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Netagiri in India

In democracy Indian Neta’s are said to be the ‘servants of public’. But is that true in real life? Certainly NOT.

Five star Netas
The fact is that these ‘Gandhian clones’ do not serve us free of cost. Over and above their hefty salaries that can be revised upward at their own, these Netas get extra allowances for every small thing they do or claim to have done for public. They live a five star life. Their perks include free medical treatment at home and abroad in the best hospitals. They are provided free telephones, laptops, fully furnished accommodation in prime locations, house hold gadgets, chauffer driven cars with plenty of petrol, air and rail tickets for family, children, and attendants in the name of serving the public. As post retirement gift, besides hefty pension, most of them get residential plots almost free or at subsidized rates in prime locations. So they are not obliging us in any way.

To qualify for getting such fabulous perks there are no educational qualifications. There are no standards of physical fitness, experience, or any other credentials. Netas are paid much more as compared to highly educated lots of Engineers, Doctors, Managers and other professionals who earn their dues after years of hard work in competitive environment. At zero qualification, Netas can be appointed on high posts like ministers and governors in anticipation of being elected subsequently. Rahul Gandhi is being offered the post of Prime Minister of the country with zero experience. His father Rajiv Gandhi had hopped from pilot seat to Prime Minister!

Their work output of Netas is not audited. There are no attendance records at their work place. When Parliament and Legislatures discuss important matters concerning public, Netas can be seen missing from the place of work – Legislature.

The security of ordinary citizens is overlooked because bulk of the police is over worked ensuring security of Netas and their families. In addition, the investigating agencies remain busy in probing scams attributed to Netas. The Administration remains over occupied making ‘banobast’ for Netas whenever they organize bandhs, strikes, burning of public transports, rallies against rivals, and such like distructive activities.

Some of the universal traits of Indian Netas are that they are habitual late comers, everywhere and on every occasion.

They work on the sly to ensure that their own sons and daughters pick up the same position whenever they are forced to vacate on account of their illness, misdeeds, or death.

We must think

  • Why should we garland and wait for such people?
  • Why don’t we heck them to show their performance?
  • Why should they be allowed to name roads, development projects, and schemes after their names?
  • Why they should not undergo some qualifications and professional efficiency tests?

Personality Cult in Democracy

It is said that intelligent people discuss thoughts, mediocre events, and foolish personalities. In India, there are almost twelve birthdays and anniversaries when we watch our President, Prime Minister, and other VIP’s going round of ‘samadhis’ and ‘sthals’ of expired Netas during the year. Such occasions are rising with the passage of each day. One-day Delhi will turn out to be a big cemetery – a city of samadhis, and memorials for the dead Netas.

Since Nehru precedence was set to convert official residence of the deceased to his memorial. In addition, his survivors were allotted spacious bungalows in the capital. Memorials were set up over and above. Days are also being associated to politicians and celebrated at public expense such as ‘Children’s Day’, ‘Teacher’s Day’ and so on. Sports events are organized in the name of politicians who had no association whatsoever. Politicians preside over music and cultural functions, their knowledge about the subject being immaterial. They are seen laying foundation stones of projects, sports complexes, and giving sermons on every issue. Almost all government schemes are launched in the names of politicians which later they use as publicity during elections.

One would like to ask could we allot the same residential accommodation to the family of defence personnel who die at frontiers defending motherland. Should other professionals such as doctors, engineers, and government servants also be entitled to similar privileges for having served the country?

Same is the story about government schemes. Instead of having ‘theme names’ to indicate the scope and purpose of the scheme we have a long list of welfare schemes named after one political family as if those were financed by the family.

Stigmatic Politicians

The word politician in society has come to identify with mafia-men, scammers and self-seeker. We can overcome this personality cult syndrome

  • It would be worthwhile to hold sports events, and build sports complexes in the name of outstanding sports men in the field, or have educational institutes named after eminent educationists or scientists instead of politicians. Better, the institutions should be named after the activity it promotes such as Music University, or the place of its location like Nalanda University.
  • Public interest will be better served if roads are identifiable with extreme ends that it connects as Kanpur – Allahabad Highway.
  • In order to overcome the land scarcity we may raise memorials for politicians on the pattern of “Memorial of Unknown Soldiers” in major cities. The names of entitled politicians can be inscribed later as and when they deserve. Alternately, if the followers of some leader want to construct memorials they must bear the commercial cost of land, development and maintenance themselves. The burden should not be on the state exchequer at large. Otherwise, what will be the condition if states also start marking land for Chief Ministers and other politicians on the pattern of centre?

Political Dynasties

During general Elections we wish and hope for that all the political dynasties are waste up. We must get rid of the political Gandhies, Pawars, Badals, Chautalas, Mulayams, Laloos, Scindias, Abdullahs, Pilots, Muftis, Deve Gowdas, and Naidus.

Chand K Sharma


National issues-Nehru & Patel

Nehru was indecisive on National issues!

Sam Manekshaw, the first Field Marshal in the Indian Army was a colonel who was chosen to accompany V.P. Menon to Kashmir to get the accession from the Maharaja and Mahajan. He was sent by the Air Force. Manekshaw was in the Directorate of Military Operations, and was responsible for current operations all over India,

The Maharaja’s forces were 50 per cent Muslim and 50 per cent Dogra. The Muslim elements had revolted and joined the Pakistani forces. The tribesmen were believed to be about 7 to 9 kilometers from Srinagar. Sardar Patel and V P Menon had been dealing with Mahajan and the Maharaja. The troops were already at the airport, ready to be flown in. Eventually the Maharaja signed the accession papers and VP Menon and Maneckshaw flew back.

On arriving at the cabinet meeting was presided over by Mountbatten. There was Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, and Sardar Baldev Singh, the minister for defence. Menon handed over the Instrument of Accession. Manekshaw what gave the military situation, and told that unless we flew in troops immediately, we would have lost Srinagar, because going by road would take days, and once the tribesmen got to the airport and Srinagar, we couldn’t fly troops in. Everything was ready at the airport.

As usual Nehru talked about the United Nations, Russia, Africa, God almighty, everybody, until Sardar Patel lost his temper.

