not be available.
  • Syllabus to include Ancient Texts – There should be one uniform syllabus, and set of textbooks in our educational institutions. State Governments should not be allowed to deviate. Relevant ancient textbooks of ancient India should also be included in the syllabus.
  •  Indian Image abroad – Hindus desirous of settling abroad, as well as, on government assignments should be given orientation training to project proper image of the country.
  • Controlling Infiltration – Abetting and aiding Infiltrations should be regarded an anti-national offense. Violators should be tried for treason, with onus of poof on the accused to prove his innocence.
  • Hindi as National Language – Hindi must be effectively adopted as national language in Parliament, Higher Judiciary, and Administrative services. Hindi should be made as medium of instruction in Universities within a period of five years. This cannot be delayed indefinitely. The issue is related to National pride.
  • Carving of New linguistic states – No states in India should be carved on the basis of regional language. States opting for English language at present should be given option to pick up between their regional language and English, but under no circumstances national language should be relegated to promote English or any other language.

Spiritual Leaders

Spiritual leaders cannot live in seclusion away from Hindu Society. They need to infuse Karamyoga with spiritualism on the following:-

  • Educate Hindus on Factual – Hindu Scholars, spiritual leaders and retired persons should project Hindu viewpoint to younger generations in relation to social, religious and political matters through media, personal contact, and interactive lecture at schools, hostels and community centers.
  • Reclaim our Heritage and Sites – All Hindu sites usurped since Islamic invasion, should be reclaimed and restored to their past glory. Original names of historical sites, towns and institutions should be restored in order to facilitate re-structuring our past history. They can start using the new name along with the existing name and build public awareness right now. Intellectual property already usurped by foreigners should be reclaimed.  Hindus youth should be educated about our achievements.
  • Establish Research Centers – Research facilities for the study of ancient texts should be demanded till these are established. Library of Hindu scriptures, as well as yoga or health club near the community services like temples should be established.
  •  Countering anti-Hindu Propaganda – They must counter the propaganda of missionaries and fundamentalists and educate Hindu youth about the practical aspects of Hindu way of life. Scientific and realistic interpretations of various rituals should be explained to Youth.
  • Generating Environmental Awareness – During their discourses, the Hindu scholars and preachers must lay emphasis upon their followers for taking positive interest in politics along with spirituality. A politician without spirituality is a curse on society. Similarly spirituality without activism is farce.
  • Honoring Hindu Role Models – All Hindu heroes should be honored and suitable place in temples should be earmarked for them, preferable near the entrances. There should be provision for subsidies for visiting Hindu sites abroad and existing Hajj houses should be made available for use to all Indian citizens.

Several spiritual leaders are self-sufficient in financial resources. They should get managed through a confederation of trust at National level for the overall well-being of Hindu society. All Hindu temples, sites and spiritual leaders should have internet connections as far as possible. 

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes – 70/72 – Hindu Rashtra is Human

After partition, we inherited British infrastructure of governance and by large have continued with the same. British rule, was also secular to proclaim. There were no reservations or appeasement for any category. Then:

  • What motivated us to replace British rulers at the cost of accepting partition of the country?
  • What motivated us to make sacrifices for attaining freedom?

The answer is only one – we wanted to govern ourselves, according to the ethics of our own Hindu ancestral values.

Secularism is Unethical Concept

The concept of secularism is colonial. The colonial powers initially converted the natives to Christianity, which often sparked violent resistance from them. Therefore, British rulers discovered a way out. They detached themselves from missionaries, and posed secular to legitimize their hold on colonized countries. Thus secular governments were established to mask political control over different faiths and lands all over the world including India.

Dictionary meaning of the word secular implies, “not being committed to ethics of any religion”. To Hindus, governance devoid of Dharma (ethics) is nothing but Adhama. In more explicit words it means unethical and opportunist pursuit of power. A government that is non-committal to the ethics of the population of the country is nothing but an autocrat mafia in power. Mafias are viewed secular.

Christianity in United Kingdom

Constitutionally, even secular governments across the globe in advanced countries, are also slanted towards the faith of the land. As back in fifteenth century, when Christianity was at its zenith, England restricted the interference of Roman Pope into national affairs of England. That resulted in emergence of Protestant Church, known as the Church of England. United Kingdom is a secular monarchy, but Monarch of England carries the title ‘defender of the Faith’. All customs and traditions concerning the state are Christianity oriented.

