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Nostalgic Recall of Historic Migration

I was born at Dipalpur an ancient town prior to the days of King Anangpal, an ancestor of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. It was close to Harappa, the site of earliest civilization known to the world today. It was a Tahsil of District Sahiwal that had been named Montgomery by the British to honor Field Marshal Montgomery.

Dipalpur as seen by me in early childhood consisted of flat brick houses. It had straight and wide lanes. The main market with its road paved by bricks had three gates, one each on Northern, Eastern and Southern side. It had a Red brick temple assigned to Baba Laloo Jasrai of Hinglaj (Gujarat).  One Gurudwara was also situated on the out skirts of the town along a canal on its South – Western side. It was on called ‘Nankana Saheb’ because the site had been visited once by Guru Nanak himself. Tongas were the primary means of communication although few Lorries also plied at much lesser frequency.

My maternal grandparents lived at Chiplipur, a small village situated about two miles away from Dipalpur. Two Sikhs families dominated the village with farming as their family business. Some of the Sikh landlords in the village possessed 12 bore guns.

There were three or four Hindu families and many Muslims families who performed menial jobs or worked on the fields. Muslims and Hindus had separate wells for respective communities and there were two mosques in the village. 

I was a student of fourth standard at Primary School in Dipalpur. We were taught Urdu and Arithmetic only. Our class consisted of about 30 – 35 children belonging to Hindu and Muslim families.

I chanced to see Circus, and Ram Lila for the first time at Dipalpur. Rama holding bow, Krishna ‘Sudarshan Chakra’, and Guru Gobind Singh a Baaz on his arm always fascinated me. I had also read the tragic story of Veer Haqeeqat Rai, a teenager, beheaded for blasphemous utterances alleged against him. A picture showing his beheaded corpse with parents crying over it often attracted my thoughtful attention. Those days, to my astonishment some Muslim classmates used to pass indecent remarks against Rama and other Hindu Gods, that of course I did not understand.

The early Signs of Disturbance

In April 1947 I had traveled on horseback with my maternal uncle from Dipalpur to Chiplipur to spend summer vacations.

Suddenly, one day my Nani ji (Maternal Grandmother) took me to a secluded room where a cobra also lived. She opened the big boxes kept there, sorted out clothes, coins and other valuables and returned. Then suddenly one day after evening meals Mama Ji (Maternal Uncle) took Nani Ji and me to the one room hutment of one Miyan Ahmed Din, the local Maulvi. We were told to sleep inside and not to make any conversation.  Mama ji and Miyan Ahmed Din were good friends. They went away after locking the door from outside. Nani ji had kept awake whole night to comfort me with a hand-held fan, as it was warm inside.

In the morning we returned to our house. I saw a big hole in the peripheral wall. Later I learnt that on previous night Muslims had broke open many shops belonging to Hindus. Mama ji and others had kept vigil throughout the night by walking through deserted lanes. As he passed through his own house he suspected some intruders inside. He was single handed but was carrying his Chhavi (an Axe with long blade)on his shoulders. He challenged intruders and some persons ran out of the house. However, they took away a box from our house that contained valuables by jumping across the boundary wall. Thereafter the gap in the wall was plugged, and as precausion boundary wall was raised further with mud bricks and thorny branches. 

Village Defence 

A few days later we moved within the brick mansion located in the centre of the village. It was feared that armed Muslim mobs from nearby villages would come to rob Chiplipur as they had been causing bloodshed in neighboring villages.

On hearing drumbeats a strange routine was repeated on three or four occasions. All children and ladies used to be closeted in a big hall on first floor. Granth Sahib was recited. One or two young ladies used to stand guard holding naked swords. In between the recitation they would chant ‘Sat Shri Akal’ ask the gathering to be prepared to sacrifice head in preference to religion. The male folks would gather on the rooftops holding swords, spears, Laathis and guns in hands.

On such occasions, Mama ji had been taking the village representatives to some Khokhar, whom he personally knew. Khokhar had considerable influence on Muslim population and he lived in a nearby village. Every time Khokhar intervened and the mobs primarily gathered to loot retreated without causing any harm to the village. At night we used to sleep on the rooftops. One night I got my forearm burnt by accidentally coming in contact with hot chilam of my Nana ji’s (Maternal Grandfather) Hookah.

First Experience with Commotion

One day, I chanced to see through the window, that a mob of about hundred Muslims was entering our village from the Northern side. They were beating drums, perhaps to attract more persons to join, and were carrying axes, spears, swords and sticks. A commotion followed and all male persons in our complex stood guard on the rooftops carrying whatever weapons of self-defense they had. My Nana Ji, who was around 60 years or so, also carried a gupti (a straight sword hidden in umbrella stick). 

Further from the roof-top I saw a Maulvi (priest) addressing the mob in the mosque behind our mansion. There was commotion and tension of possible bloodshed all around and nobody knew what could happen. However perhaps Khokhar was contacted again and the mob dispersed. So far the village folks had been requesting Khokhar to safely escort them to Sulemanke Head works on river Sutlej near Fazilka – the border of India and Pakistan. At that time we knew only by names of ‘Hindu part’ and ‘Muslim part’.

Agony of Elderly Persons

Though the attackers had returned, but on the next evening, suddenly I noticed that all the Sikhs had cut their hair and most of them were bitterly crying in the mansion. I came to know that all the Sikh males had been converted to Islam under threat of life from Muslims the previous night. Their hair was shaved in the mosque; they were made to recite Kalma to initiate them to Islam by the Maulvi.  They had been given Muslim names and made to eat beef for which a cow had been slaughtered in the premises of the mosque.   My Nana ji, Mama ji, and myself were the only three male persons from the village who had been spared from this humiliation as we were Brahmins and still held in esteem even by Muslims of the village.

Insult to Injury

Perhaps a day after that incident, one morning the Muslim women accompanied by some males flocked to draw water from the well that was adjacent to our house, and was exclusive for Hindus.  It was primarily aimed to add insult to the injury. Mama Ji became furious and asserted that only those Muslim women would be allowed to draw water from the well who could recite the Kalma to him. He asserted that Hindu village folk had converted to Islam but they had not turned sweepers or urchins to live an unhygienic life. Thus for hygienic reasons the well still remained closed to those who were not pious and clean Muslims. The Muslims thereafter withdrew. The persistence of associations had still continued to play positive role as for as mutual respect between the known’s.