Patel said, “Jawaharlal, do you want Kashmir, or do you want to give it away”.

Nehru said, “Of course, I want Kashmir”. Then Patel said, “Please give your orders”.

And before Nehru could say anything Sardar Patel turned to Maneckshaw and said, “You have got your orders”.

The Army started flying in troops.

The Indo-Pak war of 1947 was a war in which Jammu and Kashmir state had been invaded by tribesmen as well as Pakistani soldiers, all led by army officials. The Indo-Pak war of 1947-48 was unique in modern military history because it is the only war fought by two modern armies belonging to two different countries, which were both commanded by British generals. The Commander-in-chief (C-in-C) of the Indian Army was General Sir Roy Bucher, and his Pakistani counterpart was General Douglas Gracey. All three services in India and Pakistan were commanded by British officers.

But by 1948, Nehru had come around to the conclusion that this was not an immediately feasible proposition. The C-in-C on Indian side, General Bucher, advised Nehru that it was not possible to establish control over the entire territory of Jammu & Kashmir, with the British also supporting Pakistan.

Pakistan suspected the Maharaja wanted to accede to India and tried to pre-empt his decision by forcibly seizing the state.

A cabinet meeting was organized for September 12th to take a final decision. Among those who attended were Prime Minister Nehru, Home Minister Patel, Defence Minister Baldev Singh, Gopalaswamy Iyengar, General Bucher, Lt. Gen. K M Cariappa and Air Marshal Sir Thomas W. Elmhirst C-in-C, IAF.

Gen. Bucher stood up and said, “Gentlemen, you have taken a decision in a difficult matter. I must give you my warning. We are also committed in Kashmir. We cannot say how long it will take so we will end up having two operations on our hands. This is not advisable, so as your C-in-C I ask you not to start the operations.” He further offered his resignation if his advice was not heeded.

There was a silence while a distressed and worried Nehru looked around. Patel replied, “You may resign General Bucher, but the police action will start tomorrow.”

An angry General Bucher stormed out, and coincidentally the next few days saw a rise in the Kashmir operations.
General Sir Roy Bucher and Lady Bucher with Shri C. Rajagopalachari and Commander-in-Chief, General K.M. Cariappa at Rashtrapati Bhavan. The British clearly did not want the whole of Jammu & Kashmir to go to India.

Nehru wanted to refer the Hyderabad issue also to the U.N. Security Council and he had strongly disapproved of Sardar Patel’s decision to send the army into Hyderabad.

The cabinet meeting which occasioned a sharp exchange between Nehru and Patel on the Hyderabad issue took place shortly before the so-called ‘police action’ actually took place in 1948.

On April 30, 1948, Indian Army withdrew fully from Hyderabad. After that, Rizvi and the Razakars began to behave licentiously all over the state. Mountbatten had left and Rajaji was the Governor General. Nehru, Rajaji and Patel were all aware of the dangerous situation prevailing in Hyderabad. Patel believed that the army should be sent to put an end to the Nizam’s wantonness. At about that time, the Nizam had sent an emissary to Pakistan and transferred a large sum of money from his Government account in London to Pakistan. At a cabinet meeting, Patel had described these things and demanded that army be sent to end the terror-regime in Hyderabad. Nehru who usually spoke calmly, peacefully and with international etiquette, spoke losing his composure, “You are a total communalist. I will never accept your recommendation.”

Patel remained unperturbed but left the room with his papers.

The situation in Hyderabad worsened day by day. Rajaji wanted to find a solution to the basic issue and also conciliate between Nehru and Patel. He called V P Menon and talked to him. VP let Rajaji know that the army was being kept battle-ready and could be asked to attack at any time. Rajaji invited Nehru and Patel to come to Rashtrapati Bhavan, next day. The meeting at Rashtrapati Bhavan began after Nehru and Patel arrived. Rajaji felt that, a decision should not be delayed any longer. Nehru was concerned about international repercussions.

Rajaji immediately told V P Menon to inform the Commander in-Chief to proceed according to the plan.

VP conveyed the order to General Busher. Nehru sat with his head in his hands. He drank tea and remained silent. Rajaji smiled and said: “If it is cancer, it has to be removed, even if it is painful.”

That is how Nehru dealt under critical circumstances and Patel saved the situation.

Chand K Sharma

राष्ट्रीय भावनाओं की अनदेखी क्यों ?

भारत के स्वतन्त्रता संग्राम में जिन गीतों ने राष्ट्रभावनाओं को जगाया था उन में मुख्य थे ‘पगडी सम्भाल जट्टा’, ‘ छई’, ‘मेरा रंग दे बसन्ती चोला’, ‘सरफरोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है’, ‘कदम कदम बढाये जा खुशी के गीत गाये जा’, ‘सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तां हमारा’ और ‘वन्दे मात्रम’। इन गीतों में ‘जन गण मन अधिनायक जय है’ का कोई योग्दान नहीं था।

ईस्ट इण्डिया कम्पनी और उस के पश्चात के ब्रिटिश गवर्नमेन्ट के शासन में 1911 तक अंग्रेजों की राजधानी कलकत्ता में रही थी। 1857 की क्रान्ति के पश्चात आधुनिकी करण के नाम पर अंग्रेजों ने कुछ औपचारिक सुधार भी किये थे जिन का मूल उद्देष्य उपनेष्वादी तन्त्र को मजबूत करना था। लिखित कानून लागू कर के अंग्रेजों ने कचहरियों तथा न्यायालयों की स्थापना की गयी थी। कलक्त्ता में अंग्रेजों को हिन्दी सिखाने के लिये  ऐक फोर्ट विलियम नाम का कालेज खोला गया था  जिन में प्राध्यापकों के रूप में राजा शिव प्रसाद सितारे हिन्द, सदल मिश्र, लल्लू लाल और इंशा अल्ला खां जैसे हिन्दी के गद्य लेखकों को रखा गया था। आगे चल कर हिन्दी की खडी बोली का विकास भारतेन्दु हरिश्चन्द्र तथा आचार्य महावीर प्रसाद दिवेदी के सौजन्य से आरम्भ हुआ था । उस समय अंग्रेज़ हिन्दी को रोमन लिपी में ही लिखते और पढते थे। हिन्दुस्तान में अंग्रेजी साम्राज्य के लिये कलर्क तैय्यार करने के लिये मैकाले शिक्षा पद्धति शुरु की गयी थी जिस का मुख्य  