Hinduism is Universal Faith

Why did India proclaim to remain secular when Hinduism in itself is most adequate to the spiritual needs of the entire mankind? Hinduism is a perfect human religion that is concerned with the well being of all-living and non-living things in the environment.

Hinduism is a human faith in true spirit. It is open to introspection, adoption, and tolerance towards dissent, due to which all those who came to India were assimilated within the framework of Hinduism. It is a religion of fine synthesis of faith and Science. It has its own culture and civilization of most refined tastes. India exported advances made in every field of human knowledge. Hinduism assured in practice the right to live and let others also live in the environment under every geographical condition.

There are no fatwas or dictates from the clergy. Hinduism never indulged in destruction of non-believers or conversion of others to its fold. It has been the religion that preferred religious identity of a person on the basis of birth and practice, but kept its doors open to all those who volunteer to assimilate. It is a faith that propagated Vasudeva Kutambkum and treated entire universe as a large family, much before various nations actually knew the existence of each other. Hinduism was never confined to any particular area, or period of time.

 It is Religion of Early Man

Why we chose to have 1869 born politician declared as father of the nation? Our ancestral lineage started with Early Man, who could be remembered as Shiva or Adam. The ethical codes of Hindu religion were not dictated by any individual as per his whims, fancies or limitations, but emerged out of introspection, experimentation, and reviews made by learned Rishies and Sages of wisdom par excellence, and are still open to modification. All of us are descendants of those learned sages and not a result of parental sin.

Freedom of thought and Expression

Hindus are free to accept one, many or no God at all. They are free to view Him through symbols, idols, humanized forms, animal forms or through his own image in the mirror. God may be identified by any name or syllable, and can be approached directly by every one without reference of another intermediate. No animal is hated. Hindus never defaced items, places or scriptures of non-Hindu faiths.

As a Hindu, everyone is free to wear any dress and chose menu, subject to the constraints of local environment and decency. Similarly every Hindu is free to pick and chose the literature according to personal choice, in any language and script. Priests are superficial and can be dispensed at the choice of the individual.

New ideas and discoveries are welcome to replace outdated thoughts. What else was further needed, that we had to attach the tag of secularism in India?

Why Magnanimity of Hindus Ignored?

It was due to liberal attitude of Hindus, that even after having been profusely bled and destroyed; Hindus offered a brotherly hand of equality to live in India to those Muslims who had been responsible for the Hindu genocide.

Hindus were prepared to make a fresh start on a clean slate.  They had even de-linked themselves with the scary memories of the past. It was not only a mere gesture, but the sincerity was fully demonstrated by bringing back the post partition Muslim migrants to India and rehabilitating them with special treatment. What more was required to be secular from Hindus? Did we accept partition of the country to re-accommodate fundamentalists and keep them amused at their terms all the time?

Audit of Non Hindu Faiths Needed

Our experience has once more taught us that any faith that had its ideologies, religious leaders, pilgrim places and literature originated beyond India; certainly do not come within the framework of Hindu mindset. It needs to be audited that to what extent Christians, Muslims and other non-Hindu faiths in India have adopted the concept of secularism to live with Hindus – the local majority in India?

  • It is pertinent to say that even after providing full protection to Christianity under minority status, the clerics emphasize on their religion rather on nationalism. They say,
  • “When we talk of Christianity, our first allegiance should be to our Master Jesus Christ and after wards to our motherland”.
  • About Muslims, the less said is better. They have now intruded into the individual life styles of Hindus. Today, Hindus cannot celebrate their festivals, worship, build temples; and educate their children safely in their own home land.  Hindus did pay and are now again paying Jazia for pilgrimage jaunts abroad for minorities.
  • Islam and Christianity do not accept any common grounds with Hindu religion. They believe in killing of non-believers and conversion of Hindus to their fold through all means. Can we ‘Indianize’ Islam or Christianity in today’s secular environment? If not, why Hinduism should give up its place to accommodate other faiths in India that are hostile down to its roots?

As religious affinities always over flow political borders, it will be detrimental to the security of India to have alien religious settlements with political rights. Most of non-Hindu faiths do not accept to be governed by common civil code, adopt National Language, sing National Anthem and accept uniform syllabus for education that are necessary ingredients of national Unity. There is need to question their commitment to secularity.

Reckless Indulgence is suicidal

In the guise of preserving secularism, the communal forces have emerged as power-brokers against Hindus. Selfish politicians have been vying with each other to flatter minorities, by bartering the interests of Hindus to seek their electoral support. Secularism is being grossly misused as a cover, for sectionals and anti-national activities.