We left our Homes

We had been sorting household items at our home in quite.  I learnt later that Mama ji had got some gold converted into sheets and got them nailed in-betweens the sole of his shoes to avoid theft, robbery or other such eventualities.

All of a sudden, on one afternoon nearby Muslim women entered our house for lifting household articles. I realized it when one of them lifted my colorful pihri (a stool having knitted seat supported on short legs) that was for my exclusive use. I protested but was persuaded by Nana – Nani to let the same be taken away. Soon after, our household was packed up and we again assembled in the mansion; where men and women were crying, sobbing, and packing their household. Some of the Muslim females, who worked on menial jobs in fields also came there and cried in sympathy. Most of them were apologetic for what had happened and sought pardon.

At this juncture I came to know that Military had arrived, and Muslim males had hid in the fields out of fear. By evening all of us were out in the village. I saw all the families moving towards the canal that flowed on the northern side of the village about half a kilometer away. There household was either on bullock carts or was being carried on their person. Everyone talked to him-self, seemed to be in hurry, astonished, aghast, and broken. I too, walked with Nana, Nani while Mama ji was going up and down, probably meeting Muslim friends to coordinate exodus. Walking towards unknown destination, for the last time, I passed through the deohri (main village gate) and Dera, where the village headmen had relaxed all their life. All I knew, that we were moving to Dipalpur to go to Hindustan.

Scenes of Cruelity 

When we reached canal and were moving along its embankment, I saw two headless naked bodies floating in the canal a little distance apart from each other. One was floating in the mid-stream, while the other of a woman had got tucked to the weeds near the bank. The bodies had decomposed. After that sight darkness had set in. One military person considering the age and perhaps fatigue on the face of Nani ji requested her to board the military truck, which she politely declined. She walked the entire distance of six miles to Dipalpur while I was put on the over-loaded bullock cart after darkness. We had travelled along the road and I overheard from elders that several beheaded corpses were floating in the canal.

We reached Dipalpur at midnight and slept on ground in the open compound of Middle School. Mama ji had found that my parents and other Hindu families had already moved out of Dipalpur ahead of us, but their whereabouts were not known. Military persons, perhaps an infantry section consisted of eight to ten persons under a Naik had been escorting us. They were in a truck. To instill a feeling of security they occupied position on top of the school building and had sited one light machine gun on top of the building.

Next day, I saw many of the household items being off-loaded in the compound. Since we had brought the luggage on bullock cart belonging to Muslims it was to return to Chiplipur. Hurriedly, Mama Ji and some others pooled some money, and the cart along with oxen was purchased from the Muslims owners. Thus; only few select items of the three families were reloaded and most of the load was discarded. We had fed on the food that had been prepared in advance at Chiplipur and it mainly consisted of Missi roties and Kasaar, a sweatend fried wheat grind. 

Sight of Migration

By afternoon we joined a Kaafila (flock of migrants) moving from nearby surrounding town Okara. By evening we crossed through the streets Haveli, where some of our relatives had been residing, but had moved to Fazilka well in time. It looked deserted, and some armed Muslims from their rooftops were staring at us with mixed feelings of astonishment and greed for loot and kill. Our Kaafila halted on the road after moving some distance form Haveli. The Military persons and some armed migrants kept vigil during night against possible attack from Muslims. I slept on the stacked luggage of bullock cart, along with some other children. Rest everyone was on ground. 

Next day, by chance, we came in contact with my elder brother, who had taken premature release form the army after seeing action during World War II in South East Asian Theater. Only during the previous year, we had celebrated his marriage at Dipalpur, and he had taken up a job at Okara. Thus, from Okara to Fazilka my brother was transporting his wife in advanced stage of pregnancy on the carrier of his Releigh bicycle, which he pulled single handedly on foot. His widowed mother in law also accompanied and the trio did not have any substantial baggage  other than the clothes on their bodies.

Crossing over to India

By next day noon, we crossed the Sutlej River. The river was in spate and the current was very fast. Later I learnt that an aged mother of some acquaintances was swept by the current in the presence of her grown up sons without any effort on the part of the sons to rescue her. I could not understand why human relationships had taken a nosedive when individual survival was at stake. 

We halted in a grove for food and rest. The bullock carts were unloaded. Some of our relatives who had moved with earlier caravans and were sheltered in refugee camps set up around Fazilka spotted us. Many other migrants were also searching for their scattered ones. We too were able to locate more relatives near the resting place. They also narrated their version of distress and misery. As some of them did not possess even utensils, Nani ji distributed some of the utensils to each of them from whatever we had carried for us. There, for the first time we learnt that my parental family had traveled with distress to India along an earlier Kaafila from Dipalpur and they could be located in or around Ferozepur. All of us received a handful of roasted gram for food distributed by volunteers performing reception and rehabilitation duties. It was here that for the first time I heard that one Jawaharlal was the ‘king’ of Hindus and Jinnah was the ‘king’ of Muslims. 

Loss of Identities

By evening we managed to board some overcrowded motor transport and headed for Ferozepur with hope to unite with my parental family. My elder brother had to stay with some relatives at Fazilka since a son was born to his wife soon after reaching free India. From the date of birth of his son I can now calculate that perhaps we had crossed to India on 20 August 1947 and had left our home at Chiplipur forever on 17 August 1947.

We reached Ferozepur at night and stayed in a deserted house.  A brother of my Nani ji met us by chance and we shifted to another house for few days trying to locate our separated ones; till one day; my father arrived from Jalandhar as a pleasant surprise searching us. We narrated the account of migration of the family and we had a sigh of relief that everyone was safe at Jalandhar. He had no information about the whereabouts of my other elder brother, who was then serving in the Air Force. 

Re-union with family

My father insisted that we should move and settle at Jalandhar. There was heavy rush on trains, buses, or any other means of communications. Finally, one day we found space in open wagon of a goods train to take us to Jalandhar. At Firozepur station, I saw a train over-packed with Muslim refugees being dispatched to Pakistan. One separated Muslim woman who was trying to escape assault upon her was overrun by the engine of our goods train. A glass of water was being sold for 20 rupees by some persons at Firozepur station. Finally we reached Jalandhar and were united with the family.

