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Security of Narendra Modi

Security lapses smack of criminal conspiracy in Bihar against Narendra Modi.

The bomb blasts near the venue of Narendra Modi’s massive rally in Patna reveal more than the security lapse. It is difficult to imagine the causality figure had there been stampede following the blast or even the rumors. The reaction would have been uncontrollable. It was the maturity and calm of the BJP leaders that they went ahead with the program without showing any signs of fear or panic.

The lackadaisical approach adopted by Nitish Kumar in providing security to the visiting dignitary entitled to Z plus security is not merely some security lapse but a criminal and deliberate conspiracy to expose Shri Narendra Modi to the terrorist outfits. The estranged relationship between Shri Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar is no secret. The motives are crystal clear.

It will be most appropriate to institute a CBI inquiry against Nitish Kumar for criminal conspiracy to eliminate his political opponent by misusing the office of Chief Minister. His government deserves to be dismissed for ensuring impartial inquiry.

Chand K Sharma

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