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Splashes – 72/72 – Hindus to be Assertive

We are a rare case in the world that the descendants of a grand civilization and religion were kept enslaved for over thousand years by a handful of invaders who were primitive, uncivilized and spiritually perverse. The unfortunate part is that we remained at the mercy of a lady of Italian origin having little knowledge of English ruled over us but on the basis of her family connection some selfish and corrupt Indian sycophants!

Helplessly, we begged her government for preservation of our culture and the safety of our lives.  What really has been wrong with us? Perhaps over spiritualism and idealism have blocked our arteries, and have paralyzed our minds. We are helplessly awaiting someone to emerge and rescue us, while the remedy is with us to empower ourselves through Purushartha of ballot.

We shut eyes to Environment

Our Dharma Gurus – They remain busy lecturing spirituality devoid of activism. They have amassed properties for themselves and their family clans. Most of them are shy of karma yoga and have turned secular to attract more followers from global market. They are scared of calling a spade a spade, even if that happened to be truth.

Our Educated Ladies – The off springs of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, lack courage, ability and aspiration to replace the Italian born from extra constitutional authority. On the contrary some of them are begging reservation to enter legislative forums in India. They aim to compete with men in and out rather managing their homes, future generation, heritage, culture and resources.

Our Youths – They are turning helpless and hopeless due to over competitive environment contaminated with reservations. To escape realities they flock around a popped up Pappu icon from the same family to offer him Prime Minister of the country. Some of them want to run away further towards greener pastures abroad for better living rather cleaning and reclaiming on home.

Our Spiritual leaders – They are the worst of all. They remain busy segmenting Hindu society to carve a commercial niche for them. They keep mum in the face of illegal activities.

The stark fact is that we have not learnt anything from our history, spiritualism and lofty idealism.

The Gifts from God

Every person inherits his parentage, name, family, caste, blood relations, country and Religion at the time of birth. There was no choice as it came from Him. The package consisted of fond memories of ancestors, their beliefs, customs and traditions; all branded and packed in to the bundle of religion.

These are the possessions we use most of the time in our life daily as our personal identity. Subsequent circumstances may force an individual to adopt a new nationality but the link with ancestors is continued through the religion even after death. Religion is a strong bondage that establishes and regulates the relationship of persons living, dead, and those to follow. Thus, whatever was bestowed upon us by birth should be respected as a duty having been assigned to us by God Almighty.

Substance of Hindu Dharma

The substance of spirituality and the real Dharma of the individual is to love our country, parents, family, and society; and live by the laws of environment. Real Moksha comes through discharging ones duties without expecting anything in return. Hinduism has taken every one into its fold. All those living in India are Hindus provided they live within the constraints of Indian environment, customs and traditions established by indigenous ancestors.

Competition and animosity between religions occur when some religion usurped the area of another religion. The relevancy of every religion is to be assessed with reference to its place of origin. Hindus have no objection if any other religion followed some different practices, in their respective homelands. But once other religions overstep their boundaries to clash with local religion clashes are bound to result. With reference to India, Islam and Christianity are religions of alien environment pitted against Hinduism.

Blinded towards realities

It is not a shame that on the slightest sign of danger Hindus start crying aloud in India for their neighbor to help. They have individually given up Karma Yoga that other nations learnt from Hindus. Today all Hindu activities converge for a peaceful life to sit and relax under the umbrella of escapism and watch amusement on TV.

Do we ever retrospect? If outsiders have the courage to start Jihad far from their home land why Hindus could not reciprocate by counter Jihad? Why Hindus have failed to match the violence of the outsiders? Why handfuls of outsiders have taken Hindu mobs as soft targets? Biologically Hindus are not deficient in any way except unity, courage, initiative and motivation.  Aren’t Hindus passively inviting others to enslave them again? If this is the condition of Hindus even in a democratic set up, where they are having option of electing the government after every five years, what will be their plight if they are again to be ruled by some autocrat bigot non-Hindu ruler? Where will they run for safe shelter?

Excess of everything is bad

The doctrines of Non-Violence and Idealism have taken the shape of cowardice and escapism to block our arteries. We have lost direction and sense and keep moving in any direction led by unscrupulous politicians. We are simply relying on certain families that are capable of producing leadership to govern us. Seldom are we conscious that the remedy lies in our hand in the form of a ballot paper that we carelessly throw towards unworthy politicians to boss over us.

Israel is small country as compared to India, but has the will and capability to punish the terrorists. In contrast, why we continue getting beatings on our homeland every time and wait for the other countries to react? Our cowardly leaders have been carrying bags of evidence to other countries to prove their innocence and return unsuccessfully from foreign jaunts to advice restraint to own countrymen. Their assurances sound hollow when fresh terrorist attacks shake us from slumber. We don’t we kick such leaders out of power when ballet power is right in our hand? We have to choose and act between living a respectably safe life in India or hand over the home land to others.

The Law of Nature

Our religion is a bridge to connect past, present and future. Anyone who resides in India and lived his life according to Indian environment is a Hindu provided he let others also live and took pride in Indian ancestral lineage, traditions and customs. Anyone who disregarded this fundamental code should not have any place to stand on Indian soil.

Hindus need to be Assertive

Hindus have to proclaim aloud. We are Hindus first and last and have pride in saying so. We need to emulate Krishna, Chankya, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh. They were neither revengeful nor fanatics but down to earth karmayogies.

In every country, law provides every individual to abate the nuisance being caused to his person.  Abatement of nuisance is a legal right of every individual unless the practice has been established as a tradition. Thus the problem should be nipped in the bud before it is established as a tradition. Use of force is also considered lawful if circumstances justify.

What prevents Hindu society to apprehend missionaries indulging in conversions and handing them over to police? What prevents Hindu action groups to prosecute such Evangelist? Why can’t Hindus from habitat protection teams to apprehend terrorist and mischief mongers. Likewise, if some painting or similar object is injurious to Hindu feelings what prevents Hindu youths to snatch the same from the culprit and assign it to flames.

All places of worship and public utilities should be guarded by armed guards called Sevadars. They must be equipped with weaponry and communication owned by terrorists. They should be trained to provide protection to the place and inmates till arrival of security personnel and should be trained adequately.

Somehow Hindus have to get down to brainstorming sessions at street level and even their drawing rooms to educate their younger generations. Hindus have to re-build their self-confidence and esteem. Hindus have to eradicate local short falls, and assert themselves. No one should be allowed to snatch their home land under the grab of secularism. Towards this end every temple should be restored to its ancient status as a community center for Karama yoga.

Brain-storming on Karamayoga

The crux of the problem is that Hindus have ceased to be assertive. Instead of Karma Yoga, Hindus are living under the spell of escapism falsely disguised as spiritualism and Gandhian philosophy. Hindus have to learn that nationality may change, but if they are extinct as Hindus then Hinduism will be finished from India.