Nostalgia of the past 

After three decades I happened to visit Abhohar as an Air Defense Artillery Officer for some Military duty. After finishing my task, I drove to Fazilka and went to Sulemanke head works situated on the home bank of River Sutlej to get a peep of Pakistan. I could see nothing on the far bank. But the places where I had spent my early childhood lay at a distance of few hours where I stood. I was unable to step there again. It had faded into history. The nostalgic memories shall also fade away with the passing of our generation and perhaps the future generation would not be able to gauge the experience of turmoil we underwent and what we had lost to gain freedom. It is not the account of sufferings of one particular family; many others had suffered much worse.

Chand K Sharma

BJP should go alone!

Coalition governance has led to non-governance in the country. It is still fresh that most of the time Vajpayee’s government remained busy in keeping its allies together through ministerial berths, revoking professed policies or deferring action that was much-needed in the national interest. Finally it was just one vote that led to the collapse of the government leading to midterm poll.

Same is the story of Congress. There is a Majboor Prime Minister blaming his allies for Government scams to profess his personal cleanliness. On the other hand UPA government continues to be frequently impeded by allies. Its survival depends upon those who are accused of neck-deep corruption. They are supporting a puppet Prime Minister simply to enjoy the fruit of Governance and to scuttle the ongoing proceedings against their corrupt deeds.

Hopefully voters will see through the opportunist game of such discredited politicians and reject them at 2014 polls so that country gets rid of political menace of their breed. But it can also be foreseen that after the polls some of those worthless lots will manage to win. They will swap sides with Congress as well as BJP to hop into government to reap the benefits. BJP always remains isolated since vested interests and cover of pseudo secularism provide more option to the opportunists to side with Congress to keep majority community out of power in India. 

The situation remains to be dim. Democracy is turning out to be a costly luxury for the taxpayers. Politics has become the past time of certain families and vested groups who frequently regroup under various pretexts to grab political power. Many of our so-called leaders are the creations of media and sponsored by Mafia. Most of them are dissidents for some personal grudges and lead self-created factions based upon caste and region. Switching parties is their survival.

The governments formed by BJP alone in the states have been performing well, but wherever BJP is in alliance with others stability is threatened. The alliance partners have no national outlook or interest except to promote their own self at the cost of the BJP. They continue threats to switch alliance for better gains at the opportune time.

To appease its minority vote bank, JD (U) has also started flexing muscles to project Nitish Kumar as potential PM. JD (U) cannot risk sacrificing its government in Bihar. Even if RJD, LJSP, SP, Congress or someone else temporarily rescued their government in Bihar, such arrangement will not be lasting. In contrast, BJP at her own will get its own share of votes and do better by contesting all the seats in Bihar to form a government of its own.

It is certain that JD (U) will not let BJP follow her own nationalist agenda. Similarly, minorities shall never vote for BJP. Unless NDA allies support uniform civil code and abrogation of Article 370 and are in unison with like issues categorically, any alliance with them shall be opportunist merely to form a lame government. The perception that BJP represents the majority community and is committed to safeguarding nationalistic interests, gets eclipsed when BJP is handicapped to implement her own agenda because of the uncommitted allies.

The pro secular outbursts of JD (U) leaders against are not acceptable. Why do Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav think that Hindus have no rights in this country for safeguarding their interest and we have to continue pleasing minorities at every cost? Minorities have already alienated BJP due to misguided propaganda,  such ‘allies’ will alienate from BJP’s traditional vote bank. They shall not let BJP emerge as a nationalist force.

Formation of Electoral Alliances for 2014 is already underway. Provincial parties will find BJP a willing partner for easy piggy-back ride to power. Similar allurement will find BJP also attracted towards provincial alliances where BJP organization is week or non-existing. If that happened India will again be saddled with non functional coalition government.

Thus better go alone with confidence, committment and determination.

Chand K Sharma

India slipping out from Hindus under Secularism

Mrs Edvige Antonia Albina Maino is known to us as Congress President Sonia Gandhi. She was installed as UPA Chairperson by Congress party to overrule everyone in India without being accountable to anyone. Brushing aside the past heritage of Hindu culture since the evolution of Universe Sonia has openly stated that India is not a Hindu country. In so-called largest democracy her son Raul Vinci is being groomed as future Prime Minister by Congressmen and is being advertised as the Crown Prince by media under control of Christians.

Her continuance is to the delight of anti-Hindutva activists like Teesta Setalvad, John Dayal, Rahul Gandhi, Ram Puniyani, Arudhanti, DigVijay, Chidambaram and other Jihadi mindset people who don’t want to sing Vande Mataram or have any respect for Indian identities.

Majority of politicians in Sonia Gandhi’s closed circle are either Christians or Muslims. She seems to have no confidence in Hindus and those in her close confidents are:-

  • Ambika Soni, a Christian, is General Secretary of the Congress.
  • Oscar Fernandez is Union Programme Implementation Minister.
  • Margaret Alva is the eminence grilse of Maharashtra.
  • Karnataka is virtually controlled by A K Anthony, whose secretaries are all from the Southern Christian association.
  • Valson Thampu, a Hindu hater, is Chairman NCERT curriculum Review Committee.
  • John Dayal, another known Hindu hater, has been named by Sonia Gandhi in the National Integration Council.
  • Kancha Ilaya, who hates Hindus, is being allowed by the Indian Government to lobby with the UN and US Congress so that caste discrimination in India is taken-up by these bodies. 
  • One can also add to list Ajit Jogi, and Digvijay Singh both Christian converts & also Pranoy Roy and his niece Arundhati ‘Suzanna’ Roy

Under the cover of secularism in many Christians have been selectively chosen to fill constitutional posts although many of them had questionable personal record:-

  • KG Balakrishna (Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court)
  • Naveen Chawla (Chief Election Commissioner)
  • AK Anthony (Defense)
  • PC Thomas, Chief Vigilance commissioner
  • Air Chief Marshal N.A.K. Browne has taken over as Chief of the Air Staff.   

Out of seven states in North East of India, four states have been under the absolute control of Church. Most of the Subversive groups and terror outfits like Maoists get support from Evangelical Groups in the form of foreign funds for converting of local population to Christianity. To allure them Christian fathers and nuns have been living most lavish life in India by utilizing money collected from overseas in the name of service to poor people of third world. Besides that, there are funds from Islamic countries also that are being utilised for Jihad and terrorist activities.