उद्देष्य हिन्दुस्तानियों के मन में उन की अपनी संस्कृति के प्रति नकारात्मिक तथा अंग्रेजी संस्कृति के प्रति आकर्षण पैदा करना था।

ऐक अंग्रेज ऐ ओ ह्यूम ने मैकाले पद्धति से पढे लिखे हिन्दुस्तानियों के मन बहलावे के लिये ऐक नया अर्ध राजनैतिक संगठन काँग्रेस के नाम से आरम्भ किया था जिस का मुख्य उद्देश्य मामूली पढ लिखे भारतियों को सरकारी तन्त्र का हिस्सा बन कर जन साधारण का प्रतिनिधत्वभ करने से दूर रखना था ताकि वह अपनी राजनैतिक आकाँक्षाओं की पूर्ति अंग्रेजी खिलोनों से कर के संतुष्ट रहैं। अंग्रेजों के संरक्षण में बने इस राजनैतिक संगठन से उन्हें कोई भय नहीं था। उसी काल में कलकत्ता का ऐक टैगोर (ठाकुर) परिवार अंग्रेजों के काफी नजदीक हुआ करता था जिस के बहुत से लोग ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनी के लिए काम किया करते थे। उन में मुख्य थे अवनींद्र नाथ टैगोर तथा उन के छोटे भाई  रविन्द्र नाथ टैगोर।

कलकत्ता के बदले दिल्ली को राजधानी बनाने के कई राजनैतिक कारण थे परन्तु जब 1911 में दिल्ली को राजधानी बनाया गया तो इंग्लैंड का राजा जार्ज पंचम अपनी कालोनी को देखने के लिये हिन्दुस्तान आया था। उन दिनों पंडित मोतीलाल नेहरू इलाहबाद के प्रमुख वकील थे और अंग्रेजी रंग ढंग से ही रहते थे। उन्हे जार्ज पंचम के लिये गठित स्वागत स्मिति में चुना गया था। 

मोतीलाल नेहरू ने रविंद्रनाथ टैगोर से जार्ज पंचम के स्वागत के लिये ऐक गीत लिखवाया था जिस का उद्देश विदेशी सम्राट (ऐम्परर जोर्ज पंचम) के प्रति हिन्दुस्तानियों को अपनी कृतज्ञ्यता व्यक्त करते हुये उस के आलौकिक गुणों का बखान कर के अपने शासक के प्रति आभार प्रगट कर के उस का स्वागत करना था। अतः रविन्द्र नाथ टैगोर ने जो गीत लिखा उसके बोल थे “जन गण मन अधिनायक जय हे भारत भाग्य विधाता”। उस गीत के पाँच पद्य थे जिन में अंग्रेजी सम्राट जोर्ज पंचम और अंग्रेजी साम्राज्य का गुणगान है। गीत के प्रथम पद्य का अर्थ कुछ इस प्रकार हैः-  

“भारत के नागरिक, भारत की जनता अपने मन से आपको भारत का भाग्य विधाता समझती है और मानती है। हे अधिनायक तुम्ही भारत के भाग्य विधाता हो। तुम्हारी जय हो ! जय हो ! जय हो! तुम्हारे भारत आने से सभी प्रान्त पंजाब, सिंध, गुजरात, मराठा (महाराष्ट्र), द्रविड़ (दक्षिण भारत), उत्कल (उड़ीसा), बंग (बंगाल) तथा विन्ध्य (सेन्ट्रल इडिया का कुछ भाग) हिमाचल (उत्तर के कुछ पहाडी क्षेत्र जैसे शिमला आदि) और यमुना और गंगा नदियों के बीच का भाग – ये सभी हर्षित है, खुश है, प्रसन्न है , तुम्हारा नाम लेकर ही हम जागते है और तुम्हारे नाम का आशीर्वाद चाहते है। तुम्हारी ही हम गाथा गाते है। हे भारत के भाग्य विधाता तुम्हारी जय हो जय हो जय हो। “

दिल्ली का नाम न्यू डेल्ही रखा गया था और सम्राट के स्वागत के लिये ईंडिया गेट बनाया गया था। स्वागत समारोह में “जन गण मन अधिनायक जय है ” गाया गया था जिसे सुन कर ब्रिटिश सम्राट का स्वयं पर गर्वित होना स्वाभाविक था।

यह ऐक उल्लेखनीय तथ्य है कि स्वतन्त्रता संग्राम के समय क्रान्तिकारियों का लोकप्रिय गान बंकिमचन्द्र चैटरजी रचित वन्दे मात्रम था जो उन के क्रान्तिकारी उपन्यास आनन्द मठ का गान है। काँग्रेस में कालान्तर ऐक गर्म दल और ऐक नर्म दल के नाम के दो गुट बन चुके थे। गर्मदल के प्रमुख नेता बाल गंगाधर तिलक थे जिन के सहयोगियों का रवैया अंग्रेजों के प्रति कठोर था। उन्हें अंग्रेजी यातनायें भी सहनी पडीं थी। वह वन्दे मात्रम का गान करते थे। उन की तुलना में  ऐक नर्म दल भी था जिस के जाने पहचाने नेता गोपाल कृष्ण गोखले और मोती लाल नेहरू आदि थे।  इसी नर्म दल के कुछ गिनेचुने काँग्रेसी वन्देमात्रम के बदले स्वागत गीत को गाना सुरक्षित समझ कर गाते रहते थे।

बटवारे के पश्चात संविधान सभा की बहस चली। संविधान सभा के 319 में से 318 सांसद ऐसे थे जिन्होंने बंकिम बाबु द्वारा लिखित वन्देमातरम को राष्ट्र गान स्वीकार करने पर सहमति जताई। लेकिन जवाहरलाल नेहरू के मन में कुछ और ही था और उन्हों ने इसमें भी राजनीति कर डाली।