Like Arjuna, Hindus have to focus on bird’s eye for the time being.  They have to work individually and collectively to make India a Hindu country, governed by Hindu government. Everything else is of secondary importance. Hinduism is truly secular in concept and enshrines the golden principle of Vasudeva Kuttambkum. There is no greater spiritualism anywhere than the Karmayoga of Geeta. We have to save and clean our homeland. Thus every Hindu has to resolve to change the system with the strength of his ballot. Let the splashes from every individual turn into tidal waves to sweep the dirt and dangers threatening Hinduism.

Last Word

This brings us to the end of the stroll along the beach to get the feel of Splashes from Hindu Maha Sagar. The information passed was introductory and elementary in substance. There are many more splashes and waves in the depth of the ocean of Hinduism to be explored by those who may have time, motivation and enthusiasm. With every dive one is likely to discover more and more intellectual wealth.

Chand K Sharma




Splashes – 70/72 – Hindu Rashtra is Human

After partition, we inherited British infrastructure of governance and by large have continued with the same. British rule, was also secular to proclaim. There were no reservations or appeasement for any category. Then:

  • What motivated us to replace British rulers at the cost of accepting partition of the country?
  • What motivated us to make sacrifices for attaining freedom?

The answer is only one – we wanted to govern ourselves, according to the ethics of our own Hindu ancestral values.

Secularism is Unethical Concept

The concept of secularism is colonial. The colonial powers initially converted the natives to Christianity, which often sparked violent resistance from them. Therefore, British rulers discovered a way out. They detached themselves from missionaries, and posed secular to legitimize their hold on colonized countries. Thus secular governments were established to mask political control over different faiths and lands all over the world including India.

Dictionary meaning of the word secular implies, “not being committed to ethics of any religion”. To Hindus, governance devoid of Dharma (ethics) is nothing but Adhama. In more explicit words it means unethical and opportunist pursuit of power. A government that is non-committal to the ethics of the population of the country is nothing but an autocrat mafia in power. Mafias are viewed secular.

Christianity in United Kingdom

Constitutionally, even secular governments across the globe in advanced countries, are also slanted towards the faith of the land. As back in fifteenth century, when Christianity was at its zenith, England restricted the interference of Roman Pope into national affairs of England. That resulted in emergence of Protestant Church, known as the Church of England. United Kingdom is a secular monarchy, but Monarch of England carries the title ‘defender of the Faith’. All customs and traditions concerning the state are Christianity oriented.

Hinduism is Universal Faith

Why did India proclaim to remain secular when Hinduism in itself is most adequate to the spiritual needs of the entire mankind? Hinduism is a perfect human religion that is concerned with the well being of all-living and non-living things in the environment.

Hinduism is a human faith in true spirit. It is open to introspection, adoption, and tolerance towards dissent, due to which all those who came to India were assimilated within the framework of Hinduism. It is a religion of fine synthesis of faith and Science. It has its own culture and civilization of most refined tastes. India exported advances made in every field of human knowledge. Hinduism assured in practice the right to live and let others also live in the environment under every geographical condition.

There are no fatwas or dictates from the clergy. Hinduism never indulged in destruction of non-believers or conversion of others to its fold. It has been the religion that preferred religious identity of a person on the basis of birth and practice, but kept its doors open to all those who volunteer to assimilate. It is a faith that propagated Vasudeva Kutambkum and treated entire universe as a large family, much before various nations actually knew the existence of each other. Hinduism was never confined to any particular area, or period of time.

 It is Religion of Early Man

Why we chose to have 1869 born politician declared as father of the nation? Our ancestral lineage started with Early Man, who could be remembered as Shiva or Adam. The ethical codes of Hindu religion were not dictated by any individual as per his whims, fancies or limitations, but emerged out of introspection, experimentation, and reviews made by learned Rishies and Sages of wisdom par excellence, and are still open to modification. All of us are descendants of those learned sages and not a result of parental sin.

Freedom of thought and Expression

Hindus are free to accept one, many or no God at all. They are free to view Him through symbols, idols, humanized forms, animal forms or through his own image in the mirror. God may be identified by any name or syllable, and can be approached directly by every one without reference of another intermediate. No animal is hated. Hindus never defaced items, places or scriptures of non-Hindu faiths.

As a Hindu, everyone is free to wear any dress and chose menu, subject to the constraints of local environment and decency. Similarly every Hindu is free to pick and chose the literature according to personal choice, in any language and script. Priests are superficial and can be dispensed at the choice of the individual.

New ideas and discoveries are welcome to replace outdated thoughts. What else was further needed, that we had to attach the tag of secularism in India?

Why Magnanimity of Hindus Ignored?

It was due to liberal attitude of Hindus, that even after having been profusely bled and destroyed; Hindus offered a brotherly hand of equality to live in India to those Muslims who had been responsible for the Hindu genocide.

Hindus were prepared to make a fresh start on a clean slate.  They had even de-linked themselves with the scary memories of the past. It was not only a mere gesture, but the sincerity was fully demonstrated by bringing back the post partition Muslim migrants to India and rehabilitating them with special treatment. What more was required to be secular from Hindus? Did we accept partition of the country to re-accommodate fundamentalists and keep them amused at their terms all the time?

Audit of Non Hindu Faiths Needed

Our experience has once more taught us that any faith that had its ideologies, religious leaders, pilgrim places and literature originated beyond India; certainly do not come within the framework of Hindu mindset. It needs to be audited that to what extent Christians, Muslims and other non-Hindu faiths in India have adopted the concept of secularism to live with Hindus – the local majority in India?

  • It is pertinent to say that even after providing full protection to Christianity under minority status, the clerics emphasize on their religion rather on nationalism. They say,
  • “When we talk of Christianity, our first allegiance should be to our Master Jesus Christ and after wards to our motherland”.
  • About Muslims, the less said is better. They have now intruded into the individual life styles of Hindus. Today, Hindus cannot celebrate their festivals, worship, build temples; and educate their children safely in their own home land.  Hindus did pay and are now again paying Jazia for pilgrimage jaunts abroad for minorities.
  • Islam and Christianity do not accept any common grounds with Hindu religion. They believe in killing of non-believers and conversion of Hindus to their fold through all means. Can we ‘Indianize’ Islam or Christianity in today’s secular environment? If not, why Hinduism should give up its place to accommodate other faiths in India that are hostile down to its roots?

As religious affinities always over flow political borders, it will be detrimental to the security of India to have alien religious settlements with political rights. Most of non-Hindu faiths do not accept to be governed by common civil code, adopt National Language, sing National Anthem and accept uniform syllabus for education that are necessary ingredients of national Unity. There is need to question their commitment to secularity.