There no other secular country in the World that indulged in similar self-destructive appeasements.  After partition it has come to be the duty of every Hindu to keep minorities happy at every cost. Hindus and their customs are being disregarded in their own home land due to Nehru-Gandhi doctrines in particular.

Demographic Imbalance of Population

Our national resources are already sinking under the weight of population. Additional numbers add further to the strength of poor, under-nourished, illiterate, and unemployed citizens of this country. While Hindus have adopted smaller family norms, minorities, in spite of living on the verge of poverty line, have been averse to family planning. They have formed this attitude to increase their numerical strength for bargaining special rights and benefits for their community, and ultimately, converting India to an Islamic through ballot strength.

Our politicians have been foolish, but cunning to advertise boom in Muslim population as a credential for our secularism, without foreseeing its adverse implications. Though we claim to be the largest democracy in the world having largest population of Muslims, we have absolutely no say at any of the International Islamic forums. There we are cold shouldered as a Hindu and anti-Islamic country, and are always accused of committing atrocities against minorities.

Unpatriotic Intelligentsia

There are some unpatriotic intellectuals, who have been advocating opening of borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, to facilitate unchecked flow of their nationals that separated from India out of hatred. While no Hindus would be allowed to settle in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Indian Muslims in the name of Islamic Brotherhood will shelter migrants. Once they grow up in numbers, Hindus will be living as they had lived during Muslim rule, because there is no change in their mindset. The stage will be set to re-enact Arab and the Camel episode.

Pakistan has followed the strategy of infiltration not only in Kashmir, but has now widened its scope to cover entire India, by establishing support bases in Muslim dominated areas. Our security forces, though capable of repulsing overt attacks, suffer causalities in home territory, because the militants can mingle with local Muslim population comfortably.

Development without Security

Unless Hindus get politically united, and make concentrated efforts to cope with the environment, Hinduism might be fading away from India in the near future. Political problems cannot be solved through spiritual discourses, but require timely political actions. Social and economic factors are subsidiary to that. Remaining indifferent is nothing, but suicidal escapism.

We do not require our secularism to be certified by other countries. As a sovereign nation, we have every right to re-interpret our secularism in the manner we like. There is nothing for Hindus to feel apologetic or concerned about. We are fortunate and proud to be Hindus! As custodians of this great human heritage, we have a sacred duty to preserve it for the generations to come. We need to replace secularism with Hindu Rashtra to restore Bharat Swabhimaan. Only then India will be a free country.

We have to choose between living freely in our home land as Hindus or hand over secular, fragmented India to others and die.

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes – 61/72 – Hindu Resistance to Islam

India was neither a no man’s land, nor a primitive country. Being a superior and developed civilization as compared to Islamic barbarians, Hindus by and large continued resisting the invasion on their country by Muslims, who were the anti-thesis to their concept of living according to doctrine of Live and let live. Islam practiced live, but did not let others live. It remained opposed to Hinduism in every way and both remained at loggerheads. Whenever opportunity arrived for Hindus, attempts were made to dislodge Islamic rule from India. The struggle did have ups and downs.

Counter efforts by Hindus

Introductory account of some prominent Hindu warriors who tried to dislodge Islamic rule are given below:-

