About Hinduism and India

There is no other identity of India than it is the home for Hindus. It was never un-inhabited piece of land  to be called NO MAN’s LAND like Antarctica. Conspirators are now at work in India and abroad to declare India for all migrants, infiltrators, and aggressors in the fake name of secularism. Nepal was the last reminiscent as a  Hindu country, but today its identity has been obliterated. Do we want the same to happen in India? Sonia has already said that India is not a Hindu country and Rahul said that he is ashamed to be an Indian.

Unless Hindus get backing and support from the Government the real dangers to our homeland cannot be eliminated. At present pseudo Secularism backed by communism and minorities is the real threat. Country’s resources and power lies in the hands of selfish, uncouth and inefficient politicians who are manipulative to grind their own axe . Persons like Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh, Laloo Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, Mayawati, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Chandrababu Naidu, Om Prakash Chautala, Farooq Abdullah and Sharad Pawar get elected as our national leaders. All of them have contributed directly or indirectly towards the emergence of anti Hindu forces. Sonia Manmohan combine is determined to destroy cultural roots of Hindus from India by misusing secularism. The were out to destroy Ram Setu, recognised gay relationships, and are now working to usurp temple funds. They dare not interfere with the personal law of minorities even for the sake of national integration but are dressing up interfere with Hindu law to regulate so-called love marriages. By granting favors on the basis of castes, minority subsidies and such other things they are weakening the unity among Hindus. We have to choose between pseudo secularism and Hinduism – that welcomes all those who accept live and let others also live within the constraints of cultural identity of the Country.

Thus we need to have  a pro Hindu Government in India that  can restructure our national history, provide  facilities  for  research and propagation of our heritage to the new generation through schools, colleges and  other outlets. The government alone can plug the activities of anti Hindus like conversions, and propagation of non-Hindu sects in India.

We cannot import honest leaders from outside nor can we raise a new honest party of such people of our own choice. We shall have to choose from whatever is available today. Whether we like it or not, at present BJP is the only All India party, by the patriotic organization network of RSS. Thus we should align with BJP which is the only hope left to counter the forces that are destroying our homeland. Even if they are not the best, yet they are better than deceitful secular outfits.

Hindus must unite politically. Change of government can only be affected through ballots.  We need to consolidate Hindu votes to install a government at the center and states which is capable of amending the constitution to declare our country a Hindu state.

For this purpose, without waiting help from others, individually we can do the following:-

1.    Build public opinion by writing to news papers and other media sites. We should oppose subsidies and reservations being given to non Hindus in India at the cost of tax payers. If not through the media, at least we may propagate amongst own friends, relations, servants, social circles and encourage them to vote for one Hindu political party. We should have more frequent Hindu get together at home, Parks, and Temples to have person to person contact and coordination.

2.    We should have more frequent Hindu get together and person to person contact for motivation and coordination. Make every Hindu aware that he must cast his vote in favor of Hindu candidates of one collectively decided political party. At this time there is no outfit other than BJP and emerging Bharat Swabhiman. Since the struggle has to be won through ballot, we should spare time to participate in such gatherings and offer our efforts and resources. Division of Hindu votes should be avoided at all costs

3.    We must work towards the defeat of leaders who are defectors, propagate castes, regionalism, minority appeasement and communism in the country. Also we should aim the defeat of pseudo“secular candidates” who are hidden snakes.

4.     We may practice utmost care in employment of Non Hindu domestic helps, employees, tenants and similar contacts. We should also refrain from watching films of those persons who often propagate anti Hindu ideology in the name of art.

5.    We need to motivate our children to join IAS cadres, Armed forces, Police services and other government institutions.  Otherwise one day we may discover to our dismay that de-facto governance of the country has already passed on to the non Hindus.

6.    We need to inculcate Hindu customs at Birthdays, marriages and other celebrations. As far as possible format of celebrations should be simplified and made affordable to all.  Festivals should be celebrated at the community place to foster unity. Elderly persons should conduct interactive lectures about the importance of the event to familiarize younger generation at schools, hostels and community centers.

7.    NG Hindu Organisations must provide for library of Hindu scriptures, a yoga or health club near the community services like temples. We must boycott newspapers, TV channels, film stars and other persons who are known to be anti Hindus. Anti Hindu media are the source of contamination.  They should be replaced at our homes by national media. Most of us are not aware about the lurking dangers for Hindus.

The above are just few suggestions and more ideas can be generated to suit local conditions. The central theme is that India is our home that me as Hindus have to protect.  Instead of crying aloud for others to help, we must get down to work individually and start cleaning our house single-handedly from today itself. Other will also follow. Movements start that way only.

Chand K Sharma

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