There are five Christian chief ministers in Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Christian conversions in India seem to have gone in overdrive. More than 4,000 foreign Christian missionaries are involved in conversion activities across different states. Their activities have resulted in change of demographic profile of Indian population:-

  • In Tripura, there were no Christians at independence but there are 120.000 today. It amounts to 90 percent increase since 1991.
  • The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1710 Christians in 1961, but 1.2 million today. There are over 780 churches.
  • In Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming-up every day in far-flung villages and there was even an attempt to set-up one near Tirupati.
  • Many of the North-East separatist movements, such as the Mizo or the Bodos, are not only Christian dominated, but also sometimes function with the covert backing of the missionaries.
  • In Kerala, particularly in the poor coastal districts, you find “miracle boxes” put in local churches: the gullible villager writes out a paper mentioning his wish: a fishing boat, a loan for house, fees for the son’s schooling. The miracles are enacted within few weeks later! The whole family converts, making others in the village follow suit.
  • During the Tsunami, entire dalit villages in Tamil Nadu were converted to Christianity with the lure of money.

The apathy of our Government towards Hindus can be measured from the following:-

When over a thousand Hindus are killed and a quarter million Hindus ethnically cleansed in Kashmir, the world media does not even notice, but there is always worldwide hue and cry when a few local riots take place and a few missionaries are killed by unidentified tribal miscreants in India. The Indian Government keeps mum.

Christian Naga terrorists have been killing non-Christians for decades. This has never been an issue with the world media. However they raise their voice to bewail the “oppression” of the Nagas by “Hindu India”.

More than 20,000 people have lost their lives to insurgency in Assam and Manipur in the past two decades to the deaf ears of India Government and International media.

Educational institutes and orphanages run by Christian organizations have become big business in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other states.

In Pondicherry, schools run by Adventists force their pupils, mostly Hindus, to say Christian prayers every day and to attend mass. They are constantly fed anti Hindu slogans and biases under different forms, whether it is in history books, or discourses by priests during religious classes.

Even in the elite schools or colleges, such as St Stephen’s College in Delhi, St Xavier in Calcutta or Loyola college in Madras, where no direct proselytization is allowed, Hindu pupils are subtly encouraged towards scepticism of their own religion, and admiration of whatever is Western.

All this needs to be contrasted with the furore when MM Joshi wanted the Saraswati Vandna hymn to be sung at a Chief Ministers’ meet on education?

Sonia Gandhi said during National Integration Council meeting, “We are committed to ideological battle against communal forces which seek to destroy our diversity and polarise us. Certain parties promote polarization and confrontation”; and “India is not a Hindu country”.

In any other country, it would be unthinkable to have Hindus – or even Indian citizens in so many positions of power.

The tragedy is that brain-dead Hindus have voted for anti Hindu Congress.

Chand K Sharma

Congress is the mother of political Evils

Congress is the mother of all the political evils existing in India.   Congress was founded by one Britisher AO Hume in 1885 to distract Indian masses away from joining any political movement that may go against the colonial Government. Indians were provided with a platform to cough-up their political aspirations about freedom movement reflected through the Revolution of 1857.

The arrangement worked, since newly born Macaulay products of British Educational system found an amusement park to keep them busy with some home rule type lollypop under the supervision of British oriented Congress Presidents. As and when some nationalist leaders with guts like Lokmanya Tilak,  Lala Lajpat Rai, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar emerged and attracted masses with ideas of freedom as their birth right, they were eased out of Congress and  replaced with moderates, of the types of Gopal Krishna Gokhale,  MK Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Pattabhai Seetarammaiyya and so on. They could toe the British ideology . Out of those English educated personalities MK Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were more acceptable to British to participate with them on negotiating table.  Finally they got the reward also as they were gifted with the political power of governance in left over of India.

We must not forget that  Gandhi and Nehru had openly supported the British in second world war, which was fought to protect British colonial empire by contributing blood of Indian soldiers and they remained cold throughout towards Indian National Army of Subhash Chandra Bose. After gifting major chunk of India to Muslims as Pakistan, Gandhi and Nehru made them equal partners in the remaining part of India – and now they are preferential citizens of India having first right on country’s resources as per Congress.

Congress party is now really showing its true colors. Under the garb of secularism it is turning out to be just another version of Muslim league, wedded to placating Muslims and Christians whom the British had favored on the eve of  India’s partition and thereafter. Congress is working to divide Hindus and fragment India into smaller states that will be asking for more and more autonomy in years to come. 

Constitutionally Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs are the off-shoots of Hindu religion and had been clubbed together by patriots like Dr Rajendra Prasad and Dr BR Ambedekar while drafting the constitution of India. But through reservations and other political gimmicks, Congress has been continuously creating wedge between Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs through appeasement of minorities. These Hindu sects are also referred as minorities purposely.  By extending benefits of reservations to those who converted to Islam and Christianity, Congress leadership has been alluring and abetting conversions out of Hinduism to weaken Hindu unity in the country. Sikhs are also being offered minority benefits on the sly under Manmohan Singh’s government and that is why a dubious debate goes on under the caption Sikhs are not Hindus.  In all sincerity will the Sikh PM Manmohan Singh hand-picked by Congress President Sonia Gandhi to govern India muster courage to open his heart and mind on whether Sikhs are Hindus or otherwise? It is apparant that he would prefer to keep mum for political reasons and allow the controversy to linger on.

Sonia and her clan have to simply wait, hide and smile while the job is being done by spade workers. Rahul’s remarks that there can be a Muslim Prime Minister in India is just to draw Muslim support as a link in the same chain. He stated that his religion was Tiranga – perhaps implying power – as there is no such religion. Sonia has stated that India is not a Hindu country.

It is now for the patriotic and nationalist  Indians to see whether they would allow their home land to be ruined by such clandestine and sinister games. It is a religious obligation upon Hindus in particular to come out and unite against Congress rule and defeat it politically to save their home land, the memories, values and traditions of their ancestors, otherwise the same would be washed away from India in the tide of misplaced secularism. The whole game is nothing but minority appeasement, to strengthen minorities to destroy the left over traces of Hinduism in India.

Chand K Sharma   

How long Hindus would continue receiving beatings at home?

Politicians are not serious about controlling terrorism as long as they are wrapped in multi-layered security for themselves and their families. They are doing overt actions simply with an eye on elections to be held in future.