Reckless Indulgence is suicidal

In the guise of preserving secularism, the communal forces have emerged as power-brokers against Hindus. Selfish politicians have been vying with each other to flatter minorities, by bartering the interests of Hindus to seek their electoral support. Secularism is being grossly misused as a cover, for sectionals and anti-national activities.

There no other secular country in the World that indulged in similar self-destructive appeasements.  After partition it has come to be the duty of every Hindu to keep minorities happy at every cost. Hindus and their customs are being disregarded in their own home land due to Nehru-Gandhi doctrines in particular.

Demographic Imbalance of Population

Our national resources are already sinking under the weight of population. Additional numbers add further to the strength of poor, under-nourished, illiterate, and unemployed citizens of this country. While Hindus have adopted smaller family norms, minorities, in spite of living on the verge of poverty line, have been averse to family planning. They have formed this attitude to increase their numerical strength for bargaining special rights and benefits for their community, and ultimately, converting India to an Islamic through ballot strength.

Our politicians have been foolish, but cunning to advertise boom in Muslim population as a credential for our secularism, without foreseeing its adverse implications. Though we claim to be the largest democracy in the world having largest population of Muslims, we have absolutely no say at any of the International Islamic forums. There we are cold shouldered as a Hindu and anti-Islamic country, and are always accused of committing atrocities against minorities.

Unpatriotic Intelligentsia

There are some unpatriotic intellectuals, who have been advocating opening of borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, to facilitate unchecked flow of their nationals that separated from India out of hatred. While no Hindus would be allowed to settle in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Indian Muslims in the name of Islamic Brotherhood will shelter migrants. Once they grow up in numbers, Hindus will be living as they had lived during Muslim rule, because there is no change in their mindset. The stage will be set to re-enact Arab and the Camel episode.

Pakistan has followed the strategy of infiltration not only in Kashmir, but has now widened its scope to cover entire India, by establishing support bases in Muslim dominated areas. Our security forces, though capable of repulsing overt attacks, suffer causalities in home territory, because the militants can mingle with local Muslim population comfortably.

Development without Security

Unless Hindus get politically united, and make concentrated efforts to cope with the environment, Hinduism might be fading away from India in the near future. Political problems cannot be solved through spiritual discourses, but require timely political actions. Social and economic factors are subsidiary to that. Remaining indifferent is nothing, but suicidal escapism.

We do not require our secularism to be certified by other countries. As a sovereign nation, we have every right to re-interpret our secularism in the manner we like. There is nothing for Hindus to feel apologetic or concerned about. We are fortunate and proud to be Hindus! As custodians of this great human heritage, we have a sacred duty to preserve it for the generations to come. We need to replace secularism with Hindu Rashtra to restore Bharat Swabhimaan. Only then India will be a free country.

We have to choose between living freely in our home land as Hindus or hand over secular, fragmented India to others and die.

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes – 69/72 – Hindus at Cross Roads

69 – Hindus at Cross Roads

By nature Hindus are over indulgent in spirituality. Today everyone is affected by political, economic, technological and ideological conditions prevailing in the world. One has to safe guard his living environment and to remain vigilant to ward off emerging threats. Vedic philosophy did not rescue Hindus during past from Islamic barbarians. Even during modern age, those who stayed in Pakistan after partition, were either killed or converted to Islam to live degraded life as slaves without any political power. It is therefore suicidal on the part of Hindus to remain indifferent to political developments when minorities are marshaling their strength to usurp their home.

Hindus Ignoring Realities 

History repeats and reminds in a cruel way. Over three hundred years ago Kashmiri Pundits had approached Guru Tegh Bahadur for protection against Jihadi mentality. The reverend Guru sacrificed his life. Guru Gobind Singh extolled the cowards to stand on their feet, but Hindus did not. Consequently, today Kashmiri Pundits are loitering in India as miserable as they were centuries ago.

The same will be the fate of remaining Hindus in Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra if they do not learn from their past. The way fundamentalist Muslim population is multiplying within, and un-checked infiltration is going on from all sides through our borders, soon intruders will outnumber Hindu population.

Within next three decades, Hindus will reach minority status within India. They are already in minority in certain states like in Kashmir and Eastern states. If they continue to over look realities and do not organize, they will have to move out of those areas. Hindus are blind to the fact that minorities have not adapted to secularism and have only used that for their own expansion. Hindus shall run out for time even to think of alternative options for their survival in India.

These alien faiths have not adopted secularism like Hindus, but under the cover of secularism they are getting politically united for winning elections to install helping politicians in power. If the ongoing mania of secularism is not checked, Muslims or Christians will again rule India. Hindus have very few options left.

The Possible Options

Applying common-sense, if the environment is not conducive to safe-living then Hindus shall have to :-

  • Firstly, migrate to alternative place,
  • Secondly, to adapt to the changes in the environment, and
  • Lastly is to change the environment.

First Option – Migrate out of Environment

Recalling History, during the middle of previous century, some Indians went abroad for settlement, but only a few most competent amongst them could carve a niche for themselves. The natives did not absorb them, while they became aliens for India also.

There is no Hindu country in the world that might accommodate the population of Hindus on their land. One by one, all erstwhile Hindu countries have been converted to Islam, Christianity, or Communism. The last in the series was Nepal. Future generations will find it hard to believe that once Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Java, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan and Bangladesh were Hindu countries. Hindus must not forget that Sonia has already declared that ‘India is not a Hindu Country’ and her Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also accorded first right to minorities over the resources of India.

Moving to alternate place is therefore impracticable. No country can welcome exodus of large-scale migrant population. Migrant Hindus shall be exploited by every host environment.

Second Option – Convert to the Environment

There are some secularists who cite absorption of aliens in the Indian culture during past, and continue advocating India to turn into a land of migrants, to accommodate divergent ethnic groups. If that happened, time is not far when Hindus would be faced with the ‘Arab and the camel’ like situation to witness another partition of the country to provide homeland for migrant population. Hindus would then shrink to some corner within India, or convert to some other faith.

Moreover, a grand civilization of millions years old, spiritually enriched on scientific lines, and once magnificently developed, cannot be swallowed by the faiths that grew up in most primitive environments, and whose founders forbade introspection of their dogmas on rationality.

Thus even if their numbers dwindle, Hinduism shall continue to survive in some corner of the globe, with all possibilities to re-surge. The second option is also hard to digest.

Last Option – Change the Environment.

The third and last option is changing the environment. It is hard, but most sensible, practical, and self-respecting. To uplift sagged morale, Hindu community needs leaders like Krishna, Chankya, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh.

The Congress government is namesake secular.  In every word and deed continues poised to be anti-Hindu. Most of its constitutional institutions have been oriented towards over-appeasement of the minorities. Unless the constitution is effectively interpreted and implemented, it will lead to disintegration of the country. Hindus must strive to win election in strength to remove all constitutional hurdles that impede its resurgence. Only a Hindu Nationalist Government can restore and support the culture of this land. The exercise for resurgence shall involve constitutional dumping of fake secularism.