  • Rana Sangram Singh of Chittod was near to defeat Babur in the battle of Kanhua, but due to treacherous conduct of one Hindu chieftain by name of Shiladittya, the Rana ultimately lost the opportunity.
  • Hemchandra Vikramadittya, came to occupy Delhi after the fall of Suri dynasty. He tried to prevent Akbar occupying the seat of power after the sudden death of Emperor Humayon. He sought help from Rajputs to dislodge Mughals from India but they declined to fight under him due to their caste pride. Still he was near victory, but fell victim to a chance arrow that pierced his eye and Hindus suffered a defeat at the hands of Akbar in second battle of Panipat.
  • Maharana Pratap, the grandson of Rana Sangram Singh kept the freedom flame burning during the life time of Akbar, but due to division amongst Rajputs he also did not succeed much. Rajputs were used by Mughals to subdue Hindu freedom fighters, but due to lack of farsightedness, most of the time, they fought against their own countrymen.
  • Raja Krishnadev Raya of Vijay Nagar Empire in the south, kept Hindu flag flying in the face of opposition from Islamic Sultans of Bahmini state. But there also, Raja Krishnadev Raya lost due to back stabbing from one of his own family members. With him the prosperous Vijaynagar Empire was raised to ground by united petty chieftains of Bahmani.
  • Chattrapati Shiva ji Raje rose to power in south, but was lured into treaty by Aurangzeb, through Mirza Raja Jai Singh. He was invited to visit Delhi but was imprisoned there. However, he escaped and finally succeeded to establish himself as Chhattrapati Hindu Samrat in the face of Aurangzeb. After his death, Aurangzeb defeated his son Shambhaji through treachery. Shambhaji was tortured to death.
  • Guru Gobind Singh raised the sagging morale of Hindus and motivated them to stand against the onslaught of Mughals, but local Hindu chieftains did not cooperate. Treacherously they sided with Mughals, or stayed aloof. While going to South Guru Gobind Singh was stealthily stabbed by a Pathan, whose life the Guru had saved in the past. The Guru subsequently succumbed to the wounds at Nandhed in Maharashtra.
  • Banda Bahadur Singh was appointed by Guru Gobind Singh to continue resistance against the onslaught of Mughals. He successfully avenged the atrocities committed by Mughals against Hindus, but he was also let down by saboteurs within. He was captured and was given a tortuous death.

The anti-climax

Immediately after becoming Emperor in 1657, Aurangzeb vigorously resumed Islamization of India, with Brahmins as primary-target. He had been convinced by his clerics that once Brahmins accepted Islam, rest of Hindus would follow suit.

In utter desperation, the Brahmins of Kashmir approached Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Guru of Sikhs, for guidance and help. Guru Tegh Bahadur entrusted Guru-Dom seat to his son Govind Rai, and proceeded to Delhi, to plead with Aurangzeb. Guru Tegh Bahadur and his companions were asked to convert to Islam. Upon refusal, all of them were arrested, imprisoned, and tortured. Red-Hot Sand was poured over Guru Tegh Bahadur’s head, but he did not flinch and refused to convert to Islam. Guru Tegh Bahadur sacrificed his life for Dharma and the freedom of his people as he was beheaded at Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

Birth of Khalsa

After the martyrdom of his father, Govind Rai became the tenth Guru of Sikhs at very young age. On 30 March 1699, Guru Govind Rai delivered a stirring-oration at Anandpur-Sahib. Thereafter, he flashed his un-sheathed sword, and demanded one head for sacrifice. After some trepidation one person offered himself. The Guru took him inside a tent. A little later, he reappeared with his sword dripping with blood, and asked for another head. One by one, four more earnest devotees offered their heads. Every time the Guru took a person inside the tent and came out with a bloodied sword in his hand.

Thinking their Guru had gone berserk, and was out of control, the congregation started to disperse. As this began to happen, before anybody knew it, the Guru suddenly emerged, with all five men dressed piously in white. He initiated all five of them, in a new and unique ceremony called Amrit Chhakna (consuming nectar for attaining immortality). Summoning those five Initiated-Sikhs, the Guru asked them to initiate him as well. He then declared those five Initiated-Sikhs as Panj-Pyare (Five Beloved Ones), and made public that they would be the embodiment of the Guru himself. That was the birth of Khalsa (pure) Panth. Till date all religious congregations of Sikhs are led by Panj Pyaras who are armed with un-sheathed swords to protect Dharma.

Identification of Khalsa

The reverend Guru also offered five ‘signs and symbols’. These symbols, worn by all ‘initiated’ Sikhs of both sexes, are popularly known today as Five Ks – Kesh, (un-shorn hair); Kangha, the wooden-comb; Kara, (the steel bracelet); Kirpan, (the sword); and Kachchera, (the underwear). The Guru said that since those initiated by him as Sikhs were distinct and identifiable, no Sikh would conceal himself behind cowardice whenever the need to protect Dharma and the weaker arose.

Revival of Karamyoga

Thus final and ultimate transformation of Sikhs, into a fighting force, came with Guru Gobind Singh. He realized that to raise a fighting force from the peaceful followers of Nanak, he had not only to teach them the use of arms, but also to convince them of the morality of use of force. He set about ardently and assiduously to train the sparrow how to hunt the hawk, and one man to have courage to take on a regiment. The Guru gave a hero’s welcome to each and every Sikh, and psychologically infused a new life in him. Sikhs fondly quote Guru’s statement that ‘one Sikh is equal to 125,000 opponents’. By initiating ‘Khalsa’ into ‘Saint Soldier’ image of Hindu youth, Guru Gobind Singh revived the spirit of Karamyoga. Hindu society that had immersed itself into pessimism and escapism in the face of Muslim atrocities welcomed the transformation. Sikhs came to be recognized as the sword arm of Hinduism.