We have been watching the commitment of UPA government in controlling terrorism. It had perfected an automatic drill to be put into action after every bomb blasts. Security agencies and Central Government play safe naming that to be ‘Pakistan sponsored’. Home Minister prefers to link that to ‘Hindu terrorism’. Prime Minister always appealed for ‘maintaining communal harmony’. Sonia strolls through the affected area and ceremoniously visits the injured in hospital escorted by some senior cabinet minister. Media arranges few discussions between habitual participants about the incompetence of police set up. Thereafter every thing is forgotten till next blast. In spite of that the Government is nervous about hanging the confirmed terrorists.

Why we can not think beyond that? Why couldn’t we resort to hot pursuit, abolishing entry of Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens to India , or restraining the activities of those within India who provide shelter to the terrorists? If the Home Minister always had prior information of likely blast, could he not be responsible to explain to the nation as to what action had been taken by him to ensure prevention?

It implies that Hindus should not react. They continue being blasted or remain busy watching reality shows flooded with Pakistani participants! We have been given over dose of Gandhian Ahimsa that has got settled deeply in the marrow of our bones in the form of inactivity.

All Sikh congregations are led by Panch Pyaras who are armed to maintain the sanctity of the occasion. On the same pattern Hindus temples and Congregations should think of deploying Panch Devas to represent Shiva, one incarnation of Vishnu, Ganesha, Durga and Hanuman, who should be armed with the weapons associated with those deities. Their presence will remind Hindu community that violence for self-protection and for the protection of Dharma is as noble as non violence preached by Gandhi.

In addition Hindus must employ armed security guards at all the places of importance who should thoroughly screen and protect all visitors till the arrival of Government security agencies during any eventuality. Hindus should care for their own security as politicians are vying with each other in appeasing minority vote bank for their selfish interests. Hindu intellectuals and Dharma Gurus should ponder over the subject with open mind.

Chand K Sharma

हिन्दू विरोधी काला कानून

अगले आम चुनाव से पहले हिन्दूओं के प्रचार पर रोक लगाने और अल्प संख्यकों को बढावा दे कर अपने वश में करने के विचार से काँग्रेस एक काला कानून पास करवाने जा रही है जिस का नाम है – “सांप्रदायिकहिंसा रोकथाम (न्याय एवं क्षतिपूर्ति) विधेयक 2011″।

वास्तव में यह कानून भारत में हिन्दूओं का हमेशा के लिये सर्वनाश कर दे गा और भारत को ऐक अलपसंख्यकों का खंडित देश बना दे गा।

विस्तरित जानकारी के लिये कानून को ही पढना पडे गा लेकिन यहाँ सरल भाषा में इस कानून के हिन्दू विरोधी पहलूओं पर प्रकाश डाला गया है ताकि उन्हें आसानी से समझा जा सके। कानूनी भाषा के बदले केवल सारांश ही प्रस्तुत है।

कानून का मकसद हिन्दू विरोधी अल्पसंख्यक वोट बैंक कायम करना है।

कहने को इस का मकसद देश में सांप्रदायिक हिंसा को रोकना है, लेकिन इसका असली मकसद काँग्रेस के लिये और खास तौर पर सोनियां परिवार के लिये अल्प संख्यक वोट बैंक मज़बूत करना है। यह कानून पूरी तरह से दुर्भावना, पक्षपात एवं दुराग्रह से ग्रसित है और इस का प्रभाव हिन्दूओं के हाथ पाँव बाँध कर उन की पीठ में छुरा घोंपना है।

हिन्दू विरोधी दिमाग की उपज – जिस ड्राफ्ट कमेटी ने इस विधेयक को बनाया है, उसका चरित्र ही इस विधेयक के इरादे को स्पष्ट कर देता है। इसके सदस्यों और सलाहकारों में हर्ष मंडेर, अनु आगा, तीस्ता सीतलवाड़, फराह नकवी जैसे हिन्दू विद्वेषी तथा सैयद शहाबुद्दीन, जॉन दयाल, शबनम हाशमी और नियाज फारुखी जैसे घोर साम्प्रदायिक लोग शामिल हैं। विधेयक के इरादे क्या हों दे इस की आसानी से कल्पना की जा सकती है।

परिभाषाओं का छुपा मतलब – कानून में बहुसंख्यकों का अर्थ हिन्दूओं से है और अल्प संख्यकों में मुस्लिम, इसाई, तो आते ही हैं उन के साथ अनुसूचित जातियों और जन जातियों को जोडने का बन्दोबस्त भी हो गा। मतलब साफ है हिन्दूओं को तोड कर अनुसूचित जातियों को भी संरक्षण पक्षपात या किसी प्रलोभन के बहाने हिन्दू विरोधी बना कर अल्पसंख्यक वोट बैंक का विस्तार किया जाये गा।

विपक्षी सरकारों को तोडना – यह भारत के संघीय ढांचे को ही नष्ट कर देगा। सांम्प्रदायिक हिंसा के दौरान किए गए अपराध राज्यों के कार्यक्षेत्र में आते है। यदि प्रस्तावित बिल कानून बन जाता है तो केन्द्र सरकार राज्य सरकारों के अधिकारों को हड़प लेगी। जिस प्राँत में भी केन्द्र विरोधी सरकार होगी उस में इस कानून की आड में केन्द्र सरकार पूरी दखलांदाजी कर सके गी।

हिन्दू-मुस्लिमों के बीच शत्रुता – इस विधेयक के द्वारा न केवल बहुसंख्यकों अर्थात हिन्दूओं को आक्रामक और अपराधी वर्ग में ला खड़ा करने, बल्कि हिन्दू-मुस्लिमों के बीच शत्रुता पैदा कर हर गली-कस्बे में दंगे करवाने की साजिश है।

हिन्दू विरोधी प्रावधान – इस कानून में ‘समूह’ की परिभाषा से मतलब पंथिक या भाषायी अल्पसंख्यकों से है, जिसमें अनुसूचित जाति व जनजाति को भी शामिल किया जा सकता है। अल्प संख्यकों में मुस्लिम, इसाई, तो आते ही हैं उन के साथ अनुसूचित जातियों और जन जातियों को जोडने का बन्दोबस्त भी हो गा। जरूरत पडने पर सिखों, बौद्धों, तथा किसी को भी भाषायी अल्पसंख्यक बनाया जा सकता है।

