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AK-49 Arvind Kejriwal

Recently Narendra Modi nicknamed Arvind Kejriwal as AK – 49 as an agent of Pakistan. Kejriwal was Chief Minister by default only for 49 days and created anarchy around him. Pakistan’s love for Arvind Kejriwal should be an eye opener for Indians.

Anna Hazare

Dr. Subramanian Swamy exposed the corruption of telecommunication department and was about to expose some more corruption cases when Anna Hazare, presented a dream of a magic wand to wipe out all the corruption. Anna was carefully projected as the sole crusader against Corruption by media while Dr Subramanian Swamy and Swami Ramdev were sidelined being close to BJP.

No one questioned why Anna Hazare was so adamant about passing the Lokpal Bill that to wipe out all the corruption and what does an unqualified, under-matriculate man knew about legal aspects of such a complex thing. Why highly qualified IAS, IPS, IFS officers of Team Anna remained at backstage and Anna was projected as a hero! Media didn’t let the Indian mass think. Vested Indian media fully cooperated with Anna movement.

Lokpal Bill proposed by Anna had dictatorial properties over all the agencies of India. Nobody thought that there already were several agencies to checkmate the corruption. It was also well-known that most of those agencies had failed because of being infected and paralyzed with corruption. If similar things happened to the newly installed Lokpal, it will also be rendered useless and we may have to look for one more honest Lokpal. But Anna allowed no editing of his version of Lokpal.

The Congress did not want the Lokpal Bill to come. BJP wanted it, but with slight modifications such as to keep intelligence, security, and foreign ministries away from the reach of Lokpal. Anna was arrogant on his demand and the public hypnotized by media supported him.

The US officially ‘advised’ India ‘to let the Lokpal movement go on’. Why was US interested? Because the US was trying hard to capture the retail market in India, to install Wall-Mart.

There were heavy protests from Nationalist Indians. Pakistan invited Anna Hazare but Shiv Saina warned Anna not to go to Pakistan and entertain the Pakistanis telling the corruption tales of India.

The exploitation of Anna’s Lokpal meant direct access to India’s intelligence and security agencies. There could be a fortune for ISI of Pakistan. Other than this, the Team Anna consisted of politicians with anti-national mindset against India.

Arvind Kajriwal

After long drama of staging protests, Arvind Kajriwal, the second-in-command of Anna, launched Aam Aadmi Party. This political party was not even criticized by media which was a nosy critic of an Indian religious leader and Yogic mentor Swami Ramdev. In order to retain his image, Anna cosmetically criticized Kajriwal for namesake.

Kajriwal fought elections in Delhi. He relied on the drama-style of Rahul Gandhi and started sleeping for a couple of minutes on railway platform without any bed sheet. He made bulk of bizarre and cunning promises of free water up to 700 liter and demanded full payment if one used a milliliter extra. Fully analyzing the lazy and begging mentality of Indian public hit by inflations and price-rise, the AAP charter listed several subsidies and made bizarre announcements. Supportive media fully cooperated with all the lies and propaganda of the AAP.

Surprisingly, there was a massive online donation campaign by Pakistanis to support AAP in the Delhi elections as Kajriwal was earning fame in Pakistan. Finally Kajriwal’s AAP won 28 out of 70 seats in Delhi, while 32 seats were won by BJP that had swept 3 mega-sized provinces in India. Not only Indian media but also Pakistani media praised AAP. Celebrations started in different cities of Pakistan including the Pakistan-administered-Kashmir based areas.

BJP gave a chance to AAP to test their governance capabilities in Delhi. The result was obvious. Kejriwal could not fool the public for his so called magical capabilities. The AAP members started going to office by broom decorated auto rickshaws for a couple of days and then ordered luxury cars; started posting pictures of normal lifestyle for a couple of days and then started booking costly villas out of government fund.

Despite all these, Anna Hazare never criticized Kejriwal for forming government in collaboration with the corrupt Congress party, they pretended to be protesting. When Kejriwal realized that if he continued in office for long on the basis of false promises, the public will recognize his true capabilities. He may lose his chance to sabotage the upcoming general elections.

Kejriwal was being praised in Pakistan. Pakistani journalists hailing from different media groups interviewed Kejriwal. Not only the Pakistani media but even PM Nawaz Sharif himself said that Kejriwal will be helpful in resolving the Kashmir issue with India.

Indians must think what Pakistani media, politics and agencies had to do with a so-called anti-corruption crusader, a failed CM of a small state of India, in the issue of Kashmir? Pakistan had no reason to be happy. Pakistan doesn’t want a secure, progressive, well-governed and developed India but Pakistan loved Kejriwal. To say the truth Pakistan will always love blocking the real anti-corruption crusaders like Dr. Swamy.