End of Islamic Rule

After the death of Aurangzeb, there was no central government in the country. Prolonged wars of succession had fragmented the country into several rebellious fiefdoms. By the time almost nine-century-old Muslim Rule ended, economy had been wrecked. Administrative systems had crumbled and the country had been plunged in to darkness.

Myth of Composite Culture

Cultural integration among the various communities of India had been taking place in India since the Pre-Vedic period. Before Islam, all those who entered India were assimilated into the Hindu culture. Muslims did not enter India to co-exist. Their objective was to discredit, disrupt, and destroy Hinduism. Islam provided four choices, such as Islam, Sword, Slavery, or Jaziya. These were no civilized or human options.

A religion, as oppressive as Islam, with its draconian laws, could hardly be indigenous to India. Islam had been an imposition on India and an alien graft on the Hindu population that subjugated and attempted to destroy Hindu identity. There was not a speck of the Indian religion or culture to mesh with its social system in any form. The practice of absorption, that had been an important tradition of Hinduism, did not work with the Muslims, as they had not come to blend or integrate with Hindu society, but were motivated to deliver a death-blow to Hindu Culture and remained at loggerheads. To put it simply, the Muslim culture invaded India, not to make friends with the Hindu, but to wipe them out.

Muslims remained unacceptable

Hindus would have had nothing to oppose Islam had they confined themselves to the region of their origin – the Middle East. Since they did not subscribe to the idea of live and let live, the foundation stone of Hinduism. Thus Muslims have remained unacceptable in India till date.

There had been no progress in any field for which Hindus could feel proud of the Muslim Rule. Neither Muslims made any worthwhile contribution towards the progress of general masses, nor they assimilated anything from Hindu culture. Instead of talent or wisdom, with which India used to be perceived earlier, luxuries and licentiousness of Islamic rulers attracted some of the European nations towards India for taking some share of the materialistic wealth. When borrowed light of new learning appeared to be dawning in Europe, India had slid into the darkness.

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes – 59/72 – Advent of Islam in India

Islam came to India with barbaric invaders, who hated Hindus and called them Kafirs (Infidels). They slaughtered hundreds of millions of Hindus and destroyed everything that Hindus loved. Indoctrinated by their founder, Muslims believed that only the believers in Islam had the right to live and Allah had commanded them to kill the non believers.

The new faith could not have been welcomed from the very outset by Hindus in India because they obliterated more than 63000 sacred temples and placed the idols of Hindu gods and goddesses under the footsteps leading to the entry of their mosques. Every new invader enjoyed making a pile of Hindu heads on the battle field to celebrate his victory over the ‘infidels’. Thereafter the severed heads were thrown on the tracks to be kicked by the Believers.

Blood Curdling Hindu Slaughters

During the Islamic conquests in India, it was a typical policy to single out Brahmins for slaughter, after the Hindu warrior class had been bled on the battlefield. Traders were looted and others were either converted to Islam or enslaved. The biggest slaughters took place during the conquest of North India, of which only a few are mentioned below:

  • According to the Chach-Nama – When Mohammed bin Qasim conquered the lower Indus basin in 712 AD, six thousand warriors were put to death in Multan, and all their relations and dependents were taken as slaves. The magnificent Sun Temple was destroyed and the idol of the deity made in solid gold was taken away along with other treasures.
  • In 1399 AD Taimur ordered a general massacre at Delhi. His soldiers killed over 100,000 Hindus in a single day, in addition to many on other occasions. Delhi and neighboring areas were looted. Insufficiently clad and barefooted enslaved Hindus were taken on foot across the mountain where most of them died during journey on account of severe cold.  That mountain pass got the name Hindu-Kush to signify killer of Hindus
  • In 1425 Babur invaded Chanderi. After the fall of Chanderi fort, all Hindu males over the age of 12 were beheaded. The area continued to stink for months thereafter.
  • The so-called Akbar the great ordered Rajput chieftain Fateh Singh to be trampled under the feet of an elephant and execution of 30,000 non-combatants after the capture of Chittorgarh in 1568. Eight thousand women immolated themselves by performing Johar.
  • The fall of the Vijayanagar in 1565 was ‘celebrated’ with a general massacre and arson against Hindus.
  • Ferishta listed several occasions when the Bahmani sultans, only a third-rank provincial dynasty in central India, killed a hundred thousand Hindus, which they set as a minimum goal whenever they felt like ‘punishing’ the Kafirs.
  • Nadir Shah and Ahmed Shah Abdali ransacked India during eighteenth century and carried out general manslaughter besides plunder and arson on mass scale in Delhi.