उन्हों ने पहले तो अपने अभिभावक मोहनदास कर्मचन्द गांधी को राष्ट्रपिता मनोनीत किया। फिर नेहरु जी को चिन्ता लगी कि अंग्रेजों के राष्ट्रगीत “लांग लिव दि किंग” की तरह का ही एक राष्ट्रगान भारत के लिये भी होना चाहिये। बस नेहरू जी ने वन्दे मात्रम के बदले बिना जनता की सहमति लिये स्वागत गीत ‘जन गण मन अधिनायक जय है ’ को राष्ट्रगीत घोषित करवा दिया। अपने आप को धर्म निर्पेक्ष प्रचारित करने के लिये नेहरू जी ने मुसलमानों की नाराज़गी का बहाना तराशा और फिर उसे काँग्रेसियों के माध्यम से फैलाया।

दोनो गीतों में अन्तर यह है कि जहाँ वन्देमात्रम् स्वतन्त्रता संग्राम में स्वतन्त्रता सैनानियों को प्रेरित करता रहा था वहीं ‘जन गण मन’ मौलिक तौर पर ऐक स्वाग्त गीत था। इस गान में केवल उन्हीं प्रदेशों के नाम है जो सन् 1911 में इंगलैन्ड के सम्राट के ग़ुलाम थे। आज़ादी के इकसठ वर्ष बाद भी इस राष्ट्रगान का अर्थ कितने भारतीय समझते हैं यह आप स्वयं अपने ही दिल से पूछ लीजिये।

नेहरु जी ने वन्दे मात्रम को इस बहाने से भी अस्वीकृत किया था कि उस की धुन मिलिट्री बैंड  की मार्चिंग बीट (लय) पर नहीं बजायी जा सकती। उन के उस कथन को  ऐक मुस्लिम, परन्तु सच्चे धर्म निर्पेक्ष महान संगीतकार नौशाद ने नेहरु के जीवन काल में ही गल्त साबित कर दिखाया था। फिल्म लीडर के क्रेडिट टाईटल्स में वन्दे मात्रम की धुन नौशाद साहब ने मार्चिंग बीट पर ही आधारित करी थी जिस में प्रथम पद गाने के पश्चात आरकेस्ट्रा वही संगीत बजाता रहता है।

बटवारे के छः दशक बाद भी भारत में रहने वाले मुस्लिम वन्देमात्रम को गाने में आपत्ति करते हैं और कांग्रेस की सरकार वोटबैंक राजनीति के कारण इस क्रान्तियुग के प्रेरणादायक राष्ट्रगान को उचित सम्मान नहीं दिलवा पाई है। हम बिना अर्थ समझे जन गण मन को गाते चले जा रहै हैं जो राष्ट्र भावनाओं का प्रगटी करण नहीं करता।

हिन्दू भावनाओं की अनदेखी तो काँग्रेस हमेशा करती ही रही है परन्तु सोचने की बात है अगर मुस्लिम कट्टरवादियों की तरह हिन्दू भी स्वागत गीत ‘जन गण मन’ का विरोध करना शुरु कर दे तो क्या होगा?

 चाँद शर्मा

Hindus being treated as non-entities in India

Heaping insult on Hindus in India is getting limitless. Even persons of no political significance like Anna Hazare have reservations on publicly accepting support from Hindu outfits on the secular issues like control over black money and corruption. Hindus and their organizations are being viewed as untouchable. Hindus too have their rights, respect and voice in India as much as the minorities have. They cannot be sidelined for the political career of individuals or parties.

Coalition governance has led to non-governance in the country for Congress as well as BJP.  It is still fresh that most of the time Vajpayee’s government remained busy in keeping its allies together through ministerial berths, revoking professed policies or deferring several much-needed actions that were necessary otherwise much-needed in the national interest. Finally it was just one vote that led to the collapse of the government thrusting expenses of midterm poll on the country.

Same is the story of Congress. UPA government was also frequently impeded by left parties. During last days its survival depended even on MPs who had been convicted by courts and on those who often sympathize with terrorists from abroad. Manmohan Singh has also stated that he had compulsions of Coalition Dharma to ignore ongoing corruption. There is stark reality that coalition partners in Congress as well as with BJP are person or families oriented and are harming the country. The Cash for Vote scam will further embarrass the party leadership.

Sooner Congress will be deserted by its allies who may regroup as third or fourth front. Hopefully voters will see through the opportunist game of discredited politicians and reject them at polls. The country needs to get rid of political menace of their breed. But it can also be expected that some of those worthless lots will manage to win again and continue to swap sides with Congress and BJP to hop into government for reaping benefits.

While BJP has not learnt from past mistakes, Congress has already chartered her path for the future. It is pro minority party ready to sacrifice Hindus. It is knows that fragmented Hindus will be stupid enough to vote traditionally after sacrifices of Nehru Gandhi families are propagated and minorities will support Congress untidily through appeasement. By and large this strategy is being put to work misusing government machinery openly.

Democracy is turning out to be a costly luxury for the taxpayers. Politics has become the past time of certain families and vested groups who frequently regroup under various pretexts to grab political power. Many of our so-called leaders are the creations of media and sponsored by Mafia.  Most of them are dissidents for some personal grudges and lead self-created factions based upon caste and region.  Switching parties is key to their survival.

The governments formed by BJP alone have been performing well and wherever BJP is in alliance with others stability remains threatened. So far BJP has remained truthfully secular and has not shown any favors to Hindu mindset. They must know that Hindus do have aspirations to promote and preserve their identity and culture.

The alliance partners have no national outlook or interest except to promote their own self at the cost of the main political parties. They switch the alliance for better gains at the opportune time. JD (S), Trinmul Congress and BJD have been the known examples. Same hold good for UPA also.

To appease its minority vote bank, JD (U) flexed muscles on the excuse of Varun Gandhi’s statements and later objected participation of Narendra Modi during poll campaign. They will continue doing the same in future also despite knowing the fact  that JD (U) cannot risk sacrificing its government in Bihar.  Even if RJD, LJSP, SP, Congress or someone else temporarily rescued their government in Bihar, such arrangement would not be lasting. It is certain that JD (U) will not let BJP follow her own nationalist agenda.