Anti-Indian stand on Kashmir

The prime reason for Pakistan’s love for Kejriwal and AAP is their anti-Indian stand on Kashmir. So far at least 3 MLA’s of AAP have delivered anti-Indian and pro-Pakistani statements on Kashmir issue. This includes referendum in separatist strongholds, giving Kashmir to Pakistan, ‘freeing’ Kashmir, telling ‘tales’ of alleged Indian Army atrocities on Kashmir and certifying the terrorists killed in Kashmir as innocent boys. In this department the major role was played by Prashant Bhushan. Kejriwal never sacked anyone of them or at least talked against them. Kejriwal is the mastermind behind all such utterances without speaking a word himself.

ISI wants to play the same political game to Balkanize India that CIA played against USSR. ISI wants to install mouthpieces in Delhi which will bolster the political interests of Pakistan up. It will embarrass India highly at international forums if some elected politicians of India talk of Pakistani interests.

Thus chances of AAP to get more support from Pakistan are increasing. AAP is fetching all sorts of people who can loosen India’s grip on its foreign policies. The new entry in AAP is that of Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of MK Gandhi. Rajmohan Gandhi headed a campaign in America to free the ISI agent and lobbyist Mohammed Ghulam Nabi Fai who was running Pakistani projects to destabilize Kashmir through Kashmiri American Centers.

Also AAP has several members who have campaigned for the Indian parliament attacker terrorist named Mohammed Afzal Guru. The AAP leader from Chandigarh is a man named Harbir Singh Nain. He was partner of a Canadian journalist in their efforts to malign an Indian social leader and Punjab Police.

Double Standards

AAP targets selected businessmen. AAP deleted the corruption-charge sheet prepared against Sheila Dixit and removed the document from site after post-poll collaboration. AAP has always maintained one-eyed blindness towards Imam Bukhari who hasn’t paid multi-millions of electricity bills. AAP leader lectures that “communalism is worse than corruption” and connive crime-convicted Mullah Tauqeer Reza. The hypnotism of AAP can be exploited by ISI to project the enemies of India as the biggest patriots. AAP certifies them as honest and thus nothing can be a bigger nightmare for India. The anti-corruption crusade of Kejriwal was nothing but an excuse to come in limelight.

Is it that innocent Anna was unaware of being used by Kejriwal? Not at all! If Kejriwal is ‘Nehru’, Anna is ‘Gandhi’! Anna was fighting the war for Kejriwal on a different front. One of the premier objectives of Pakistan was to sabotage Indian elections. Pakistan wanted to stop the greatest PM candidate of India, Narendra Modi. Anna is using his certification tool to certify anyone he could project against Modi. Anna had no ground for certifying Kejriwal as PM aspirant. After the connivance of Mamta and Bangladeshi jihadist group Jamat-e-Islami was exposed Anna moved to Mamta Bannerjee.

Jamat is the group based on whose performance Osama Bin Laden dreamt of a Talibanistan in Bangladesh after Afghanistan. Jamat has anti-Indian policies as its prime objectives and Mamta was exposed as being collaborator to Jamat. The border districts of West Bengal have become the stronghold of Jamatis by uprooting the original Indian inhabitants through terrorist activities. The West Bengal border has been open to the Bangladeshi infiltrators on return of a bulk of promised Muslim votes.

Why was Mamta certified by Anna who have never spoken a couple of words earlier to each other? Like Anna and Kajri had nothing to do with Pakistan, Mamta, whose state has nothing to share with Pakistan, but was invited to Pakistan. Why? If these politicians meet in the Pakistani embassy in India, they would stand naked before public who will question their meeting with Pakistanis to run the states of India? So Pakistan invited them officially to give them excuse to visit Pakistan. A RAW agent named Colonel RSN Singh exposed the intentions of such visits earlier by Nitish Kumar to Pakistan on the pretext of a summit organized by ‘India behind the Lens’ media group. He indirectly pointed the outcome of the meeting, the shift of Indian Mujahideen to Bihar from UP. Kishanganj district of Bihar has been the biggest stronghold of the Bangladeshi infiltrators.

The major objective strategized in the meeting was how to sabotage the chances of Narendra Modi in general election 2014.

That is why Narendra Modi rightly said that AK – 49 acts as an agent of Pakistan

Chand K Sharma
(This write up is a simplification of an article of Balochi writer and human rights activist Aamna Shahwani.)


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