For bringing in environmental change, Hindus shall have to bring a change in the mind-set of the constitutional institutions to straighten their tilt from minority appeasement and to serve the national interests of IndiaThis all shall have to be achieved within the Constitution through ballot. We shall have to aim at advancement for all, but appeasement of none.

Fragmentation of Hindu votes

Fragmentation of Hindu votes that get divided between off shoots of Hinduism, as well as, their political affiliations, has placed minorities in a position to tilt political balance in their favor. Under misconceived idealism, Hindus have not understood the game being played to enslave them in the country of their origin. As Hindus are again being driven to corner, they must unite and politically align to safeguard their interests against blackmail from the nexus of minorities and Hindu politicians. They must decide to change pro-minority government through ballot strength of Hindus.

Control over Voting Rights

Hindus shall have to organize at their own to oversee that they do not let infiltrators get voting rights, civic amenities and free ration cards. Illegal migrants, infiltrators, and those, who do not pay taxes for civic amenities should be identified and driven out. The police should be made accountable to remove encroachments, and there should be no interference from human right activists, and selfish politicians. Choice before us is to continue with secularism in its destructive mode, or to adopt secularism already imbibed in Hinduism.

Establishment of Hindu Rashtra

There cannot be more humiliating situation for Hindus than to feel apologetic while defending their own cultural traditions and beliefs in their homeland. But unless Hindus politically organize to defeat the anti India secularists through ballot, nothing will improve. In a democratic set up, there is no way out otherwise. Hindus shall have to align with some political party, or form one of their own. Forming new political party may be an uphill task like that of re-inventing the wheel. The preference therefore should be to align with an existing political party close to Hindu ideology.

We have to make it India for Indians, those who stand for Indian culture, Indian language, and Indian national heroes and not for anyone that lived across the borders of India. Only those who respect local environment and believe in the concept of live and let live should have citizen rights as Hindus irrespective of their form of worship. Those having loyalties abroad have to be excluded and expelled; otherwise, we will continue paying for the development of those who place their loyalties externally.

Secularism is an internal matter of sovereign Indian Republic. We need not care to get our secularism certified by foreign delegations on fact-finding missions, whenever there are communal disturbances. There are no precedents where other nations accorded similar status to Indian delegations to see the plight of Hindus living in their countries. The example of Bangladesh should be an eye opener for us.  It was founded as secular country but by choice changed to an Islamic country. We must declare India a Hindu Rashtra. India belongs to Hindus and Hindus belong to India.

Consolidation of Hindu Society

Hindu spirituals and intellectuals should endeavor to unify various Hindu sects into a confederation under one representative body such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad or Bharat Swabhiman of Swami Ram Dev. Even non-Hindu faiths may also be invited to its fold, provided, they are willing to re-orient their social practices to join the main stream of Hindu society, and shed alien theological as well as political bias.

Return of the Converted

Return to Hinduism by those who had converted to other faiths during past should be encouraged, but without appeasement. Anyone, who lives and lets others live and abides by the ancestral legacy of this land irrespective of his conversion to other faith which is not inimical to Hinduism should be accepted as Hindu. He has to accept common civil code, common national language, and common heritage to join the main stream without asking any separate ethnic status.

The solution lays just a click away on the day of next general elections. All Hindu factions must unite and come out to vote for the formation of a Hindu government and change the constitution accordingly. Everything will follow subsequently. Within a period of less than five years we would have re-established a Hindu country on the globe – the birth place of universal religion. The horizon is not totally dark as yet.

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes– 68/72 – Insecure Environment for Hindus

Fragmented India is the cherished dream of Muslims, Christians, Communists and multinational Business Corporations. Communists are adopting violent tactics to erode old culture to bring Chinese method of reforms. Muslims are up to live in India by making it an Islamic state. Christians are aiming at evangelizing Hindu population, to make India a Christian state. Economic super powers desire to capture Indian market.

Anti Hindu media controlled by multi-nationals starts painting Muslims and Christians as victims of Hindu chauvinism even if some isolated criminal incident comes to light.  Financial assistance and arms have been pouring through external agencies to hit soft targets, sabotage unity, and disrupt civil life of Indian citizens through spreading dissatisfaction and insecurity everywhere. Individually and collectively, Hindus are as helpless as they were before.

Hindus in Wretched Condition

It is most disgusting to read in media about expressions like ‘plight of Hindus in India’ itself. Hindus are afraid of Islamic Jihad. They remain insecure about the safety of their wives, daughters, and sisters being kidnapped and raped by handful of outsiders. They are afraid of conversions by missionaries. They feel as helpless as they were under Muslim Rule against Jihadists. Their places of worship get destroyed, usurped, desecrated and are still under occupation of invaders. All this is happening to Hindus in their own country, while secular propaganda is carried that India belonged to all – as NO MAN’S LAND. To top it all Hindus pay additional taxes for the subsidies offered to minority parasites, having first right on country’s resources.

The definition of democracy in today’s India should read that ‘democracy is the government of the organized minority, for      the minorities over disorganized majority, at the expense of majority’.

The secular government in India witnessed erosion of Hinduism in Nepal, but allowed the alien destroyers to sneak in India to please coalition partners belonging to CPM. The head of the coalition government Italian by origin proclaimed that India is not a Hindu Country. What is left for Hindus to feel secured in India?

Dynastic Rule over Hindus

Congress party founded by AO Hume has tried since partition to established dynastic rule in India ever. Italian-born Catholic Sonia Gandhi would not have got even a lower level job in her home country but she has come to rule the centuries old Hindu country by a proxy Prime Minister. She has been nourishing plan to plant her progeny in succession rule. This humiliating situation is publicized to declare her one of the most powerful ladies on the globe with absolute authority – but without any accountability.