Unless NDA allies support uniform civil code and abrogation of Article 370 and are in unison with like issues categorically before the polls, any alliance with them shall be opportunist merely to form a lame government.

The perception that BJP represents the majority community and is committed to  safeguarding nationalistic interests, gets eclipsed when BJP is handicapped to implement her own agenda because of the uncommitted allies. 

Even secular allies like Nitish Kumar, Sharad Yadav, Chautala and Chandrababu Naidu thought that Hindus have no rights in this country and they have to continue pleasing minorities at every cost to gain power.

Minorities are already alienated with BJP due to misguided propaganda. There is no hope that they will ever rely upon BJP once they have been fed on Congress appeasement. It is also certain that ‘allies’ will also alienate BJP from its traditional Hindu vote bank, if BJP failed to respond to Hindu sentiment.

Thus BJP must sincerely and openly reiterate her total commitment to Hindu Rashtra and better go alone with confidence. Alliances could be temporarily made to defeat Congress and nothing more than that. BJP cannot treat Hindus as non entities in India and take their votes granted without declaring their open and unambiguous commitment on core issues.

Chand K Sharma

Congress is the mother of political Evils

Congress is the mother of all the political evils existing in India.   Congress was founded by one Britisher AO Hume in 1885 to distract Indian masses away from joining any political movement that may go against the colonial Government. Indians were provided with a platform to cough-up their political aspirations about freedom movement reflected through the Revolution of 1857.

The arrangement worked, since newly born Macaulay products of British Educational system found an amusement park to keep them busy with some home rule type lollypop under the supervision of British oriented Congress Presidents. As and when some nationalist leaders with guts like Lokmanya Tilak,  Lala Lajpat Rai, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar emerged and attracted masses with ideas of freedom as their birth right, they were eased out of Congress and  replaced with moderates, of the types of Gopal Krishna Gokhale,  MK Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Pattabhai Seetarammaiyya and so on. They could toe the British ideology . Out of those English educated personalities MK Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were more acceptable to British to participate with them on negotiating table.  Finally they got the reward also as they were gifted with the political power of governance in left over of India.

We must not forget that  Gandhi and Nehru had openly supported the British in second world war, which was fought to protect British colonial empire by contributing blood of Indian soldiers and they remained cold throughout towards Indian National Army of Subhash Chandra Bose. After gifting major chunk of India to Muslims as Pakistan, Gandhi and Nehru made them equal partners in the remaining part of India – and now they are preferential citizens of India having first right on country’s resources as per Congress.

Congress party is now really showing its true colors. Under the garb of secularism it is turning out to be just another version of Muslim league, wedded to placating Muslims and Christians whom the British had favored on the eve of  India’s partition and thereafter. Congress is working to divide Hindus and fragment India into smaller states that will be asking for more and more autonomy in years to come. 

Constitutionally Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs are the off-shoots of Hindu religion and had been clubbed together by patriots like Dr Rajendra Prasad and Dr BR Ambedekar while drafting the constitution of India. But through reservations and other political gimmicks, Congress has been continuously creating wedge between Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs through appeasement of minorities. These Hindu sects are also referred as minorities purposely.  By extending benefits of reservations to those who converted to Islam and Christianity, Congress leadership has been alluring and abetting conversions out of Hinduism to weaken Hindu unity in the country. Sikhs are also being offered minority benefits on the sly under Manmohan Singh’s government and that is why a dubious debate goes on under the caption Sikhs are not Hindus.  In all sincerity will the Sikh PM Manmohan Singh hand-picked by Congress President Sonia Gandhi to govern India muster courage to open his heart and mind on whether Sikhs are Hindus or otherwise? It is apparant that he would prefer to keep mum for political reasons and allow the controversy to linger on.

Sonia and her clan have to simply wait, hide and smile while the job is being done by spade workers. Rahul’s remarks that there can be a Muslim Prime Minister in India is just to draw Muslim support as a link in the same chain. He stated that his religion was Tiranga – perhaps implying power – as there is no such religion. Sonia has stated that India is not a Hindu country.

It is now for the patriotic and nationalist  Indians to see whether they would allow their home land to be ruined by such clandestine and sinister games. It is a religious obligation upon Hindus in particular to come out and unite against Congress rule and defeat it politically to save their home land, the memories, values and traditions of their ancestors, otherwise the same would be washed away from India in the tide of misplaced secularism. The whole game is nothing but minority appeasement, to strengthen minorities to destroy the left over traces of Hinduism in India.

Chand K Sharma   

हमारी ऐतिहासिक पहचान

यदि आप के बच्चे भारत का प्राचीन इतिहास जानने की कोशिश में आप से यह पूछें कि पौराणिक कथाओं में दिये गये नगर अब कहां हैं तो आप उन्हें क्या उत्तर दें गे ? क्या आप बतायें गे कि अब काशी का नाम वाराणसी, अयोध्या का नाम फैज़ाबाद, पाटलीपुत्र का नाम पटना और प्रयाग का नाम इलाहबाद है ? सुनने में आया था कि श्रीनगर, अवन्तीपुर और अनन्तनाग के नामों का इसलामीकरण करने पर भी विचार हो रहा है। यदि हम अपने ऐतिहासिक नगरों की पुरानी पहचान को पुनर्स्थापित करने की कोशिश करें तो काँग्रेसी, धर्म-निर्पेक्ष, साम्यवादी, कुछ इतिहासकार, ईसाई-मुसलिम संगठन और उन के प्रसार माध्यम एक स्वर में  इसे ‘भगवाकरण ’ कह कर विरोध करने लगते हैं। हमारा ही देश हम से छीन लिया गया है और हम लाचार बने बैठे हैं।