किसी भी बहुसंख्यक (हिन्दू) पर कोई भी अल्पसंख्यक नफरत फैलाने, हमला करने, साजिश करने अथवा नफरत फैलाने के लिए आर्थिक मदद देने या शत्रुता का भाव फैलाने के नाम पर मुकदमा दर्ज करवा सकेगा और उस बेचारे बहुसंख्यक (हिन्दू) को इस कानून के तहत कभी शिकायतकर्ता की पहचान तक का हक नहीं होगा। इसमें शिकायतकर्ता के नाम और पते की जानकारी उस व्यक्ति को नहीं दी जाएगी जिसके खिलाफ शिकायत दर्ज की जा रही है।

केवल हिन्दूओं को त्रास्त करना

  •  शिकायतकर्ता अल्पसंख्यक अपने घर बैठे शिकायत दर्ज करवा सकेगा।
  • इसी प्रकार यौन शोषण व यौन अपराध के मामले भी केवल अल्पसंख्यक ही हिन्दू के विरुद्ध शिकायत दर्ज करवा सकेगा और ये सभी मामले अनुसूचित जाति और जनजाति पर किए जाने वाले अपराधों के साथ समानांतर चलाए जाएंगे। हिन्दू व्यक्ति को कभी यह नहीं बताया जाएगा कि उसके खिलाफ शिकायत किसने दर्ज कराई है।
  • उसे एक ही तथाकथित अपराध के लिए दो बार दो अलग-अलग कानूनों के तहत दंडित किया जाएगा।
  • इस अधिनियम के अनुसार पीड़ित वही व्यक्ति है जो किसी समूह का सदस्य है। अतः कोई हिन्दू इस कानून के तहत पीडित व्यक्ति नहीं बन सकता। समूह के बाहर किसी बहुसंख्यक की महिला से अगर दुराचार किया जाता है या अपमानित किया जाता है या जान-माल की हानि या क्षति पहुचाई जाती है तो भी बहुसंख्यक पुरुष या महिला पीड़ित नहीं माने जायेगे । यह कानून हिन्दूओं को परिताडित करने के लिये ही बनाया जाये गा।
  • अपराध के फलस्वरूप किसी समूह का कोई व्यक्ति शारीरिक, मानसिक मनोवैज्ञानिक या आर्थिक हानि उठाता है तो न केवल वह अल्पसंख्यक व्यक्ति बल्कि उसके रिश्ते-नातेदार, विधिक संरक्षक और विधिक वारिस भी पीड़ित माने जायेगे !
  • दंगो के दौरान होने वाले जान और माल के नुकसान पर मुआवजे के हक़दार सिर्फ अल्पसंख्यक ही होंगे। किसी बहुसंख्यक का भले ही दंगों में पूरा परिवार और संपत्ति नष्ट हो जाए उसे किसी तरह का मुआवजा नहीं मिलेगा।

सुरक्षा बलों में साम्प्रदायक्ता भरना

  • यह विधेयक पुलिस और सैनिक अफसरों के विरुद्ध उसी तरह बर्ताव करता है जिस तरह से कश्मीरी आतंकवादी उनके खिलाफ रुख अपनाते हैं। यानी अगर शरारती तत्व सुरक्षा कर्मियों पर पत्थर या हथगोले फैंके तो वह पीडित ही माने जायें गे और अपनी डयूटी करते हुये सुरक्षा कर्मी यदि बल का प्रयोग करें तो वह अपनी सफाइ देने के लिये दोषी बन कर कटघडे में ही खडे हों गे।
  • विधेयक में ‘समूह’ यानी अल्पसंख्यक के विरुद्ध किसी भी हमले या दंगे के समय यदि पुलिस, अ‌र्द्धसैनिक बल अथवा सेना तुरंत और प्रभावी ढंग से स्थिति पर नियंत्रण प्राप्त नहीं करती तो उस बल के नियंत्रणकर्ता अथवा प्रमुख के विरुद्ध आपराधिक धाराओं में मुकदमे चलाए जाएंगे। स्थिति पर नियंत्रण जैसी परिस्थिति किसी भी ढंग से परिभाषित की जा सकती है।
  • किसी संगठन का कोई कार्यकर्त्ता या वरिष्ठतम अधिकारी या पद धारी अपनी कमान के नियंत्रण पर्यवेक्षक के अधीन अधीनस्थों के ऊपर नियंत्रण रखने में असफल रहता है तो इस अधिनियम के अधीन यदि कोई अपराध किया जाता है तो वह अपने अधीनस्थों द्वारा किये गए अपराध का दोषी होगा ! अर्थात किसी संगठन का सामान्य से सामान्य कार्यकर्त्ता भी इस अधिनियम के आधार पर यदि अपराधी सिद्ध होता है तो शीर्ष नेतृत्व भी अपराधी माना जायेगा । अगर निचले सत्र का कोई कर्मी जानबूझ कर या लापरवाही से किसी अल्पसंख्यक को नुकसान पहुँचाता है तो उस दल के अफसर को दोषी बनाया जा सकता है। अतः कोई अपने अफसर को नीचा दिखाने के लिये अपनी लापरवाही से उसे दँडित करवा सके गा। सशस्त्र बलों में अनुशासन हीनता को बढावा मिले गा।
  • सांप्रदायिक हिंसा रोकने के लिए जिस सात सदस्यीय समिति के गठन की सिफारिश की है, उसमें चार सदस्य मजहबी अल्पसंख्यक होंगे। यदि समिति में अल्पसंख्यकों का बहुमत नहीं होगा तो समिति न्याय नहीं कर सकेगी।

समाचार पत्रों पर पाबन्दी और आतंकियों को छूट

घृणा या दुष्प्रचार –शब्दों द्वारा या बोले गए या लिखे गए या चित्रण किये गए किसी दृश्य को प्रकाशित, संप्रेषित या प्रचारित करना, जिससे किसी समूह या समूह के व्यक्तियों के विरुद्ध समानताय या विशिष्टतया हिंसा का खतरा होता है या कोई व्यक्ति इसी सूचना का प्रसारण या प्रचार करता है या कोई ऐसा विज्ञापन व सूचना प्रकाशित करता है जिसका अर्थ यह लगाया जा सकता हो कि इसमें घृणा को बढ़ावा देने या फ़ैलाने का आशय निहित है ! उस समूह के व्यक्तियों के प्रति इसी घृणा उत्पन्न होने की सम्भावना के आधार पर वह व्यक्ति दुष्प्रचार का दोषी है ! ऐसी प्रस्थिति में यदि कोई समाचार – पत्र आतंकवादियों के उन्माद भरे बयानों प्रकाशित करता है तो उसका प्रकाशक अपराधी मना जायेगा ! अर्थात फाँसी की सजा काट रहे आतंकवादियों का नाम प्रकाशित करने पर भी पाबंदी होगी ! आतंकवाद के खिलाफ परिचर्चा, राष्ट्रीय सेमीनार का आयोजन करना भी अपराध माना जायेगा जो कि संविधान द्वारा प्रदत्त अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता का अधिकार को भी बाधित करेगा !