All this has been possible through minority unity against disorganized Hindus, who are seen crying for someone else to help them. Hindus are being enslaved once again in the country of their origin through multiple strategies:-

  1. Fragmentation of Hindu Society – Foreign mercenaries and missionaries are freely operating in India to gain foot hold in the power corridors. Several artificial off shoots of Hinduism on the basis of castes, beliefs, personalities, and regions have been popped up with external financial help. Their acts are visible and can be noticed all over the country in some form or the other. All of a sudden, some temple would come up in the name of some saint or Guru and people start flocking there. Some planted Hindu politicians and spiritual “gurus” are there to misguide and instigate illiterate people to separate from Hindu society. People are allured by lavish food offered free of cost as ‘prasad’ in the name of Beggars seated on golden thrones donated by foreigners. This is nothing but planting of seeds for harvesting to be done after fifty or hundred years, to declare sect-followers a separate faith from Hindus within India.
  2. Usurping power through Ballot – The minorities frequently group together under pseudo secularists to keep Hindus out of power on the strength of their ballot. They can tilt political balance in favor of themselves through selfish politicians. While Hindu votes get divided between off shoots of Hinduism, Minority spiritual leaders issue sermons and fatwas to their followers to vote in particular way to help traitors win. Thereafter politicians indulge in minority appeasement at the cost of Hindus. Many Hindus converted to other faiths are retaining Hindu name and caste tags – to enjoy benefits of reservation. Many Christians with Hindu identities are holding ministerial and influential postings the government.  Practically, minorities have all ready taken over the governance of India. Their next target will be to capture Armed Forces through infiltration.
  3. Multiplicity of Personal laws – Every secular country has the civil code, based on the geographic, economic and cultural beliefs of its population. For selfish reasons Congress politicians have allowed separate personal laws for Hindus, Muslims and Christians and others within the Hindu fold. Although Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs are counted as part of Hinduism but with mischievous aim Congress politicians have started counting them as minorities by offering appeasements minority in the home land of their own origin to reduce Hindu strength. They are also getting poised for separate civil codes. Uniform Civil Code that would have ensured equality before law for all Indians and there would not have been any distinction between majority and minority community. It is ironical that Muslims never objected application of other laws that benefited them, but they prefer Shariat Law of Arab world in India. They had the option to migrate to Pakistan, and live there under Islamic law, but those who voluntarily stayed back in India, must accept Indian civil code in tune with Indian culture. Even a cursory look at common features of Indian culture would indicate that Muslims and Christians are diagonally opposed to Hindu culture. India has become a confederation of mutually hostile communities, where ethnic segments mentally align with far off cultures, hostile to the mainstream.
  4. Unchecked Conversions The right to Religious Freedom is given for practicing religion inherited by a person at the time of birth. The person need not be discriminated against others before law. Therefore all the laws of the land should be universally applicable. But observance of religion is different from propagation of religion with political motives. Conversions should not have been allowed under the excuse of religious freedom. Ongoing conversion of Hindu population to non-Indian faiths is nothing but subversive act to segment India under the cover of secularism.
  5. Sponsored Infiltration – Illegal immigration is taking place in all the Border States, where the minority groups are sheltering migrants, drug peddlers and infiltrators. Any attempt to flush them out is resisted by unpatriotic political leaders throbbing on minority vote banks, in the name of secularism. Communists, NGOs, human rights activists, and minorities, collectively abuse judicial forums to obtain easily available injunctions to stall identification, and expulsion of suspected migrants. The day is not far, when such migrants will demand separate ethnic homeland, with the support of foreign powers. In many states, like Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, and Jammu and Kashmir, Hindus have already been reduced in strength as a result of conversions and infiltration. Hindus have been coerced to move out to other states like refugees in Eastern states and Kashmir. The Congress Government wants to preserve Muslim character of Kashmir through article 370, but does not curb infiltration from Bangladesh to preserve Hindu profile of Eastern states.

Spurt in Minority Population

Appeasements have prompted minorities to remain aloof from the mainstream. Minorities have been trying to multiply their numbers, and have grown to threaten another partition of the country, if subjected to any accountability towards the national interests. We have been foolishly advertising our secularism to the world by appointing minority leaders on higher positions. We have given them separate personal law, subsidies for enjoying Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, financial assistance for running minority institutions, and propagation of out dated Urdu language at the cost of Hindi. Now minorities are seeking not only religion-based reservations, but separate electoral representation also.

Disinfection of India

Muslims oppose studies of Sanskrit Vedic literature at educational institution on the pretext of its Hindu origin, and draw support from secularists. On the contrary, out of funds generated by Hindu tax payers, secularists have been spending on the propagation of Urdu language that has come to be preserved as a symbol of Muslim identity. Hindus are paying taxes for the benefits of minorities, who will group together one day to dislodge Hindus from India.

Although split Hindus voters are feeling helpless, passive and apprehensive of their future, but the solutions are also within their control, provided Hindus remember the basic instinct  – TO LIVE – that is the first half part of Dharma.  We have to disinfect our home ourselves and make the environment safe for future generations in India. Indians have to follow progress for all but appeasement for none policy.

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes– 66/72 – Reservation Mania

Nothing has caused greater harm to Hindu society than reservation policy pursued after partition of India. Although, constitution treated all Indians equal but certain segments pleaded for reservations in lower category of jobs till they could advance at their own to compete with others. Some anti- Hindu outfits had misguided those sections to proclaim themselves as ‘Dalits’. Thus they claim to be the victims at the hands of upper castes on account of Manu’s Varna system.

Preference Seekers 

Legally no one in India had been denied opportunities of advancement on basis of caste, but everyone has to work hard for self advancement. On the contrary, by giving caste based reservations certain segments have got used to enjoying preferential treatment over others. This mind-set has motivated more classes to stake claim for benefits available through reservations.

Initially, some quota was reserved in educational institutions and employment for some categories from Hindu fold on the basis of their castes by birth. The reservations were for a period of ten years since 1950. Subsequently, not only the reservations were extended beyond ten years, but many more new categories were also added, and the quota was also increased. With passage of time, reservation policy was extended to promotions and higher-level jobs also, that used to be earlier filled on the basis of merit. As a result, a new privileged class of so-called oppressed categories emerged. Feeding upon such vote bank, selfish politicians have now devised ways and means to bring Muslims and Christians to have fruits of reservation at the cost of hardworking employees in general category.

Baseless Propaganda  

Till yesterday non-Hindu faiths such as Muslims and Christians had been making tall claims to engineer conversions out of Hindus by stating that they did not have caste disparities. Taking their argument, those Hindus who converted to Islam or Christianity should not be given the benefits of caste based reservation.

There is absolutely no logic to give reservation to Christians and Muslims. If such Christians and Muslims were genuinely interested in the uplift of ‘oppressed people’ they should have tried to settle converts out of Hindu fold in Europe, USA, Australia and Middle East, the land that gave birth to Christianity and Islam. Christian and Muslim countries still have plenty of land available to settle fresh converts in their home lands. Their propaganda is nothing to carve niche for them on Indian soil to change demographic profile of India.

Non Discriminatory Environment

Constitutionally, there is no discrimination against any class in India. Everyone can aspire to seek entry in educational, as well as, vocational institutions on merits. If reservations were abolished once for all, all sections would join the main stream and compete with each other on equal footing. More educational institutions could be opened in backward areas to accommodate added strength of students. Everyone can have opportunity to come up without crèches of reservations.

Natural Inequalities

Social differentials in every developed society are the result of knowledge; power and materials earned by individuals and have stayed to be passed down to next generation. Differentials motivated men to work hard to earn materials, power, satisfaction and higher status. Survival of the fittest is the mantra in competitive environment. It is only the animal world, where to some extent all species look-alike. Looking minutely, even two birds or animals of the same category shall also have variations. Children from same parentage have different blood groups, traits, aptitudes and achievements in life.