ऐतिहासिक सत्यता यह है कि मुसलमानों ने भारत में हज़ारों मन्दिरों और भवनों को ध्वस्त किया, लूटा, और उन पर कब्ज़ा कर लिया। प्रमुख मन्दिरों में से यदि काशी विश्वनाथ, मथुरा और अयोध्या को ही गिने तो पिछले कई दशकों से उन के बारे में विवाद कचहरियों में न्याय की प्रतीक्षा कर रहा है। अगर हिन्दुओं के विरुध कोई ऐसा मज़बी विवाद किसी मुसलिम देश में चल रहा होता तो वहां फैसला होने में क्या इतना समय लगता ? अयोध्या के विवाद ने कई बार उग्र रूप भी लिया है, कई लोगों की जान भी गई है तो न्यायालय में लगातार सुनवाई कर के क्यों नही इस को निपटा दिया जाता? कांग्रेसियों के लिये तो राम ऐक काल्पनिक पात्र थे – लेकिन हिन्दु समाज की आस्था तो राम के साथ उस समय से जुड़ी है जब इस्लाम नाम का कोई धर्म ही विश्व में नहीं था। मुग़ल विजेता बाबर हर दृर्ष्टी से भारत में मुसलसानों के लिये भी ऐक आक्रान्ता होना चाहिये था क्यों कि उस समय हिन्दुस्तान पर तो अन्य मुसलिम सुलतान इब्राहीम लोदी का शासन था। फिर राम की जन्म भूमि पर ऐक आक्रान्ता के बनाये हुये विवादित ढाँचे को क्यों रहने दिया जाये ? क्या मक्का–मदीना में कोई मन्दिर या गिरजा बन सकता है ? अगर नहीं तो फिर राम जन्म भूमि अयोध्या में भी किसी आक्रान्ता की कोई मसजिद नही होनी चाहिये।

आज भारत के सभी छोटे बड़े नगरों में सड़क के बीच में बने कई मज़ार देखे जा सकते हैं और कोई सरकार यातायात सुधारने के लिये भी उन्हें वहां से हटाने की हिम्मत नहीं कर सकती। लेकिन इस की तुलना में आज की काँग्रेसी सरकार राम-सेतु रक्षा समर्थकों से राम-सेतु निर्माण के सबूत मांगती है। सरकार के सहयोगी करुणानिधि ध्रष्टतापूर्वक टिप्पणी करते हैं कि राम ने कौन से कालेज से इनजिनियरिंग की डिग्री ली थी ? ऐसे नेताओं से अगर पूछा जाय कि आप के पास क्या सबूत है कि आप के दादा और पर-दादा भी कभी इस धरती पर जन्में थे ? अगर जन्मे थे तो फिर उन के सिक्के, शिलालेख क्यों नही हैं। अगर उन के पास पिछले दो – सौ वर्षों के ऐतिहासिक प्रमाण नहीं हैं तो राम के ऐतिहासिक प्रमाण कैसे दिये जा सकते हैं ? हिन्दू आस्थाओं के साथ इस तरह के खिलवाड़ क्यों सहन किये जा रहे हैं ?

भारत के प्राचीन इतिहास को खोजने के लिये हमें संस्कृत, पाली और तिब्बतियन भाषाओं  की प्राचीन पुस्तकों का अध्ययन करना होगा क्यों कि हमारे इतिहास के मूल ग्रंथ और स्थल तो मुसलसालों ने अपने शासन काल में ‘कुफ्र’ बता कर नष्ट कर दिये थे। भारत की धर्म निर्पेक्ष कांग्रेसी सरकार पुरानी मसजिदों, मकबरों और पाकिस्तान जा चुकी उर्दू भाषा का भारत में पुनर्वास और मदरस्सों के विकास पर करोड़ों रुपये खर्च करती है। मसजिदों के मौलवियों को सरकारी कोष से वेतन देती है ताकि वह आने वाली मुसलिम पीढीयों को भी कुरान शरीफ़ पढा कर उन्हें हिन्दुओं के विरुध जिहाद करने की शिक्षा देते रहें। लेकिन अगर किसी सरकारी स्कूल के पाठ्यक्रम में व्यायाम के तौर सूर्य-नमस्कार आसन सिखाने, या ऐकता की भावना जाग्रत करने के लिये राष्ट्र गीत वन्देमात्रम् गाने को कहा जाये या विद्यार्थीयों को संस्कृत का कोई श्लोक कंठस्थ करवाया जाये तो वह शिक्षा का ‘भगवाकरण ’ कह कर आपत्तीजनक बना दिया जाता है। आखिर हम मुसलिम विरोध को इतना महत्व क्यों दे रहे हैं कि हम ने अपनी पुरानी पहचान से अपना नाता ही तोड़ लिया है ? हमारी नयी पीढी़यां अपने पुरखों के बारे में जानने के लिये अब किस देश में जायें गी ?

देश का बटवारा होने के बाद काँग्रेस की धर्म-निर्पेक्ष सरकार ने पाकिस्तान बनवाने के अतिरिक्त भारत का ही  ऐक अन्य प्रदेश कशमीर भी पूर्णतया मुसलमानों के हवाले कर दिया। भारत वासियों को कशमीर की सुरक्षा के लिये जान और कशमीर के पालन के लिये टैक्स तो देने पड़ते हैं लेकिन वह कशमीर में दो गज़ ज़मीन भी नहीं खरीद सकते। हज़ारों वर्षों से चले आ रहे कशमीर के मूल निवासी कशमीरी हिन्दुओं को जिहादी मुसलमानों ने वहां से मार काट के निकाल दिया और भारत की सरकार उन्हें वहां उन का हक़ वापिस नहीं दिला सकी। आज वैदिक साहित्य की जन्म भूमि कशमीर से हिन्दुओं का नामो-निशान मिटाने का प्रयत्न काँग्रेस की धर्म-निर्पेक्ष सरकार की छत्र छाया के नीचे ही हो रहा है और कशमीर को मुसलिम राज्य बनाया जा रहा है। आने वाली पीढी को यह विशवास दिलाना कठिन हो गा कि कभी अफ़ग़ानिस्तान हिन्दू देश था और उस का नाम आर्याना तथा गान्धार था। जैसे पाकिस्तान, बांगलादेश तथा नेपाल भी हिन्दू देश थे पर अब नहीं, इसी तरह अब कशमीर की बारी है और कांग्रेस सरकार की मनोस्थति और कार्य-क्षमता विशवास-जनक नहीं है।