किसी  बहुसंख्यक की किसी बात से किसी अल्पसंख्यक को मानसिक कष्ट हुआ है तो वह भी अपराध माना जायेगा। अल्पसंख्यक वर्ग के किसी व्यक्ति के अपराधिक कृत्य का शाब्दिक विरोध भी इस विधेयक के अन्तर्गत अपराध माना जायेगा। यानि अब अफजल गुरु को फांसी की मांग करना,बांग्लादेशी घुसपैठियों के निष्कासन की मांग करना, धर्मान्तरण पर रोक लगाने की मांग करना भी अपराध बन जायेगा। मानसिक एवं मनोवैज्ञानिक हानि कि मापने पा पैमाना क्या होगा यह स्पष्ट नहीं किया गया

भारतीय संविधान की मूल भावना के अनुसार किसी आरोपी को तब तक निरपराध माना जायेगा जब तक वह दोषी सिद्ध न हो जाये; परन्तु, इस विधेयक में आरोपी तब तक दोषी माना जायेगा जब तक वह अपने आपको निर्दोष सिद्ध न कर दे। इसका मतलब होगा कि किसी भी गैर हिन्दू के लिए अब किसी हिन्दू को जेल भेजना आसान हो जाएगा। वह केवल आरोप लगाएगा और पुलिस अधिकारी आरोपी हिन्दू को जेल में डाल देगा। इस विधेयक के प्रावधान पुलिस अधिकारी को इतना कस देते हैं कि वह उसे जेल में रखने का पूरा प्रयास करेगा ही क्योंकि उसे अपनी प्रगति रिपोर्ट शिकायतकर्ता को निरंतर भेजनी होगी।

विधेयक अगर पास हो जाता है तो हिन्दुओं का भारत में जीना दूभर हो जायेगा। देश द्रोही और हिन्दू द्रोही तत्व खुलकर भारत और हिन्दू समाज को समाप्त करने का षडयन्त्र करते रहेंगे; परन्तु हिन्दू संगठन इनको रोकना तो दूर इनके विरुध्द आवाज भी नहीं उठा पायेंगे।

अधिनियम का प्रभाव क्षेत्र – सम्पूर्ण भारतवर्ष होगा । जम्मू-कश्मीर में राज्य की सहमति से इसे विस्तारित किया जायेगा । जम्मू-कश्मीर में इस प्रकार का कानून आतंकवादियों और उन के सहयोगियों के लिये रास्ता आसान कर दे गा।

यह अधिनियम पारित किये जाने की तारीख से एक वर्ष के भीतर लागू होगा तथा एसे अपराध जो भारत के बाहर किये गए है उन पर भी इस अधिनियम के अंतर्गत उसी प्रकार कार्यवाही होगी जैसे वह भारत के भीतर किया गया हो !

काँग्रेस पार्टी पूर्णत्या  हिन्दू विरोधी है

एक वर्ष के भीतर लागू किये जाने की बाध्यता को रखकर यह सुनिश्चित करने का प्रयास किया गया है कि वर्तमान सरकार और राष्ट्रीय सलाहकार समिति की वर्तमान अध्यक्षा के रहते ही यह कानूनी अनिवार्य रूप से लागू कर दिया जाय !

हिन्दूओं के लिये अब अभी नहीं तो कभी नही वाली स्थिति

हिन्दूओं को चाहिये कि इस काले कानून का संसद में, गलियों में मीडीया में सभी प्रकार से विरोध करें और सडकों पर उतरें।

इस कानून के विरुद्ध उच्चतम न्यायालय में याचिका डालें।

साम्प्रदायकता रोकने के लिये आसान रास्ता समान आचार संहिता लागू करना

सऱकार से माँग करें कि अगर देश में ऐकता लानी है तो समान आचार संहिता लागू करवायें जिस से अल्प संख्यक और बहु संख्यक का भेद अपने आप ही खत्म हो जाये गा।

किसी को ज्ञापन देने से कुछ नहीं हो गा। अब हिन्दूओं को फैसला करना हो गा कि देश को धर्म हीन बना कर दूसरों के हवाले करना है या फिर उसे हिन्दू राष्ट्र बना कर अपना अस्तीत्व सुरक्षित करना है।

चाँद शर्मा

Splashes – 72/72 – Hindus to be Assertive

We are a rare case in the world that the descendants of a grand civilization and religion were kept enslaved for over thousand years by a handful of invaders who were primitive, uncivilized and spiritually perverse. The unfortunate part is that we remained at the mercy of a lady of Italian origin having little knowledge of English ruled over us but on the basis of her family connection some selfish and corrupt Indian sycophants!

Helplessly, we begged her government for preservation of our culture and the safety of our lives.  What really has been wrong with us? Perhaps over spiritualism and idealism have blocked our arteries, and have paralyzed our minds. We are helplessly awaiting someone to emerge and rescue us, while the remedy is with us to empower ourselves through Purushartha of ballot.

We shut eyes to Environment

Our Dharma Gurus – They remain busy lecturing spirituality devoid of activism. They have amassed properties for themselves and their family clans. Most of them are shy of karma yoga and have turned secular to attract more followers from global market. They are scared of calling a spade a spade, even if that happened to be truth.

Our Educated Ladies – The off springs of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, lack courage, ability and aspiration to replace the Italian born from extra constitutional authority. On the contrary some of them are begging reservation to enter legislative forums in India. They aim to compete with men in and out rather managing their homes, future generation, heritage, culture and resources.

Our Youths – They are turning helpless and hopeless due to over competitive environment contaminated with reservations. To escape realities they flock around a popped up Pappu icon from the same family to offer him Prime Minister of the country. Some of them want to run away further towards greener pastures abroad for better living rather cleaning and reclaiming on home.