Prided Sadistic Pleasures

The Muslims invaders did record with glee their genocide on Hindus, because they felt that they were doing their holy duty. Every ruler had his own perceptions and methods to cause death and destruction of infidels. Executions were carried out in full public view in most inhuman ways like, slicing a person in two halves with manual saws, skinning them alive or putting humans in boiling oil. They derived sadistic pleasure through torture of infidels.

The Darkest Age for India

Soon Golden age of Hindus changed into a ghastly reign of Islamic terror. India was also plunged in darkness. The most visible consequences were:

  • All the great Indian Universities such as Takshashila, Nalanda, Odantapuri and Vikramashila were burnt down to ashes. There was no infrastructure left for higher education in India.
  • Scholars were hunted down and Islamic Madrassas (schools) replaced Indian system of education. A Madrassa curriculum was limited to recitation of Quran only. Maulavi (Islamic Teachers)  curbed reasoning and scientific temperament.
  • Once state came under Muslim Rule, all indigenous knowledge vanished. Few odd Hindu scholars continued imparting teaching in Sanskrit Grammar, a bit of Mathematics, Logic, Medicine and Philosophy by individual efforts in secluded areas.
  • Hindus were subjected to communal taxes like Jazia in addition to excessive land revenue. They did not have enough money to give financial support to scholars, or to educate their children properly. The properties and produce of Hindus could be taken away under the whims of local administrators.
  • Hindus had no chance of getting justice against the atrocities committed by Muslims. They were not on equal pedestal with Muslims, and had no human rights of any sorts. They had no hope, but demoralization, as there seemed to be no end of the tunnel. Besides teaching Islam, Illiterate Maulavies and Qazi enjoyed judicial powers also. They could award anything up to death punishment on charges of blasphemy to any Hindu.

Miraculously,  even in that era of darkness, India still produced few sparks of knowledge such as noted mathematicians Bhaskaracharya (1114 -1185), who happened to be the last in the glorious tradition and was first to enunciate theory of gravitational force.

Social Evils gripped Hindu Society

Once the light of knowledge was gone, ignorance and social evils, embraced Hindu society from all sides. Leaving aside progress, daily life turned out to be a struggle for survival only. Multiple effects surfaced in the society were as under:

  • Muslim rulers reduced Hindus to poverty by plundering, and Jazia tax. Over and above, they were further incapacitated from earning their living in comparison to Muslims. Many often Hindus had to work for Muslims without any wages or for a handful of grains as wages.
  • Sanskrit learning disappeared as Islamic clergy disbanded institutions of Hindu learning. Illiteracy engulfed Hindu society at large. Only few continued their quest for knowledge through secrecy.
  • Music became a source of entertainment in Muslim courts than it was for spiritual uplift for Hindus. Kathak – a spiritual dance form got polluted and was converted to Mujra format, for the pleasure of licentious nobility.
  • Many stories and paintings of amorous love affairs and pranks wrapped around Lord Krishna, emerged out of imagination, for the pleasure of licentious Muslim princes.
  • To sustain their lives, the intellectual Brahmins had to serve as priests in the community, or faced starvation. To make living for their families they placed more faith in rituals than substance.

Displacement of Hindu Society

As there was no patronage to the Brahmins and the learned, they gave up their traditional occupation of learning and preaching. Being driven to poverty, they relied on charity from Hindu society, or made meager earnings by conducting rituals for their Hindu clients. Thus rituals dominated substance. Rituals turned cumbersome, and expensive. Rigidity in caste and outlook eclipsed freedom of thought and expression. Mutual trust within the community declined, and people turned more secluded and demoralized. Many converted to Islam out of fear, pressure, or allurements for safety.

As a measure of hurting their pride in public, the Kashatriyas, were not permitted to ride horses or carry sword in the presence of Muslims. Many of them gave up their traditional role of defending Dharma and turned peasants. Others died fighting, either for or against Muslims. Provincial Rajput kings were assigned the role of security guards on royal residence of Muslim Sultans.