जवाहरलाल नेहरू ने शेख अब्दुल्ला के आग्रह पर कशमीर की मुस्लिम छवि बनाये रखने के लिये धारा 370 संविधान में रखवा दी थी किन्तु भारत की हिन्दू छवि के लिये क्या किया। आज राहुल को अपने आप को हिन्दुस्तानी कहने पर शर्म लगती है और उस की मां काँग्रेस प्रेजीडेन्ट की हैसियत से कहती हैं भारत हिन्दू देश नहीं है। क्या सभी काँग्रेसी हिन्दू विरोधी हैं? हिन्दूस्तान में इसाईकरण तो काँग्रेस के आशीर्वाद से ही हो रहा है।

अब इस से अधिक शर्म की बात और क्या हो सकती है कि केवल मुसलमानों को खुश रखने के लिये हम उन वीरों की गौरव-गाथाओं को अपनी पाठ्य-क्रम और सार्वजनिक गतिविधियों से निष्कासित करते जा रहे हैं जिन्हों ने अपने देश-धर्म की खातिर अपना जीवन दान किया। महा वीर हेम चन्द्र विक्रमादित्य, महाराणा प्रताप, वीर शिवा जी, वीर बालक हक़ीकत राय का उल्लेख शिक्षा पुस्तकों में या तो होता ही नहीं या उन्हें ‘अकबर महान’ जैसों की तुलना में नीचे कर दिया जाता है। भारत के इतिहास को ‘धर्म-निर्पेक्ष बनाने’ के लिये तथ्यों को हटाने या भ्रामित करने का काम कुछ ‘धर्म-निर्पेक्ष ’ इतिहासकार तत्परता से कर रहे हैं। पाकिस्तान से सम्बन्ध सुधारने और मुसलिम वोट बैंक को सन्तुष्ट रखने के लिये ‘धर्म-निर्पेक्ष” कांग्रेसी सरकार ने 1971 के भारत-पाक युद्ध तथा कारगिल युद्ध के उपल्क्ष में की जाने वाली परम्परागत सैनिक विजय-दिवस परैड को भी बंद कर दिया है। देश के वीरों की इस से अधिक उपेक्षा और क्या की जा सकती है ?

इस में कोई संशय नहीं कि जिहादी मुसलमानों को भारत के गौरव-मय प्राचीन इतिहास, वैदिक साहित्य और उन के विचार से ‘काफ़िर’ सूरमाओं से कोई सरोकार ना कभी था, ना है, और ना कभी होगा। भारत में रहते हुये भी वह अपने मार्ग दर्शन के लिये अरब देशों की और देखते हैं, हिन्दु विरोधी पाकिस्तान को अपना हितैषी मानते हैं और हिंसात्मक जिहाद कर के भारत में पुनः इसलामी राज्य स्थापित करने के स्वप्न देखते हैं। समूचे विश्व में मुसलमानों की यही मानसिक्ता काम कर रही है। आखिर क्यों कर हम अपनी उपलब्धियां, धार्मिक मर्यादायें, अपने पूर्वजों का यश, और अपने पहिचान चिन्ह अपने आप ही मिट्टी में मिलाते जा रहे हैं ? अपनी ऐतिहासिक धरोहर की रक्षा हम क्यों नहीं कर पा रहे ? क्या हमारा आने वाली पीढ़ी ओर कोई उत्तरदात्वि नहीं ? अगर है तो हमें अपने देश को हिन्दू राष्ट्र कहने और बनाने में कोई हिचकचाहट या भय नहीं होना चाहिये।

चाँद शर्मा

Splashes – 70/72 – Hindu Rashtra is Human

After partition, we inherited British infrastructure of governance and by large have continued with the same. British rule, was also secular to proclaim. There were no reservations or appeasement for any category. Then:

  • What motivated us to replace British rulers at the cost of accepting partition of the country?
  • What motivated us to make sacrifices for attaining freedom?

The answer is only one – we wanted to govern ourselves, according to the ethics of our own Hindu ancestral values.

Secularism is Unethical Concept

The concept of secularism is colonial. The colonial powers initially converted the natives to Christianity, which often sparked violent resistance from them. Therefore, British rulers discovered a way out. They detached themselves from missionaries, and posed secular to legitimize their hold on colonized countries. Thus secular governments were established to mask political control over different faiths and lands all over the world including India.

Dictionary meaning of the word secular implies, “not being committed to ethics of any religion”. To Hindus, governance devoid of Dharma (ethics) is nothing but Adhama. In more explicit words it means unethical and opportunist pursuit of power. A government that is non-committal to the ethics of the population of the country is nothing but an autocrat mafia in power. Mafias are viewed secular.

Christianity in United Kingdom

Constitutionally, even secular governments across the globe in advanced countries, are also slanted towards the faith of the land. As back in fifteenth century, when Christianity was at its zenith, England restricted the interference of Roman Pope into national affairs of England. That resulted in emergence of Protestant Church, known as the Church of England. United Kingdom is a secular monarchy, but Monarch of England carries the title ‘defender of the Faith’. All customs and traditions concerning the state are Christianity oriented.

Hinduism is Universal Faith

Why did India proclaim to remain secular when Hinduism in itself is most adequate to the spiritual needs of the entire mankind? Hinduism is a perfect human religion that is concerned with the well being of all-living and non-living things in the environment.

Hinduism is a human faith in true spirit. It is open to introspection, adoption, and tolerance towards dissent, due to which all those who came to India were assimilated within the framework of Hinduism. It is a religion of fine synthesis of faith and Science. It has its own culture and civilization of most refined tastes. India exported advances made in every field of human knowledge. Hinduism assured in practice the right to live and let others also live in the environment under every geographical condition.

There are no fatwas or dictates from the clergy. Hinduism never indulged in destruction of non-believers or conversion of others to its fold. It has been the religion that preferred religious identity of a person on the basis of birth and practice, but kept its doors open to all those who volunteer to assimilate. It is a faith that propagated Vasudeva Kutambkum and treated entire universe as a large family, much before various nations actually knew the existence of each other. Hinduism was never confined to any particular area, or period of time.