Our Spiritual leaders – They are the worst of all. They remain busy segmenting Hindu society to carve a commercial niche for them. They keep mum in the face of illegal activities.

The stark fact is that we have not learnt anything from our history, spiritualism and lofty idealism.

The Gifts from God

Every person inherits his parentage, name, family, caste, blood relations, country and Religion at the time of birth. There was no choice as it came from Him. The package consisted of fond memories of ancestors, their beliefs, customs and traditions; all branded and packed in to the bundle of religion.

These are the possessions we use most of the time in our life daily as our personal identity. Subsequent circumstances may force an individual to adopt a new nationality but the link with ancestors is continued through the religion even after death. Religion is a strong bondage that establishes and regulates the relationship of persons living, dead, and those to follow. Thus, whatever was bestowed upon us by birth should be respected as a duty having been assigned to us by God Almighty.

Substance of Hindu Dharma

The substance of spirituality and the real Dharma of the individual is to love our country, parents, family, and society; and live by the laws of environment. Real Moksha comes through discharging ones duties without expecting anything in return. Hinduism has taken every one into its fold. All those living in India are Hindus provided they live within the constraints of Indian environment, customs and traditions established by indigenous ancestors.

Competition and animosity between religions occur when some religion usurped the area of another religion. The relevancy of every religion is to be assessed with reference to its place of origin. Hindus have no objection if any other religion followed some different practices, in their respective homelands. But once other religions overstep their boundaries to clash with local religion clashes are bound to result. With reference to India, Islam and Christianity are religions of alien environment pitted against Hinduism.

Blinded towards realities

It is not a shame that on the slightest sign of danger Hindus start crying aloud in India for their neighbor to help. They have individually given up Karma Yoga that other nations learnt from Hindus. Today all Hindu activities converge for a peaceful life to sit and relax under the umbrella of escapism and watch amusement on TV.

Do we ever retrospect? If outsiders have the courage to start Jihad far from their home land why Hindus could not reciprocate by counter Jihad? Why Hindus have failed to match the violence of the outsiders? Why handfuls of outsiders have taken Hindu mobs as soft targets? Biologically Hindus are not deficient in any way except unity, courage, initiative and motivation.  Aren’t Hindus passively inviting others to enslave them again? If this is the condition of Hindus even in a democratic set up, where they are having option of electing the government after every five years, what will be their plight if they are again to be ruled by some autocrat bigot non-Hindu ruler? Where will they run for safe shelter?

Excess of everything is bad

The doctrines of Non-Violence and Idealism have taken the shape of cowardice and escapism to block our arteries. We have lost direction and sense and keep moving in any direction led by unscrupulous politicians. We are simply relying on certain families that are capable of producing leadership to govern us. Seldom are we conscious that the remedy lies in our hand in the form of a ballot paper that we carelessly throw towards unworthy politicians to boss over us.

Israel is small country as compared to India, but has the will and capability to punish the terrorists. In contrast, why we continue getting beatings on our homeland every time and wait for the other countries to react? Our cowardly leaders have been carrying bags of evidence to other countries to prove their innocence and return unsuccessfully from foreign jaunts to advice restraint to own countrymen. Their assurances sound hollow when fresh terrorist attacks shake us from slumber. We don’t we kick such leaders out of power when ballet power is right in our hand? We have to choose and act between living a respectably safe life in India or hand over the home land to others.

The Law of Nature

Our religion is a bridge to connect past, present and future. Anyone who resides in India and lived his life according to Indian environment is a Hindu provided he let others also live and took pride in Indian ancestral lineage, traditions and customs. Anyone who disregarded this fundamental code should not have any place to stand on Indian soil.

Hindus need to be Assertive

Hindus have to proclaim aloud. We are Hindus first and last and have pride in saying so. We need to emulate Krishna, Chankya, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh. They were neither revengeful nor fanatics but down to earth karmayogies.

In every country, law provides every individual to abate the nuisance being caused to his person.  Abatement of nuisance is a legal right of every individual unless the practice has been established as a tradition. Thus the problem should be nipped in the bud before it is established as a tradition. Use of force is also considered lawful if circumstances justify.

What prevents Hindu society to apprehend missionaries indulging in conversions and handing them over to police? What prevents Hindu action groups to prosecute such Evangelist? Why can’t Hindus from habitat protection teams to apprehend terrorist and mischief mongers. Likewise, if some painting or similar object is injurious to Hindu feelings what prevents Hindu youths to snatch the same from the culprit and assign it to flames.

All places of worship and public utilities should be guarded by armed guards called Sevadars. They must be equipped with weaponry and communication owned by terrorists. They should be trained to provide protection to the place and inmates till arrival of security personnel and should be trained adequately.

Somehow Hindus have to get down to brainstorming sessions at street level and even their drawing rooms to educate their younger generations. Hindus have to re-build their self-confidence and esteem. Hindus have to eradicate local short falls, and assert themselves. No one should be allowed to snatch their home land under the grab of secularism. Towards this end every temple should be restored to its ancient status as a community center for Karama yoga.

Brain-storming on Karamayoga

The crux of the problem is that Hindus have ceased to be assertive. Instead of Karma Yoga, Hindus are living under the spell of escapism falsely disguised as spiritualism and Gandhian philosophy. Hindus have to learn that nationality may change, but if they are extinct as Hindus then Hinduism will be finished from India.

Like Arjuna, Hindus have to focus on bird’s eye for the time being.  They have to work individually and collectively to make India a Hindu country, governed by Hindu government. Everything else is of secondary importance. Hinduism is truly secular in concept and enshrines the golden principle of Vasudeva Kuttambkum. There is no greater spiritualism anywhere than the Karmayoga of Geeta. We have to save and clean our homeland. Thus every Hindu has to resolve to change the system with the strength of his ballot. Let the splashes from every individual turn into tidal waves to sweep the dirt and dangers threatening Hinduism.

Last Word

This brings us to the end of the stroll along the beach to get the feel of Splashes from Hindu Maha Sagar. The information passed was introductory and elementary in substance. There are many more splashes and waves in the depth of the ocean of Hinduism to be explored by those who may have time, motivation and enthusiasm. With every dive one is likely to discover more and more intellectual wealth.

Chand K Sharma



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