Hygienic and personal Reasons

Those who look unclean at face value are segregated for hygienic reasons in every society.  Such segregation is irrespective of caste and faith. This practice is being followed in every society even today. Soul wise there is no difference between living beings but body wise they are different. Same way biological differences do exist on the basis of physical genes and traits among persons of common parentage. Such differences generate individual likes and dislikes also among persons. Religion has nothing to do with such practices.

Individual Identities

Castes and family names are source of extended identity of a person beyond their immediate parentage and vicinity. However their use is not obligatory for any person. Those who do not prefer to retain the family or some particular caste tag with their names have the liberty to drop the same at will. There is no compulsion on any person to submit to the family name of other. The face value of an individual is enough for social interaction and acceptance.

Access to Higher Education

Restrictions upon higher learning were not only in India, but those were, and still are prevalent, all over the world even today. Aptitude test is nothing but a tool to segregate potential candidates, and to assess their suitability to absorb higher education. All those who do not score the minimum prescribed mark on the aptitude test scale, get barred from that realm of higher education everywhere.

Everyone is free to buy any book or scripture from the market and read it. Anyone can make use of any public place, as well as, places of worship and entertainment like any other Indian. Where is the discrimination? No one is compelling others to display caste tags with names, unless someone wanted to enjoy the benefits of reservation by producing a caste certificate.

Politics of Vote Bank

The stark fact behind Reservation politics is that after partition certain politicians proclaimed themselves as ‘Dalit’ Leaders and started nurturing vote banks for their own up-lift. They have been emotionally inciting illiterate masses to pressurize Hindu society for additional demands; else, they would lead their followers to convert to Islam, Christianity, or some other faith. This is nothing, but an out-right blackmail of Hindu society by certain individuals.

Reservations were counter productive

The Reservation policy has been thoroughly counter-productive. Reservation benefits have become hereditary like property rights. Since its inception, not a single person came forward to voluntarily surrender his benefits, to demonstrate his progress and development due to the reservation provided to him, even though some of the beneficiaries have been the descendants of former Presidents, ministers, and high officials. On the contrary, more and more categories are seeking their inclusion in backward classes, than being identified as learned classes. Everyone is desirous of being included in preferential class on the basis of caste; else holding threat to walk out of Hindu fold.

Economic criteria also unjust

Some people have come forward to suggest reservations based on economic conditions, but that proposition is also not desirable since:

  • Merit, competency and efficacy would suffer.
  • It will bring in all minorities into the fold of reservation, and completely contaminate the government machinery with corruption, inefficiency and subversion.

Moreover, poverty alone cannot be considered a license to obtain preferential treatment at the cost of others. One has to work hard for his progress.

Demoralizing Effect at large

Reservations have caused demoralization among hardworking and meritorious categories, since vacancies in educational institutions and vocational fields remain underutilized or blocked by reserved categories for want of aptitude and compatibility to meet prescribed standards. No one seems to be in position to break this vicious circle that is fragmenting Hindu society. Muslims and Christians are ever ready to add fuel to the fire through propaganda against caste based differentials, and have been instigating the oppressed to convert to their faiths to increase their ballot strength. Now they want a pound of flesh for themselves too.

Alternatives to Reservation Policy

We could have easily scrapped reservations long back by making education affordable to all. Instead of reservations, there should have been schemes to advance recoverable educational loans on the basis competitive merit list. All progressive countries have such schemes. There is no justification in alluring unwilling candidates from particular castes, to block reserved seats for years without making any progress. Instead of providing reservations, free education, clothing and food to certain categories might have been subsidized. People should have been encouraged to come up through efforts and not with the help of crèches in the shape of reservations.

More educational facilities and institutions to provide vocational training should have been opened in backward areas – but certainly not for backward people alone. Students deserve to be given hostels, books and stationary at subsidies, instead of subsidies being given to minorities for pilgrimage abroad.

Scrapping of reservations will foster ethnic unity and demolish vote banks.

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes – 65/72 – Anti Hindu Nexus

Before partition Hinduism faced external threats from alien faiths like Islam and Christianity. In today’s scenario economic ideologies have also started threatening religious doctrines that affect Hindu social life. After partition, we found ourselves sandwiched between the rivalry of Communism and Capitalism, with each one trying to dominate us. Both ideologies have had strong effect on the socio-economic human relationships, as those were directly related to physiological needs in particular, and psychological needs as consequence. Both cut the roots of Hindu ideology of Yama and Niyamas that stressed Non violence, Contentment, Self Control and Trust in the Creator.

Effect of Economic Ideologies

Though alien to India, rival ideologies have already started affecting the harmony of Hindu society adversely. As Hindu individuals, we did not have much control over the external factors.  Those require to be negotiated primarily by the government. Unfortunately most of the political leadership has been virtually won over by the rival power blocks to help them establishing their hold within India. Their price paid to politicians lies locked up in foreign bank accounts.

The philosophy of the government is therefore an important factor to contain the ill effects of alien ideologies assailing our culture and religious practices. Communism and Capitalism, both are a source of threat to Hinduism. A Government run be selfish politicians professing secularism cannot provide much-needed protection.


The communism combines in itself, both the subtle deceptions of the Christian church, and creed of violence of the Muslims. Their doctrine is caring more for the end than for the means. Their strategy is first to uproot everything, before sowing its roots. A country like ours, with poor and ignorant masses, offered a fertile field for communism. Once Communism was allowed to take hold, we would become permanent slaves of an absolute dictatorship, which knows no scruples.

Communists are primitive living beings in their thought and practices. They do not think beyond physical needs of an individual. Indian Communists are the worse, as they intend to destroy everything that is Indian, before over writing their own doctrine. Their promised economic boons are myths only. Even in Russia that professed and practiced communism, the economic condition of the ordinary men are worse than the poorest in the capitalistic countries. Russia itself is slowly moving back to find solace through religion. Its churches are drawing larger and larger crowds, most of who belong to the younger generation.

Being an alien and atheistic theory, communism destroyed the ancient religion and culture of the people, on whom it was foisted. China and Tibet were glaring examples. It was ill-ominous, that Communists emerged as power brokers in Indian politics, and were spreading their militant tentacles in the hinterland of India; with the support of Naxalites and People’s War Group, to lead bloody class revolution. They have been giving call to wipe out Hinduism from India, through violent means. They executed that in Nepal, the only country that had held on to Hinduism. There is no other way, but to ban communist activities from Indian soil and combat Naxalites and PWG outfits as insurgents.

