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Let us Discard Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been trespasses our cultural boundaries every year and leaves scars of violence and protests from the native population. The deployment of Police and day long coverage by media goes on if we were celebrating some national event sponsored by state. It is for the amusement of some misguided buddies who are habitual of escaping their studies. In most of the residential areas no such activity takes place. That indicates that most of the Indians are not in favor of this uncivilized gamut.

For whose benefit Valentine Day drum beating are sounded?

Two years ago Renuka Chowdhary posed as champion of Women’s libration and gave “Pub Bharo” advice to the Youth! Which segment of Indian women she tried to represent? Most of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims are committed to their traditional values and reject the activities associated with Valentine day. Which direction these power hungry politicians are ushering the youth? Students are expected to have been committed to their studies and following some self discipline?

In Congress thinking, following our own customs and value system is ‘fundamentalism’, and ‘saffron terror’. Opening to perversity is regarded as ‘progress’! These so called Gandhians do not understand that resistance to an alien culture opposed to the local value system always shows up through mob anger. Still our “Anglo leaders” want Indians to celebrate valentine day with the support of police. This state sponsored assault has been going on our way of life?

How many amongst us had heard of Valentine’s Day about 10 years ago? How many Indian families would willingly allow their daughters and sisters to indulge in activities associated with the cupid invasion on Valentine’s Day? If this a sign of progress then why don’t we let the teenagers carry their love flames at every public place as well as homes. Also let them smoke, drink and recklessly drive because that also is included in individual freedom package.

 Nobody should point a finger towards us of being anti lovers or conservatives. At the same time we should be proud of observing discipline and self restraint while expression of sensual love feelings in public.

We have several multinational companies invading us through trade and cultural routes with weapons of superior technology, economic, and glamour of sensuality. They have already driven out Indian manufacturers and have created unemployment. Established corporate houses are turning channel distributors and service providers of foreign made consumer products.  This type of economic colonization will lead to economic imperialism. The process will be strategically consolidated on cultural plane to make Indian totally westernized and a mental slave of multinationals. Valentine day is one such occasion to sell such products.

If the passions become uncontrolled and violate the traditional norms, some discipline is necessary. No doubt we are secular in outlook and tolerant by nature, but that does not imply that our country is a blank billboard for anyone to come and write anything to the extent of obliterating the previous writings of greater saints. The youth has to be guided to adhere to the norms of the society that have been established by ancestors as a result of their experience, beliefs and traditions.

From this year onward – if you are sensitive towards rape victims, have some sympathy towards Kumbh pilgrims who lost their life in stampede or have any respect for the martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev who were sentenced to death on this wretched day – then discard the activities associated with valentine day.

Chand K Sharma

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