The Muslim nobility had their lustful eyes on handsome Hindu boys and girls, who were enslaved and forced to embrace Islam. The Hindu ladies also picked the Islamic custom of Purdah (veil), to preserve their honor. Many diabolical customs crept into the Hindu Society, such as female infanticide, child marriage, johar and widow burning, as survival adoptions.

Eventually, unlike in South India, Hindu marriages started taking place at night. The groom would go to the bride’s place at late in the evening for marriage and return with the bride, before day break.

Muslims did not defecate in the jungle, as Hindus did. That was considered a Kafir practice. Due to defecation in private by Muslims, the carrying of the night soil on their head was forced upon Hindu prisoners. This disgraceful practice ushered un-sociability amongst Hindus for hygienic reasons. Later this aspect was further over-played, and still continues to be so, to engineer conversions out of Hindu society.

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes – 58/72 – Darkened Horizons

Since nomadic age environment influenced the life of people, their customs and traditions. It is relevant today also. Environment is the cumulative effect of geographical, social, economic, and political conditions that prevail in any area. Whenever significant changes take place in the environment the beliefs and practices also undergo change, become out dated and need to be replaced.

Something that may be good for the Indian environment may not be congenial on other side of the globe. Similarly whatever could be suitable to people of other countries need not be acceptable in India. The Americans drive on the right side of road while in India we keep left. Both are right within their respective environment but if they cross their area, accidents and clashes will occur.

Cultural Clashes 

Need for food motivated men to hunt, cultivate, to augment the resources for living. Many often over-grown groups entered the territories of other groups, resulting in wars. Docile groups adapted the environments of the new area, while hostile groups forced the local environment to change.

By and large Hindus had continued to live more or less in the same environment. Himalayas had cut them off from rest of the globe in the North and sea from the other directions. Over the period they became oblivious to the changes that were taking place in the neighboring areas. Hindus had turned idealists, collectively introverts, and indulged more in spirituality or pleasures. They had shut their eyes to the political upheavals that were taking place in the neighboring areas.  They did not realize that death and destruction were knocking at their door.

Segmentation of Hinduism

Certain environmental changes had given rise to Buddhism and Jainism. Both religions laid stress on non-violence (Ahimsa) and simple living. Because of over commitment to Ahimsa, powerful kingdoms neglected preparations for war, that was otherwise necessary for defending the country and Dharma. They over looked the fundamental military doctrine, that much often-offensive action was the best form of defense. The governance became decentralized, weak, and vulnerable to attacks from ferocious tribes that were being marshaled in the neighborhood.

India had been a land of plenty. Hindus were contented people who believed in live and let live. They never conquered any other country and allowed the outsiders to merge and co-exist with them. Due to over spiritualism, people did not undertake journey across the sea and started neglecting business interests. That resulted in transfer of business to the Arabs. India was not having even good horses for domestic use and for cavalry in battlefield.

Rise of Islam

A little distance away, but in a different environment a storm was building up when Prophet Muhammad ‘inspired’ his wild, bloodthirsty and mutually warring followers to capture all the world and spread the ‘Word of Allah’ from North Pole to South Pole. The newly formed enthusiastic followers thrust their way forward in all directions where people were busy with their own lives in more civilized manner. They had no idea of the ruthlessness and savagery that had gone into the brainwashing and indoctrination that made a Mohammedan, till the barbarians had actually pounced upon their lands and families.

Muhammad proclaimed himself the only representative of God and sought absolute adherence from his followers to the dictates of his faith. They were not to question the rationale behind any of his verdicts. In return they were assured of ‘equal’ treatment within Muslim brotherhood and self-proclaimed right to wipe out those who did not subscribe to their faith in the name of Allah, the Supreme Power. The concept of live and let others also live was to their thinking. They believed in living and not allowing others to live.

Commandments for Terror

In the name of God (Allah) Muhammad strengthened his personal hold over the Arab supporters such through following dictates:-

  • You who believe! Believe in Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad) and the Book (the Qur’an) that He has sent down to His Messenger (Muhammad) and the Scripture (the Message) that He sent down to those before (him).  Any (person) who denies Allah, His angels, His Books, His messengers, and the day of the Judgment, then he has gone far astray. (4.136)
  • In order that you (O people!) may believe in Allah and His Messenger and that you may help and honor Him, and celebrate His Praises morning and evening. (48.9)
  • It is He who has sent His Messenger with the Guidance and the Religion of Truth, that he may proclaim it (Islam) over all religions: and all Sufficient is Allah as Witness. (48.28)