Of late Communism has taken the advantage of over-grown frustration among the youth in particular to strengthen its hold in the elected governments. The governing systems corrupted by family rule of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty for six decades have ushered anarchist elements to take control of elected Government through ballot, as crusaders against corruption in the guise of ‘Aam Aadmi Party’. In disguise, this newly formed anti India movement is now spreading like a wild fire to wreck traditional systems of governance, because its cadres have no commitment, administrative experience, expertise, or vision to tackle country’s problems. The end results will be disastrous since their control is outside India with people of dubious reputation.

Economic Imperialism from West

On the international plane, American policy has been to enslave India that is viewed as a future competitor. American strategy is to wreck India from within, rather fighting a hostile war. USA and her allies have been trying to disintegrate India through a long-term conspiracy. They had already sown the seeds of separatism in various forms, to endanger our national unity. We are watching helplessly our self-destruction. Their strategy is being put into action through:

1.         Political Missions – Political Missions engineer military conflicts between neighboring nations. They create demand for weapons. Generally, military aid is offered to one country to trigger arms race between neighbors, resulting in demand for more military hardware in the region, from the manufacturing nations, at the terms dictated by suppliers. The strategies against targeted countries include; planting of moles, destabilization of hostile governments, withholding of essential technology, and even assassination of uncompromising leaders. All are coveted and ruthless operations. They indulge in psychological war fare and plant seditious propaganda to allure youths to violate their value system, change life styles of existing population to breed frustration with the existing system and by widening ethnic diversities.

2.        Multinational Companies – like East India Company, multinational corporations are the advanced guards of economic imperialism that is now being spread in India by America, and other European nations. They are in search of new markets, in the developing and under developed countries, to sell their military hardware, as well as, consumer goods. Their marketing strategies are multiple such as:

  • Brand Ambassadors to sell Consumer goods – By changing the life styles, culture, perceptions, tastes, social outlook, religious beliefs and role models of the target countries they generate market for consumer goods. Cricketers, Beauty Queens and film stars are the minions to do this job.
  • Promoting Gift and Discount culture – Youth is induced through allurements, gifts, excitement, drug addiction, and easy money earning schemes. Once inroads are laid, youth propagate and enlarge the acceptance of products by exerting emotional pressure on elder generation. Many products such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Coca Cola and cosmetics have entered our market this way. Establishment of Malls has already displaced several local shopkeepers in India. They have turned either tenants or employees of multinationals sitting abroad.
  • Defacement of local Culture – Such strategies not only displace our economy, but also attack our culture. Observance of Valentine Day in India is a deep-rooted marketing strategy, for selling several inter related products, as well as, an attack on our value system. The tug of war between its promoters and protesters has become an annual ritual in India.  Traditional family ties get displaced to accommodate ‘live-in’ type of relationships.
  • Interference in local Governance – Once multinationals capture local economy, they venture into political fields to dictate the formation of governments of their choice, by funding political candidates. Once entrenched, multinationals impede indigenous industry to grow and prosper at any cost. Whatever East India Company did in eighteenth century, the same could be set to be repeated by multinationals. India is being converted into a vessel state of Economic Imperialism. Religion will become a handmaid of economy.

3        Hostile Multinational Media – These days Media has come to play most important role in influencing all aspects of the environment. Multinational media are a potent tool in the hands of multinational corporations. They are the opinion builders as well as destabilizes. It is no hidden fact that immense propaganda is going on through print as well as electronic media, to defame Hinduism, so that its resurgence in India is stalled, to the advantage of Christian owned corporations. Their slant in reporting is biased towards having a fragmented, secular, consumerist Indian society, in favor of allowing free entry to outsiders. Due to its strong national affiliation, Hinduism is viewed as a hindrance to their designs. With low commitment to patriotism, convent educated cub journalists, are a minion force for this purpose. Medias are turning into mafias controlled by few families. They are no longer in the interest of common folks.

4.       Anti Hindu NGOs – Working in tandem are some non-governmental organizations. These are camouflaged as Human Rights Activists, Amnesty International, and Missionaries of Charity and so on. Their aim is to help vested alien interests, by raking up emotive issues to impede the functioning of indigenous schemes. Such organizations operate through their representatives located within the target country. The agents magnify trivial issues; sensationalize them to invite international pressure to support pre-determined aims. The support being given to certain anti Indian militant outfits, Narmada Dam Agitation and Missionaries of Charity involved in conversion of Hindus to Christianity are pertinent examples in the Indian context. Sometimes a halo is added to the agent’s profile by conferring an award that also carries handsome remuneration.

5         Economic Sanctions – It is tool in the hands of developed nations to compel weaker nations to toe their line in all matters.  The potent tool against this weapon is to impose counter reciprocal sanctions and develop and explore indigenous source within the country.

6          Consumerism – It is another tool to allure governments, private sector undertakings and individual to indulge in reckless spending and incur debts by advertising visibly attractive credit schemes. As a consequence people start buying non-essential items and land into debt trap. Their economic condition worsens, and they end up in frustration that spreads from families to nation. This concept is very antithesis of Hinduism that preaches contentment and conservation of resources.

Over Liberalization

Effective counter-measures can be taken primarily by the government. Therefore, it is dependent on the philosophy of the ruling party that can contain such activities under check. We must take a cue from US Administration, and other developed countries like China, as to how a strict entry system is followed by them.

Unless, the Government is committed to protect the religious ideology of the country, masses are likely to be allured by advertised economic gains, and fall into the trap of economic imperialism. Unfortunately, on this context also, due to secularism and selfish politicians the role of the government is not in tune with Hindu philosophy. Our politicians pride in propagating liberalization – to wreck own country.

Chand K Sharma

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Splashes– 63/72 – Era of British Rule

During Renaissance several nations from Europe raced to reach India, the name they associated with wealth, wisdom and mysticism. Hindu Kings had made India a Paradise and a destination for knowledge. In contrast, Muslim Rule converted India in to a living hell, drenched in blood, superstitions, and poverty but devoid of knowledge. Therefore after reaching India, the early Europeans must have been saddened as the land was not of their expectations. It was ridden with disease and illiteracy as compared to the awareness Europe had started experiencing.  Thus to some extent, the Europeans rightly called the native as savages, primitive, and snake charmers.

Dragnet of Colonization

Private companies from England, France, Portugal and Dutch had ventured into competition for taking away gains out of India. They came with advanced weaponry, ships, and above all patriotic fervor that Indians had not been left with. Though the colonial contingents were rivals against each other in Europe, they had common thread of Christianity to bind them. They were set to spread Christianity in their respective colonies and strengthened their hold by conversion of population to their faith by cruelty, coercion, deceit, and allurements.

It was easier for European nations to usurp political power by inter playing rivalries between feudal Nawabs and petty rulers. While Mughals were still busy enjoying Mujras and quil-fights, India slipped into another spell of foreign rule. The British out maneuvered the other competitors and established ‘East India Company Bahadur’ as a paramount power over local rulers.