 It is Religion of Early Man

Why we chose to have 1869 born politician declared as father of the nation? Our ancestral lineage started with Early Man, who could be remembered as Shiva or Adam. The ethical codes of Hindu religion were not dictated by any individual as per his whims, fancies or limitations, but emerged out of introspection, experimentation, and reviews made by learned Rishies and Sages of wisdom par excellence, and are still open to modification. All of us are descendants of those learned sages and not a result of parental sin.

Freedom of thought and Expression

Hindus are free to accept one, many or no God at all. They are free to view Him through symbols, idols, humanized forms, animal forms or through his own image in the mirror. God may be identified by any name or syllable, and can be approached directly by every one without reference of another intermediate. No animal is hated. Hindus never defaced items, places or scriptures of non-Hindu faiths.

As a Hindu, everyone is free to wear any dress and chose menu, subject to the constraints of local environment and decency. Similarly every Hindu is free to pick and chose the literature according to personal choice, in any language and script. Priests are superficial and can be dispensed at the choice of the individual.

New ideas and discoveries are welcome to replace outdated thoughts. What else was further needed, that we had to attach the tag of secularism in India?

Why Magnanimity of Hindus Ignored?

It was due to liberal attitude of Hindus, that even after having been profusely bled and destroyed; Hindus offered a brotherly hand of equality to live in India to those Muslims who had been responsible for the Hindu genocide.

Hindus were prepared to make a fresh start on a clean slate.  They had even de-linked themselves with the scary memories of the past. It was not only a mere gesture, but the sincerity was fully demonstrated by bringing back the post partition Muslim migrants to India and rehabilitating them with special treatment. What more was required to be secular from Hindus? Did we accept partition of the country to re-accommodate fundamentalists and keep them amused at their terms all the time?

Audit of Non Hindu Faiths Needed

Our experience has once more taught us that any faith that had its ideologies, religious leaders, pilgrim places and literature originated beyond India; certainly do not come within the framework of Hindu mindset. It needs to be audited that to what extent Christians, Muslims and other non-Hindu faiths in India have adopted the concept of secularism to live with Hindus – the local majority in India?

  • It is pertinent to say that even after providing full protection to Christianity under minority status, the clerics emphasize on their religion rather on nationalism. They say,
  • “When we talk of Christianity, our first allegiance should be to our Master Jesus Christ and after wards to our motherland”.
  • About Muslims, the less said is better. They have now intruded into the individual life styles of Hindus. Today, Hindus cannot celebrate their festivals, worship, build temples; and educate their children safely in their own home land.  Hindus did pay and are now again paying Jazia for pilgrimage jaunts abroad for minorities.
  • Islam and Christianity do not accept any common grounds with Hindu religion. They believe in killing of non-believers and conversion of Hindus to their fold through all means. Can we ‘Indianize’ Islam or Christianity in today’s secular environment? If not, why Hinduism should give up its place to accommodate other faiths in India that are hostile down to its roots?

As religious affinities always over flow political borders, it will be detrimental to the security of India to have alien religious settlements with political rights. Most of non-Hindu faiths do not accept to be governed by common civil code, adopt National Language, sing National Anthem and accept uniform syllabus for education that are necessary ingredients of national Unity. There is need to question their commitment to secularity.

Reckless Indulgence is suicidal

In the guise of preserving secularism, the communal forces have emerged as power-brokers against Hindus. Selfish politicians have been vying with each other to flatter minorities, by bartering the interests of Hindus to seek their electoral support. Secularism is being grossly misused as a cover, for sectionals and anti-national activities.

There no other secular country in the World that indulged in similar self-destructive appeasements.  After partition it has come to be the duty of every Hindu to keep minorities happy at every cost. Hindus and their customs are being disregarded in their own home land due to Nehru-Gandhi doctrines in particular.

Demographic Imbalance of Population

Our national resources are already sinking under the weight of population. Additional numbers add further to the strength of poor, under-nourished, illiterate, and unemployed citizens of this country. While Hindus have adopted smaller family norms, minorities, in spite of living on the verge of poverty line, have been averse to family planning. They have formed this attitude to increase their numerical strength for bargaining special rights and benefits for their community, and ultimately, converting India to an Islamic through ballot strength.

Our politicians have been foolish, but cunning to advertise boom in Muslim population as a credential for our secularism, without foreseeing its adverse implications. Though we claim to be the largest democracy in the world having largest population of Muslims, we have absolutely no say at any of the International Islamic forums. There we are cold shouldered as a Hindu and anti-Islamic country, and are always accused of committing atrocities against minorities.

Unpatriotic Intelligentsia

There are some unpatriotic intellectuals, who have been advocating opening of borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, to facilitate unchecked flow of their nationals that separated from India out of hatred. While no Hindus would be allowed to settle in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Indian Muslims in the name of Islamic Brotherhood will shelter migrants. Once they grow up in numbers, Hindus will be living as they had lived during Muslim rule, because there is no change in their mindset. The stage will be set to re-enact Arab and the Camel episode.

Pakistan has followed the strategy of infiltration not only in Kashmir, but has now widened its scope to cover entire India, by establishing support bases in Muslim dominated areas. Our security forces, though capable of repulsing overt attacks, suffer causalities in home territory, because the militants can mingle with local Muslim population comfortably.

Development without Security

Unless Hindus get politically united, and make concentrated efforts to cope with the environment, Hinduism might be fading away from India in the near future. Political problems cannot be solved through spiritual discourses, but require timely political actions. Social and economic factors are subsidiary to that. Remaining indifferent is nothing, but suicidal escapism.

We do not require our secularism to be certified by other countries. As a sovereign nation, we have every right to re-interpret our secularism in the manner we like. There is nothing for Hindus to feel apologetic or concerned about. We are fortunate and proud to be Hindus! As custodians of this great human heritage, we have a sacred duty to preserve it for the generations to come. We need to replace secularism with Hindu Rashtra to restore Bharat Swabhimaan. Only then India will be a free country.

We have to choose between living freely in our home land as Hindus or hand over secular, fragmented India to others and die.

Chand K Sharma

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