Muhammad commanded his supporters to take on the non believers in the name of god:

  • “(Remember when) your Lord revealed (the Message) to the angels;” Verily, I am with you: give strength to the believers: I will bring about terror in the heart of the disbeliever: so you strike above their necks and hit hard over all their finger tips and toes.” (8.12)
  • This is because the stood against Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad): and if any stand against Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad), Allah is strict in punishment. (8.13)
  • Prepare against them all of your strength, as much as you can, including the (strong) horses of war, to strike fear into His enemies and yours, and others besides them, whom you may not know but whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in Allah’s cause shall be repaid to you, and you shall not be treated unjustly. (8.60)
  • Thereafter when you meet the unbelievers (in battle), strike hard at their necks until you have completely defeated them. Bind the captives firmly. When the war lays down its burdens (and ends), (then is the time for) either kindness or negotiation. Like this (you are commanded); if it had been Allah’s Will, He could have ordered their execution; however in order to test you, He lets some of you fight with others. But He will never let the deeds (of) those who are killed in Allah’s way be lost. (47.4)
  • Be not tired (and timid), and faint-hearted crying for peace, when you should be at the very top; Allah is with you, and (He) will never put you in loss for your (good) deeds. (47.35)

Muhammad promised them with morale raising allurements in Heaven:-

  • But (now) enjoy what you have as booty in the war (as far as it is) lawful and good; but fear Allah: Certainly Allah is often Forgiving, Most merciful. (8.69)
  • And (He will) admit them to the Paradise that He has declared (especially) for them. (47.6)
  • But those who disbelieve and (reject Allah) – for the awaits misery and destruction and (Allah) will make their deeds useless. (47.8)
  • Surely, Allah will admit those who believe and do righteous good deeds, to Paradise beneath which rivers flow: while the disbeliever will enjoy (this world) and eat as cattle eat: And Fire will be their home. (47.12)
  • Prophet! Prepare the believers to battle (against aggression). If twenty of you are steadfast, they will defeat two hundred. If one hundred of you are steadfast, they will defeat a thousand disbelievers, because these are the people without understanding. (8.65)
  • There was total prohibition on having any relationship with non believers:
  • And do not marry unbelieving women (idolaters), until they believe; and indeed, a slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman, even though she (may) allure you. And do not marry (your girls) to non believers until they believe; A slave man who believes is better than an unbeliever, even though he (may) allure you. Non believers (only) call you to the Fire. But Allah calls (you) by his Grace to the Garden (of Joy) and Forgiveness, and makes His Sign clear to the mankind that they may celebrate His Praise. (2.221)

Muhammad left his last sermon a few months before he passed away, like this:

  • No prophet or messenger will come after me, and no new religion will be born…O people and understand the words that I convey to you. I am leaving with you the Book of God (the Quran) and my Sunnah (life style and behavior)…you follow them.

Legitimized killing of non-Muslims

Thus with that kind of spiritual dictate and mindset Islam conquered the world with sword. Jihad was enshrined as the highest duty for a Muslim that religiously legitimized killing of non-Muslims. As per Islamic theologies, if a Muslim went to Kaaba for pilgrimage, he was titled Haji, but much higher titles were available to him if he slit throats of non-Muslims. He could be a Ghazi and was ‘assured entry to the Muslim Heaven where seventy-two beautiful women would be attending on each Muslim Ghazi to satisfy their wildest fantasies’.

Destruction of Civilizations

One by one civilizations, nations and countries fell before the sword of Islam held by fanatics who initially happened to be simple illiterate shepherds and camel breeders. Initially no country could escape death and destruction hurled by such predators on an unprecedented scale. In all the Muslim occupied lands bloodshed ended only when the last inhabitant converted to Islam or agreed to live like a humble pie.

All over the globe, wherever Muslim conquerors went they massacred the non-Muslims, and destroyed their language, literature, culture, places of worship and above all, the signs of their identity. The left-over of vanquished population either fled to inaccessible areas, or were enslaved and forcibly converted to Islam.

Only Hindu India Stood Up

While in other parts of Asia and Europe, the vanquished nations quickly opted for conversion to Islam rather than death; scenario was different in India than elsewhere. India had been a great civilization centuries before Muhammad was born. In India, because of the staunch resistance from the Hindu faith, it turned out to be a determined struggle between life and death. Though entire cities were burnt down and their populations were massacred, yet Hinduism resisted and survived the Islamic onslaught.

Chand K Sharma

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