Atrocities by the British

East India Company incorporated in England ruled the country till 1857. Thereafter the governance of India passed on to British Crown. The colonial rulers also followed the cruel and ruthless methods of the Islamic rulers for subduing natives, though they professed to be civilized.

They converted the poor population to Christianity. They could not motivate Brahmins, Khashatriyas and Vaishyas, but misled poor and illiterates by over-playing social and caste disparities.   Muslims were still in power in several regions. It was not easy for the Christians to convert them without inviting retaliation. Hindus being devoid of political power were easy targets for conversion.

Demeaning of religious traditions and atrocities motivated Indian masses to revolt in 1857 against the British with slogans like “Maro Firangi ko.”  Some rulers also joined the violent retaliation, but mainly due to their individual grudges against the British. For want of coordination between revolutionaries, and due to the support received by the British from Indian rulers, the mass revolt got crushed. Thereafter, the governance of India was taken over from East India Company by British Parliament.

Obliteration of Hindu Identity

British considered Hinduism to be a formidable barrier in establishing their hold over India, and therefore concentrated on dismantling the foundations of Hinduism, by projecting that to be faith of superstitions and blind faith. History of ancient India had already been destroyed by Islamic invaders. The India of 18th Century had nothing left about her pre-Muslim past. Indian History was reconstructed and to suit the current British rulers. Fortunately, archeological sites were brought under protection thereafter; otherwise we would not have had any trace left of our past.

Emergence of Anglicized Class

To pacify Indian masses on account of religious atrocities, and to legitimize their colonial rule in India, the British overtly distanced themselves from Christian missionaries, and started calling their government secular. Also they invented a theory of Aryan invasion of India to justify their own hold over India. For strengthening their hold they pacified masses through administrative reforms, to gain acceptability of their imperialist rule. Intellectual vacuum created by Islamic rule provided environment conducive for this purpose.

The British did introduce some reforms as well as modernization, but only to the extent necessary to strengthen their hold over the resources of the country. Laws were codified to replace Shariyat jurisprudence from India. A hierarchy of courts was set up to streamline system of justice that hitherto depended upon the whims of illiterate Qauzis (Islamic Jurists). Certain undesirable social practices were also abolished.

The British appointed Brahmins and Maulvies to act as amicus curie for British judiciary in interpreting Hindu and Muslim customs of inheritance. Till then Brahmins had been devoid of proper means of livelihood under Islamic rule, and had been living under fear and insult. This opportunity was exploited by some of them to stress more upon rituals than the substance in Hinduism.

New Education System

The British introduced an Education system recommended by Lord McCauley after prolonged deliberations held in British Parliament.  The curriculum was designed to project British as the custodians of all wisdom and scientific knowledge and tarnishing Hindu scriptures as mere farce founded on blind faith.  They succeeded in rearing a loyal workforce of anglicized Indians to support their government while they were in power, and even thereafter.

As a natural consequence, Hindus were more influenced by English culture than the Muslims, in the matter of dress, eating habits, socialization and education system. Gradually Western systems started replacing indigenous Indian systems. Hindus got used to Christian calendar, time schedules, weights and measure, distances, technical terminologies, legal terms and practices, and even recreational activities since our games and sports appeared to us primitive in glitter. European past times came to be regarded as status symbols.

Forum to distract Educated Indians

With far sightedness an Englishman Allan Octavian Hume founded Congress in 1885 as a political forum for neo educated Indians to vent out their political aspirations so that situations like 1857 revolt could be foreseen and avoided. They had nothing to worry about its activities, since that was founded by the British and worked under their supervision. Aristocrat Indians and some erstwhile Opium Business Partners of East India Company era were kept in the fore front to keep budding Indians satisfied by having some minor say in local self governance.

Subsequently when Leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak projected demand for freedom as a birth right the British got alerted. One by one such patriotic leader were jailed, and replaced by humble, soft-spoken, non-violent  leaders who had been trained in England and behaved Europeans in thought and tastes. The British media groomed and established them in Indian masses to emerge as their representatives. Basically illiterate at that time Indians hailed their indigenous English-speaking leaders by their outwardly charms.

Mental Slavery

Over the period British had a considerable strength of Indians to support their ideology. We accepted whatever they preached and acted. We started viewing everything was according to their point of view and willingly discarded whatever was unacceptable to them. Even we could not identify that whatever new knowledge British had brought with them was nothing more than already complied by our ancestors, because the same was presented to us using British technology.

Resurgence of Hindu Nationalism

However, changes in the environment ignited resurgence of Hindu Nationalism. Several movements of social reform such as Brahmo Samaj and Arya Samaj were started by Hindu intelligentsia. Participation of Indian soldiers as mercenaries of British government provided Indian common folks to get a feel of democratic freedom available to people on other part of the globe. Demand for political freedom grew in India at grass root level. On the whole, after the dark tunnel of Islamic rule, India could see the modern age dawning at the far end of the tunnel, through the reforms brought in by the British.

It was ironical that through British, Indians tasted the fruits, for which trees had been planted by Hindu sages long ago, and that had been devastated by Muslim barbarians. As the end products bore European tag of manufacture, the credit for modern advancement in the field of science and technology was claimed by western nations.  Hindu identity had been obliterated.

Freedom Movement

Gradually the demand for freedom got boost from several quarters. Due to heavy expenditure and loss of manpower in World Wars I and II, it became difficult for the British to continue hold over colonies. They were on look out to retreat safely without much loss to their men and materials. They used few educated Indians to play for time through various gimmicks in the form of Round Table Conferences by playing divide and rule between Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and native rulers who had remained mainly supportive to the British. Finally the British diplomacy succeeded and Muhammad Ali Jinnah projected demand for Pakistan as a separate home land for Muslims by addressing a crowd in Lahore in 1940. Jinnah spoke:-

“Muslims were not just a minority, but also a nation, fully entitled to their own state. Hindus and Muslims belong to two different religious philosophies, social customs and literature. They neither intermarry nor inter-dine together and indeed they belong to two different civilizations… They have different epics, different heroes, and different episodes. Very often the hero of one is the foe of the other…. During the ages, India has always divided into Hindu India and Muslim India. The present artificial unity of India dates back only to the British conquest… Muslims are nation according to any definition of a nation and they must have their territory and their state.”

Thus, India was partitioned between Muslims and Hindus on the basis of population. It turned easier for British to vacate the region safely and left India crippled.

Partition on Religious Ground

With partition of India between Hindus and Muslims, the transgressors, claimed a large chunk of Hindu land. The country’s borders shrunk over night to exclude Hindus as citizens from that area of newly formed Pakistan. Despite having held the tag of Indian Nationality, Hindus had to leave their ancestral land and homes. Thus Hindus had to surrender their motherland to Muslim invaders under pressure from British usurpers in spite of  verbose denials made by certain Indian leaders like Gandhi and Nehru, who had actually been signatory to the agreement.

Chand K Sharma

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